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  1. kandamom

    Crutches during clinicals?

    We were told NO casts or crutches allowed in clinical. It wasn't the school, it was the hospital policy for clinical placements. It is a liability and they won't allow students with those injuries on the floor....which leaves the school no choice but to drop you because you cannot meet the requirements of the program. I know at least one girl in my class who probably needed a cast for a foot issue and avoided wearing one! Can you get a good knee brace? coupled with Aleve or something to get you through the day? I would try to avoid even going to class with crutches...I wouldn't want to imply that I had some sort of a problem. They might not even give you a chance to go to clinical. Now if you absolutely cannot get through the day without the crutches safely, then that's a problem Good luck! Keep us posted! I missed skiing this break :/ and will next winter as well....I am not good enough to confidently feel that I can ski without breaking something!
  2. I have no experience...didn't even graduate from high school! Got my GED, went to a community college for my pre-reqs, applied to an accredited nursing program and was accepted. College America is NOT your only option, College America is a Rip Off!
  3. I am honestly sorry for what has happened to you...It is really sad, but I think many people fail by 0.6% or less every semester across the country and don't get it bumped up. Unfortunately life happens and it doesn't stop just because we are in Nursing School. Most if not every nursing program seems to be pretty strict on their pass/fail policies and won't budge. We had a student this semester who needed emergency surgery...She still had to take the test 4 days later with the rest of us, if she wanted to pass! It may seem harsh but if they give a little to one person, before you know it they are giving a lot to everyone! It is not a question of mercy, they have to draw a firm line in the sand somewhere. If I were you I would stay calm, and gracefully exit so that you can return and retake this course in the future with bridges unburned!
  4. kandamom

    Nurses Who Have Killed

    Genene Jones worked for my own pediatrician in Kerrville TX...Way back in the day, before I was even born (thank goodness) She killed a baby coming in for a routine well baby check!!
  5. kandamom

    APA Format and You...

    It does not do all the work for you....it just makes it a heck of a lot simpler! It automatically formats your paper so you can just start typing, and when you have a reference you click insert reference and fill out the boxes that pop up. Then the program cites it in your paper in APA format and organizes and automatically starts your works cited page. It cut my paper writing time in half, because I don't have to worry about where there needs to be a comma or period or not, in my references.... Anyway, the website has a short video that shows you how it works....check it out :)
  6. kandamom

    APA Format and You...

    PERRLA....worth every freaking penny!
  7. kandamom

    does anyone regret this career?

    Try a different specialty?? Our professor was talking about how there is a place in nursing for just about everybody. for EX. She said she had a student who seemed to be what you describe yourself as.... Now that student is really shining as an OR nurse.... I guess what I am saying is, there could be areas of nursing that require less actively engaged patient to nurse contact!
  8. kandamom

    One set of scrubs?

    Our instructor reccommened having a second set just in case something gross happens and we need to change!
  9. kandamom

    How was your first day/week of nursing school?

    First week was great! Somewhere around 20 chapters of material was assigned to be read between pharm, funadamentals and clinical calc. But I made it! Definitely get organized right away! I came home after every day and organized my binder and filled out my planner. Things are so fast paced that if you don't do it right away you will probably get behind and stay behind! Also, the reading was intense because it was assigned with such short notice...however the remaining weeks are already assigned out, so I am going to read several chapters every weekend from here on out! That way I don't have many more of the reading marathons that I had this week! I second the headache...had at least 3 this week and I know others did as well! Lots of reading, carrying heavy stuff, feeling stressed and looking down at books lol! So stock up on ibuprophen! The game doesn't stop for a headache! Otherwise, it was good....almost a little too good. Waiting for the shoe to drop, probably the first test day :) It just doesn't seem that hard right now (lots of material, but common sense stuff really)
  10. kandamom

    New vs used books vs renting

    I know our program director reccomended not renting...as we would use many of our nursing books throughout the program as we build upon topics. As well as for reference later... Also you may want to mark in them or even tear a page out! Which I have previously done for more focused study. As far as used goes...it depends on if you need an access code or not, or the materials provided with some books. Some teachers use the access code programs and if the book has been used, the code may be invalid!
  11. kandamom

    Last Free Weekend

    Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.... I mean really cleaning lol I do it every semester because the house progressively gets messier and messier.
  12. kandamom

    Any Aims Community College hopefuls?

    I sent you a PM with my Facebook link!
  13. kandamom

    Any Aims Community College hopefuls?

    Yea pretty much within 2000 miles after the warranty end point...Everything started breaking lol! Its such a pain, they don't make things to last these days! I am hoping I can keep it going for another 2 years!
  14. kandamom

    Any Aims Community College hopefuls?

    It is tough...the gas costs, but it was my best option for succeeding in getting my RN quickly! My car is moderately reliable. It isn't very old, but it keeps having issues :/
  15. kandamom

    Any Aims Community College hopefuls?

    Thats awesome! Yea fast paced is my kind of work...but we shall see! I am excited and can't wait for the semester to start....We have quite a road ahead of us, and I am looking forward to getting on with it! do you live in Greeley? I am commuting from FoCo everyday....
  16. kandamom

    Any Aims Community College hopefuls?

    I also have two little ones as well! I am nervous, but excited too...I just know it will be a marathon and so much work! Daunting but exciting. I ended up buying the books on credit and will pay them off when financial aid comes in, they were just sooo much cheaper on amazon than in the school store! I am really interested in critical care, or ER....Something exciting, challenging, and fast paced! I could be wrong tho, maybe clinical will change my point of view. My non experienced self thinks she wants to be a CCRN someday :)