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  1. abree0323

    Lower Columbia College LPN2RN online

    Hi everyone! I live in Vancouver, WA and I will be starting the online program. Super excited I am counting down the days to orientation. I'm hoping I will be able to work during the last quarter, anybody know if people had clinicals down in the Portland metro?
  2. what were the interviews like? I'm scheduled for the LPN program interview on Jan 20th....I HATE interviews even though my last one was successful this past summer for the hospital I work at. Is it pretty much the same as a job interview? how do I prepare! lol
  3. abree0323

    First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

    I am so anxious! =D
  4. abree0323

    First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

    My applications are in for Clark College and Mt. Hood's LPN program. so I will find out I think mid january or feb for both of them. I hate the wait!
  5. abree0323

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    can anybody tell me where ITT does their clinicals?
  6. abree0323

    ITT TECH RN Program Portland-Accepted Student Info!

    kmolss01 Glad to hear the good news on ITT. I am looking to start in september. I have yet to go to a seminar and everything so I can find out more info. But that's awesome that you are promised a job already. This is making me breathe a little easier!
  7. abree0323

    ITT Portland Information

    haha I don't blame you!:)
  8. abree0323

    ITT Portland Information

    thank you so much nursejackie2b! I always feel like I'm so alone in this situation even though I know I'm in the same boat as many others out there. I would love to start June 3rd if it's not too late, but I'm still going through job interviews in the meantime. As for you good luck with the program! Please keep me updated! lol
  9. abree0323

    ITT Portland Information

    Yep it is rather difficult! I have been working as a CNA since 2007 so really it is all on my grades. but like I said I have a pretty good GPA and all my classes are As except for 3. retaking them is an option but I seriously dont want to lol. Anyhow NurseJackie2B I keep re-reading the threads on ITT tech over and over again trying to help me make a decision. I have not yet gone to an info session. I recently moved back here from the san diego area as my husband just got out of active duty from the USMC. Glad to hear you're starting in JUNE!!!! I am pretty sure it'll be too rushed for me to start in June so I do want to start in September. I think I will contact ITT and get some info. I also read the very first post on here I think that broke down all the payments for ITT tech. Whether or not that information is legit, I do not know. I hope so! IDK my heart is set on ITT tech like I wanna say 80%. the other 20% is still very doubtful and scared that I will be paying up the butt for a crap education.
  10. abree0323

    ITT Portland Information

    hey jimithing112! Thanks for responding. However I applied for Clark over 2 years ago and my file has been active throughout my pre-req journey. Once I completed everything with decent grades, I was still not accepted. I retook a class or two to turn Bs into As but that still didn't do the trick. So at this point I'm losing hope with Clark college. The only other options for me are PCC, Lower columbia college (which is almost an hour drive from me so this one is like a last resort if I were to get accepted), or OHSU etc. The problem with those are that the application process doesn't start until this fall, meaning if I were accepted it wouldn't be until Fall or Winter or Spring of 2012. It may not seem like its that far away, but after waiting for over 2 years, I just wanna be done already! So that is why I'm considering the tech schools, no matter what stigmas are attached to them. ON the other hand, those stigmas are exactly what is keeping me from going through with the tech schools. *sigh* IDK what to do lol
  11. abree0323

    ITT Portland Information

    Hey all! I am currently debating whether or not to go with ITT tech. I would love to start ASAP and I don't want to wait another year to see if I even get accepted to one of the comm colleges in the area. I guess the only thing keeping me from making a decision on ITT is whether or not it is worth it to go there. And also I want to continue to get my BSN. I already have an AA degree with all the nursing pre-reqs from Clark college. I just want to get in the RN program NOW! Any updates on the current ITT students? advice, tips, stories are much appreciated! Thanks!
  12. abree0323

    So Cal RN schools! Moving from WA-please HELP!

    Hey mrsb04! I too am looking for schools in the same area and I'm coming from WA as well. Haven't moved to SD area yet but will be in the upcoming months, just waiting for my husband to get home from deployment (he's in the Marines). Anyways I heard the waiting lists are on a first come first serve basis at a lot of the comm colleges there...so I am looking towards a tech school. Ada
  13. abree0323

    Reviews of LPN programs

    Hello! To the above poster thank you so much for your info! I recently got information from apollo about the next start date which is July so I'm thinking about going with them. I have all of my prereqs done from community college but am sick of the wait so hopefully I get to skip first semester if I choose to go to Apollo. I have yet to contact Concorde just to see the differences between the two, but I'm leaning more towards Apollo. Ada
  14. abree0323

    concorde vs apollo lpn program in pdx?

    yes definitely not pioneer pacific and even on the osbn site they're pass rate doesn't compete with apollo or concorde. But ok I will search thanks so much!
  15. abree0323

    concorde vs apollo lpn program in pdx?

    Hey guys I'm just trying to find some info between these two. I saw the pass rates and concorde has the higher one, but if there's anyone out there with personal experience good or bad, I would love to hear from ya! Thanks! Ada
  16. abree0323

    apollo college?

    Thanks so much for replying! And that's awesome news about the new LPN grads from Apollo. I hate the fact that it's expensive but I'm so sick of waiting and am not willing to relocate cus I love it up here! BUT Idk yet I have all my pre-reqs done and am currently retaking 2 classes for better grades but competition is still fierce with the schools up here which is why I'm considering Apollo just so I can get it done. But I will definitely research their pass rates and find more people with experience from Apollo's program. Thanks again guys! Ada