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I am currently in the third cohort and do not recommend this program to anyone. They are constantly changing the expectations of this program every quarter. When we signed our contract at the beginning of the course we were required to achieve a 75% in the course to move forward. Two quarters into the program, they change the requirement and require an 80% to move forward into the next quarter. They also have instituted the expectation that if you achieve below an 80% in two courses, you are dropped from the program. AWFUL! This quarter they now have changed the exams from 40% to now 50% of the total course grade. They have no idea where or when the clinicals will be until one to two weeks before the course starts, not much time to prepare. The consistency of the program, nonexistent. If you have any other options beside ITT tech nursing program, DO IT! This program is unorganized and basically a money pit. Sorry....


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Hey Cinthia,

Can you answer a million-dollar question for many of us...where are ITT Tech nursing students in Portland sent for clinical sites????? This question has been asked many times in this forum, and no one seems to be able to give a direct answer. Are any of the ITT clinical sites at actual hospitals, or are they all at LTC sites? I'd really appreciate any information that you would be willing to share with us. Thanks.


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Cinthia40- I totally get your frustrations, but I think that's how most programs are. I'm in a RN program at a community college and things are the same for us. The changes are to make us better, not worse. It sounds like ITT is just trying to make sure their students are successful and well prepared later. I know failing at 80% seems like a pain, but the extra pressure will motivate you to learn the material better. I know it motivates me anyways. The exams are worth more of our final grade each term in my program too (this term it's 40% and next term it's 70%). And consider yourself lucky to get a week or two notice on clinicals. That isn't always the case for us. Some people found out the day before they were starting. Good luck in your program! It will all be worth it in the end!!


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I'm not in the Portland Oregon program but I attend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our clinical sites are all the major hospitals in this area except during the Adult Nursing class where they were at a nursing home and a hospital. I'm not sure why other students slam ITT techs program, ESPECIALLY since they have NEVER attended there; they act like they know from personal experience???? Granted, I don't like the fact that we have to make an 80% in order to move on and I don't like the price tag, but I disliked the waiting list at the community colleges a lot more than I disliked the price of this course. The fact that the general education requirements are combined with the nursing course makes it pretty handy for me and shaved 11 months off the total time to become an RN. As for the credits not transferring to other schools, that's only true for the students in the locations that are not NLN accredited yet and that does take a while, at least until the first class graduates, we are pending approval now. Every nursing school in every state had to wait for that accreditation, yes, that's right, at one point in time YOUR RN school was a new school and had to go through the same things our school is going through, lots of red tape. Our first class graduated 12/2011 and all but 2 passed their NCLEX exams and 3 of them were offered jobs (at major hospitals in this area) during their clinical rotations. All this negativity is just not warranted. I am in the 6th of 8 quarters (I am doubling up Geriatric and Mental Health Nursing this quarter). Sure we had several who started with us who are long since gone and they whined and complained that the kinks weren't worked out or the 80% isn't fair and they quit or failed. To tell the truth I'm glad. If you can't handle changes in your school you sure aren't cut out to be a nurse where situations are not always ideal and things are always changing. I have a few friends attending Tulsa Community College for their nursing education and they have the same complaints as our ITT tech students. Nursing school in my opinion is brutal, only special people will make it through and when they do they will always have a job. I saw someone above say the nursing field is flooded. Well not around here it isn't. You can look at any hospital website and click on jobs, you will see between 50 to 100 openings for RN's every single time. I say phooey to the haters.


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The clinical sights are all LTC and rehab type places out in BFE. I'm talking... Forest Grove, Hood River, and many other places 30+ miles from school. Some students were driving from Wilsonville or Salem to Hood River twice a week for clinicals. They also don't allow you to do much at the facility. I hate ITT-Tech and am sure they won't get accredited. The Indiana schools have something like a 48% NCLEX pass rate right now... the national average is almost 90! The Indiana school has had 3 years of way below average and unless they fix it this year they are getting shut down. They have graduated several classes and still do not have full accreditation from the Indiana board of nursing and they have been denied NLNAC accreditation twice now. They are not even in candidacy status as of right now. The Florida school is BON approved, but I don't know what their requirements are, and one year they only graduated one student. *** ITT!

