ANY students finishing ITT tech portland Nursing Program

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    Are there ANY students in the ITT Tech Portland Nursing program that can give me some insight on the Program. How the teachers are, where clinicals are done, etc. Everyone on here seems to be starting programs but i haven't found anyone in or almost done with the program. I would appreciate any and all information from current students.

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    Which state are you asking about? This may have already been answered in the state nursing program discussion forum
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    The program is in Portland OR I'm assuming. I know someone who goes there (or did last "quarter") but she switched shifts and I no longer see her. From what I've heard, she likes it and is grateful for the chance to become an RN.

    It's rough and she has several papers, projects, tests, etc, due in a row and she gets stressed, but she works weekends as an OB tech.
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    nohika- Thank you so much for the info. If you hear anything else please let me know. THANKS!!!
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    A few things to consider, how much is this for profit school going to charge you? Is the school accredited? Can your credits from this school transfer to another college if you decide to get your BSN. Do not be so desperate to enter a nursing program that the price ends up being too high. Remember also there is no guarantee of employment upon graduation. Nursing career is flooded.
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    PACNWNURSING: Thank you. I have been researching all of the above. All I need to know now is how the school is from a CURRENT students perspective. I appreciate your concern.
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    does anyone drive to itt tch in portland or from hermiston or? iam thinking of going ther but i live in hermiston or, 2 3 hrs away. i know the shool is 2 a week then 3
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    moved to oregon nursing programs discussion forum

    this is a new progras with first class see:itt tech's new program???
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    The reason you can't find anyone almost done is because this is a new program. I'm in my 3rd quarter, and the first cohort of students are in their 5th quarter (out of 9 quarters). The program is great. The scheduling is convenient (2-3 days per week with classes being about 4 hours long each) and the instructors are great. We can take any general ed classes online if we choose to. I am glad to be out of the community college system, and in this program. Our lab is equipped very well, and we have great text books (mostly Mosby). The Nursing department chairperson is an amazing woman who truly cares and will work with you if you're having any issues, whether dealing with school, work, personal life, etc. I'm very happy with the program, and I haven't found any negativity that the non-ITT Tech students are talking about. By the way, we are now the Breckenridge School of Nursing. There is now a RN to BSN program starting online, that all of us will be able to go into once we graduate and pass our NCLEX. Big help for all of those people who are worried that their credits won't transfer anywhere.
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    hey steener,

    do you think you can PM me examples of clinical sites? or have you not done clinicals yet at the stage of the program you are in. I would just like to know exactly where the ITT students get to practice, cus I work at southwest wa medical center and I don't think they have any itt students there but they gladly endorse clark and pcc and longview sutdents.

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