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  1. christinamuniz

    Myrtle Beach - pay and opportunity

    Hi all, I am considering moving to the Myrtle Beach area in the next year, and I'm curious to know what pay is like at the hospitals there. I'm a med/surg nurse, specifically ortho, neuro surgery, and telemetry, and have about 4 years of experience. Also wondering how competitive the job market is there. I'm coming from Oregon, so I know that pay will be considerably lower in SC. Thanks for your input!
  2. christinamuniz

    Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013

    Nothing here, either.
  3. christinamuniz

    How far are you willing to commute?

    I took my first RN job at a hospital 316 miles from my house. It's almost a 6 hour commute. I drive down on Wednesday, work thurs, fri, sat, and drive back on Sunday. I'm renting a house with 2 coworkers near the hospital. I'm not moving my whole family down here... we have too much going on at home. It's a great place to learn, and I'm happy with the situation.
  4. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    So, I graduated from ITT Portland on March 29th. I took and passed my NCLEX, my RN license posted on April 29th. I was hired at a hospital on May 21st, and I start my first job as an RN on Thursday. Yes the program had it's ups and downs, but the bottom line is that the 4th cohort will be graduating next week, and so far the first 2 cohorts had 100% NCLEX pass rate, I believe one or two didn't pass the NCLEX in the 3rd cohort, but I'm not positive.
  5. christinamuniz

    Adventist new grad program

    I applied for this round. I was wondering the same regarding salary, and I think that the only logical explanation is that the pay will increase once offered a full time position. Any idea on when we hear about the next step?
  6. christinamuniz

    IV course Portland

    NW Regional Training Center in vancouver offers an IV course... they have a lot of resources for healthcare professionals. They taught my PALS class and they did a great job.
  7. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    I like it, a lot. I feel like I am learning, and I love the fact that I only go to school a few days a week. I have children, and it's easy to deal with daycare and such when I only go to school 2-3 days a week. Anywhere you go, you will have issues. You will have a teacher you don't like, or an assignment you don't agree with, or a clinical site you aren't comfortable with. No program is perfect. I moved from Hawaii to go to this program, leaving my husband and 2 daughters behind. It was a big adjustment, but with the competitiveness in Hawaii, along with the amount of pre-req's I still had to complete, moving here temporarily made a lot of sense. This program is not for everyone, but for me, it's just right.
  8. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    pjcna27, feel free to PM me, I'm a current student at ITT Portland in my 3rd term.
  9. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    JAGS, are you a current student at Portland?
  10. christinamuniz

    Stethoscope feels very uncomfortable in my ears...

    My classic SE II is SOOO comfortable in my ears. The Sprague that came in my school nursing kit hurt like heck. Do you have the soft comfort tips on your littmann?
  11. christinamuniz

    Altres - yay or nay?

    I say yay. I signed up with them as a CNA to work their flu shot clinics in the public schools. Pay is great and they're so flexible with hours. If they can get you into a hospital, you can likely get a permanent position after you are done with your temp assignment. Sorry I'm replying so late... hopefully you've already found something :)
  12. christinamuniz

    ANY students finishing ITT tech portland Nursing Program

    The reason you can't find anyone almost done is because this is a new program. I'm in my 3rd quarter, and the first cohort of students are in their 5th quarter (out of 9 quarters). The program is great. The scheduling is convenient (2-3 days per week with classes being about 4 hours long each) and the instructors are great. We can take any general ed classes online if we choose to. I am glad to be out of the community college system, and in this program. Our lab is equipped very well, and we have great text books (mostly Mosby). The Nursing department chairperson is an amazing woman who truly cares and will work with you if you're having any issues, whether dealing with school, work, personal life, etc. I'm very happy with the program, and I haven't found any negativity that the non-ITT Tech students are talking about. By the way, we are now the Breckenridge School of Nursing. There is now a RN to BSN program starting online, that all of us will be able to go into once we graduate and pass our NCLEX. Big help for all of those people who are worried that their credits won't transfer anywhere.
  13. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    Because clinicals are very new to our school, they are still setting up agreements with locations. We will be in hospitals for clinicals, but for our fist quarter of clinicals we are not focusing on specialties that require hospital stays. If they don't have a location set up, they can't tell you where it's going to be. When starting a new program (the program began in June of 2010), there is a lot that needs to be set up, and hospitals and other facilities aren't willing to set up a clinical experience 9 months before the date of clinicals. Also, our facilities are set up on a quarter by quarter basis. Just because our school is at a specific facility this quarter, they might want to host another schools program next quarter, or our instructors might not want to return to that facility next time.
  14. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    The main reason why you will not find out where the clinicals are, is because they are likely to change from quarter to quarter. We are constantly looking for new facilities as our program is growing very quickly. 30 new students every 11 weeks. Our 2 cohorts that are doing clinical rotations right now are not yet in a hospital setting as far as I know. The first cohort may be, but I'm not positive. The 2nd cohort students are in SNF's and long term care facilities. We (3rd cohort, starting clinicals next quarter) should be receiving our clinical assignment in the next 2 weeks. I will let you all know what facilities we will be at. I'm very happy with the program, and I'm glad I'm no longer in the community college setting.
  15. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech?

    You can check with the state's Board of Nursing to see schools NCLEX pass rates.
  16. christinamuniz

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    Ah! Finally!! It's me, Christina :)