Leave run do not go to this place. Teachers suck and clinical sites are awful. All long term care facilities no acute care. You do not get trained by other nurses at the site you get train by your instructors. I went here for 1 1/2 year then they decided to change. They require you to get all B or above to pass any class. I got a C+ on my Med Surg 2 course and was told I had to repeat the course along with clinical. BullSh*t. This place cost $50,000.00 to get an Associates degree and they are not accredited by NLNAC or CCNE. Which is the nursing accredited you need to get to work in Hospitals that are Magnet recognize unless you want to work at a LTC facility. Yes they are nationally accredited but those people who accredit the school are usually the ones who work for the school. Its like banks regulating banks. A school is only good if it is Regionally accredited. ITT Tech credits will not transfer. But if you do a ADN to BSN and have an RN license you can transfer but you will still have to take all the lower division nursing classes and general education classes. Good luck if you want to go to this school. I work at the Portland VA Medical Center and my floor has a dedicated education unit with the University of Portland. The nurses who work there actually teach the students themselves not the instructors from the school like ITT. But by all means go to ITT if you want. School sucks, teacher suck, program sucks. RIP OFF SCHOOL RUN. ITT is a publicly traded stock company they make bank and charge more than freaking HARVARD!


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To any students, the future of nursing is BSN prepared nurses, make sure you have the necessary school requirements to obtain your degree or else you will looked over from other candidates.

I am a great student and WILL make a dam good nurse one day! Unfortunatley I have been trying for years to get into a program in Oregon, but the point system to get in is ruthless! I have checked into Portlands ITT program about 2 years ago and was put off because they were not accredited by the Oregon State Board of Nursing and the program cost 54k!!! After years of not getting in anywhere else I heard of my friend who was just about to graduate the program. She did this last quarter in 2013. She said the progam was great but hard at the same time. She was upset they changed the grades from passing with a C to a B but over all made her work harder. I applied for it and took the HESI and passed. I then scheduled an fianicial aid appointment and got their opportunity scholarship so the ENTIRE program will only cost me 20k inclusing books and lab supplies. Its is NOW approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing as well and has thei RN to BSN program up and running! This is my dream and I don't want to keep waiting to get into another program and my classes start expiring! Only thing I am worried about is if I will get a job or not........I have read basically all these forums and I can't seem to find anyone IN OREGON who has gotten a job after ITT's program......My friend is taking some time off, she has 7 kids, before she applies for a job so she's been no help! haha Thank you ladies!


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I graduated from this program with honors. Yes the program had its problems but so do most nursing programs in Portland right now. I have talked to friends at Linfield and University of Portland and they all are suffering from lack of clinical time. Yes this program is more expensive than a community college, however I had a ton of prereqs transferred in and had grants that traumatically reduced my cost. I was in a situation where some of my science classes were going to expire and rather than wasting a year on retaking the classes I tested into this program. Best decision of my life. I passed all my Hesi's with flying colors and scored the highest out of my class on the exit Hesi that predicts your score on the NCLEX. Passed my Nclex in 75 questions and proceeded to get a new grad ED position at a coveted Hospital. Yes this program has its problems....but if you search others on this site they do too. I would rather pay more to get my RN license quicker than waste time redoing prereqs for other programs. Also I have already started into my BSN degree online. Capella takes all ITT credits in addition to other institution's leaving me to only have to take 11 core nursing classes worth 6 credits each. The price is excellent compared to ITT, OHSU, university of texas, western governors, and Linfield due to this reason. Disregard others rants on here.......people are more likely to post bad or negative comments than positive ones. Be your one judge on your education.


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See my post below. I got a job with Providence ED. I know people from my cohort who have done the same since they worked in the department already as a CNA. Jobs are out there... easier with 1 year experience but its all about WHO you know not what you know. Good Luck!


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They are accredited by the CCNE. Also I know students from Linfield and U of P that were doing medsurg clinicals at long term care facilities even though they had hospital contracts. Their credits will transfer if you call around. Capella University took all their credits and I am currently on my way to a BSN at a low price. I didn't have to pay 50K because of grants and credits from PCC. You wouldn't have had to pay the full price if you dropped out after medsurg. Doesnt make sense. Plus I have a Hospital ED job in Portland with my ADN through this program so think what you want but it worked for me.


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It's easy to find a job in a nursing home. I knew of 4 rns straight out of itt that got jobs at marquis.

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