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Anyone else applying for the 2017 entrance? I'm taking CHEM 110 and BIO231 this fall, and hoping to take BI 232, 233, PSY 201 and CIS 101 this winter before applying. I already have a bachelors... Read More

  1. by   sbaker47
    Faxed my acceptance yesterday, just received email confirmation that they received it. Step 1 done!
  2. by   rlargen2
    I emailed my acceptance today!! =)
  3. by   bthackery92
    I'm still patiently waiting, as alternate #1, for an email saying i don't have to worry anymore & here is the acceptance letter! bahaha I wonder how long until they send alternates letters after they get a decline...
  4. by   sbaker47
    Did you get your acceptance yet? My friend was #19 and now is #15.
  5. by   Earnett1
    How do we find out what our current status is as an alternate? I was alternate #20, but I am assuming I have moved up, but I don't know where to find that information.
  6. by   rlargen2
    You have to email them and ask. Thats the only way to be updated with where youre at on the list. The only time they notify you is if a spot opened up for the next runner up; or, around end of august they send emaols out to the top 5 alternates about coming to orientation and class the first week.
  7. by   carajoy79
    I mailed my acceptance to OHSU Monmouth today, I was 8th on the alternate list for Chemeketa. I think I would have been offered a spot at Chemeketa eventually, and would have been thrilled to go there (closer to home & a great program) but my goal is to get my masters in midwifery at OHSU, and hope that this might improve my chances~ also, it's only an extra 12 min drive than chemeketa was. Hope that removing me from the list makes it possible for someone elses dream to come true I think there's a few others here who I'll get to meet in person next fall at Monmouth, looking forward to it!
  8. by   sbaker47
    Anyone know what the first term of the nursing program really looks like? I'm a planner and really like to have things organized.
  9. by   rlargen2
    I know! Especially since I was able to go to the first week of classes and orientation. So, during orientation they will give you everything you need: syllabus, schedule, some papers to sign, getting our new badges, etc. How the schedule looked like last year was Monday-Thursday there was "theory" classes which is just lecture and we wear normal clothes and it goes from 8am-12pm (mostly sometimes we get out earlier) and then Friday we have lab which we wear our uniforms. The first week lab runs from 8-4, but after that they separate us into 2 groups: group 1 will be in the morning (8-11am) and group 2 will in the afternoon (12-3pm). Sometimes things change, they say to keep your schedule open Monday-Friday till 4pm.
    There will be times when we have lab on Thursdays and Fridays; also, sometimes we will have days where we wont have class at all, just depends on what they need to teach and all.
    We do not start clinical till mid-end of November. They told us at orientation how they pick where you go is based on where you live. So make sure your mychemeketa is the right address. The lab groups 1 and 2 are picked at random. They let students switch lab groups if they had someone willing to switch them.

    Oh and another helpful thing to learn over the summer:::
    So every term there is a Math test you have to pass 100% They give you practice tests on elearn and everything. Its a lot of converting story problems. you get 4 attempts to pass it. The units you need to know by heart is:

    1kg=2.2 lb 100mL=1L 1000milliunits=1 unit
    1kg=100g 5mL= 1tsp 1oz = 30mL
    1000mg=1g 3tsp=1T Military time
  10. by   sbaker47
    Thanks! This helps a bunch! The math stuff doesn't look too bad, at least for myself. I've been in health care for 14 years so the majority of those things are standard for me.