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My name is Hanna, iam from Oregon, go to community college trying to get my pre regs done for an RN apply at CBC in WA, anyone that has an experiance for the RN program at cbc let me know your experiance or tips on how u got acsepted thanx

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  1. Barbie Hanna

    LPN Programs - Private or Community College?

    What can I review to get ready for the teas test? Thanks
  2. Barbie Hanna

    Carrington College, Portland OR July 2012

    Nursetabitha how was the teas Test for carrington I plan on taking mine this summer for the LPN. What's all on the teas test as far as math and all?? And is carrington more slow pase then concoard? Since I did notice carrington is 17months not 13months thanks
  3. Barbie Hanna

    TEAS V Questions

    Where do you get these books to study for the TEAS? Im looking into applying to this college. Thanks
  4. Barbie Hanna

    Concorde in Portland

    Kristen84 I plan on attending concoard this year. So the LPn program can't bridge over to RN online? Also as far as school hours how does that work? Im going to be working nights 3days a week. Also as far as homework do you get assigned a lot? And is the program hard? Thanks
  5. Barbie Hanna

    Walla Walla Community College

    thanks so much for the info
  6. Barbie Hanna

    ITT Tech Portland OR, Any ideas

    iam planning on geting some pre regs out the way like math at my community college then apply at itt tech in portland or. Sadly i live 3hr away but still plan to apply next year in the fall. The reson y iam geting math out the way is cuse its real hard for me i need a help all the time and if i get acsepted in portland i think they let u do bio. And chem. Online cuse i dont plan to move up there just go up there when i have class wich is 3, 2 a week any info would help about this school?
  7. Barbie Hanna

    ANY students finishing ITT tech portland Nursing Program

    does anyone drive to itt tch in portland or from hermiston or? iam thinking of going ther but i live in hermiston or, 2 3 hrs away. i know the shool is 2 a week then 3
  8. Barbie Hanna

    final exam for CNA, how much does it cost?

    wher can i go for the cna classes in tri citys area? or arund ther? i heard ther just a 2 month classes do u need pre regs?
  9. Barbie Hanna

    Columbia Basin College (CBC) Nursing Program

    thanx and yeah i ben on ther web site, i was just curious on what was the lowest score that got acsepted in the nursing program that u know of? they say C or better but will a C realy get u in?
  10. Barbie Hanna

    Columbia Basin College (CBC) Nursing Program

    what wher your grades when u got acsepted also?
  11. Barbie Hanna

    Columbia Basin College (CBC) Nursing Program

    hi i hope u can help to reply to my other post?
  12. Barbie Hanna

    Columbia Basin College (CBC) Nursing Program

    hi i have quistions for you guys, iam wanting to put my ap for rn program at cbc wa, what was your guys grades for the pre regs when u guys got acsepted? cuse at the time iam in math 70 wich is algebra iam from oregon 30 min from pasco and tri citys. hope to be done with my pre regs in the fall or summer of next year. i just hope when iam done to get acsepted i dont think iam a pass my classes with an A, maybe a B, for shure a C lol so thats y iam asking for tips on how to get acsepted? and hows the school going for u guys? oh and is it easy to get a job once u graduate? thanx i hope someone replys lol