Anyone had a Tdap shot?

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    I will be getting one of these by the end of next week. Some people said it hurts and have bad reactions. I had tetanus shots before in the past (no problem). Just like to hear others experience in having tdap shots.

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    I had it May 2011. Absolutely no problems.
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    Thank you
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    I had it and it hurt. Sore for 3 days. I've a lot of experience giving these shots and always tell patients you can expect to be sore for a few days. You will live though! =)
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    Had one about 3 weeks ago ( never had problems w/ tetnas shots b4)..HURT LIKE HELL afterwards ..It subsided in about 3-4 days...Felt like severe muscle soreness! OUCH!!!!!!!
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    No probs. Measles was painful but TDap was fine.
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    Lord. I got one last week and my arm was sore 5 days!! It wasn't hurtful getting the shot, just sore after.
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    I just got mine last week...I really really had myself all worked up about this one!
    Shot itself pain, nothing! I didn't even feel it.
    However, it started getting sore pretty quickly after that. It wasn't too bad tho, as long as I kept up with taking my motrin.
    3-4 days tho, and that was it doesn't feel like anything
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    Got mine 2weeks ago......super sore like I had a strenuous workout but I'm so happy to have it behind me- one less thing on my to do list
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    I had this shot 6 years ago when there was an outbreak of pertussis at my hospital. I do not remember it hurting more or less than any other shot. The only one I remember being particularly painful was Yellow Fever.

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