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Bobmo88 has 2 years experience and specializes in Emergency Room.

Born and raised in Ventura County and have worked as an ER Clinical Technician since January 2010. Graduated from CSUCI Spring 2015 and started career as an ER Nurse September 2015. CEN passed September 2017

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  1. Bobmo88

    CEN study tips

    Just took and passed CEN yesterday, I did the practice tests from the ENA study guide, used Sheehy's Emergency Nursing Manual for reference and also some ENA online modules that my employer gave me access to when I first started as a nurse 2 years ago. I felt like many of the questions I answered based on my experience but the stuff that I don't see all the time is what I had to review the most.
  2. Bobmo88

    CEN 2016!

    Tagging for future reference, I am planning on taking the CEN next year. Still in my first year as nurse but others' posts in this thread are encouraging.
  3. I agree with Chiromed0, school should be the highest priority. I had been an ER Tech for 2 years before I started nursing school but it would have been difficult adjusting to a new job AND nursing school. If you can find a place that will work with your school schedule then I say go for it but not at the expense of your studies.
  4. Bobmo88

    New Grad: ACLS but not PALS

    I just got an offer for a new grad position in the ER at the hospital I've worked at as a technician and PALS was a requirement so it might be beneficial for you.
  5. Bobmo88

    Timeline for graduation, NCLEX, and 1st RN Job

    Updating my timeline Send in application to board and pay fees, register and pay for NCLEX 3/27 Graduation 5/16 ATT 6/1 NCLEX 75 Questions and Good Pop up with PVT 6/8 Degree Posts 6/26 Transcripts sent to BRN 7/2 Nursing License Posts 7/10 Job Fair 7/17 Interview 8/4 Job Offer 8/7 Tentative Start Date 9/14
  6. Bobmo88

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

  7. Bobmo88

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    They might be working on your application, my application "disappeared" when I was still waiting for my ATT and a couple days later my application was back with an updated status and I received my ATT.
  8. Bobmo88

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    My license posted on the 10th and I received my card yesterday in the mail, congrats to you on passing!
  9. Bobmo88

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    License posted 7/10/15, officially an RN!
  10. Bobmo88

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    I spoke to one of the staff members in the nursing department at my school yesterday who confirmed that my transcripts were sent out last week so hopefully my license will post soon!
  11. Bobmo88

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    My degree finally posted 2 days ago so hopefully my school sends transcripts soon. One of my coworkers went to my school and he took the NCLEX in early June and didn't see his license post to the BRN until July 4th.
  12. Bobmo88

    CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    Took mine on June 8th and still hasn't posted. I finished in 75 questions and got the good pop up for the Pearson Vue Trick. My school still hasn't posted my degree to my transcripts so I think that may be the reason why my license hasn't posted.
  13. Bobmo88

    UCSD 2015 new grad

    I applied to the Hillcrest ER new grad position on June 11th and saw that my status changed to 'referred to hiring department' on June 16th, hoping for at least an interview!
  14. Tagging for future reference!
  15. Bobmo88

    Timeline for graduation, NCLEX, and 1st RN Job

    My timeline Send in application to board and pay fees, register and pay for NCLEX 3/27 Graduation 5/16 Kaplan 5/19-5/22 ATT 6/1 NCLEX 75 questions and good pop up for PVT 6/8 I am in CA so no quick results for me, I know for a fact my school hasn't sent out transcripts yet (even though nursing is the priority) so I think it might be a while for me until my license posts. In the meantime I have been applying to some jobs, working, and enjoying life.
  16. Bobmo88

    CSUCI or CSULB BSN Program?

    Our program has traditionally had 10 weeks of summer classes and from my understanding that's usually around she those externships start So it would have been nearly impossible to do an internship. I would say it's still doubtful even with the changes in curriculum but that is something you would have to look into. I think they don't call it precepting because it is different than a lot of programs where you are assigned to a specific unit at the very end of nursing school. I hope my info was helpful, both are great programs and you will be fine with either choice, best of luck to you!