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    ANY students finishing ITT tech portland Nursing Program

    Leave run do not go to this place. Teachers suck and clinical sites are awful. All long term care facilities no acute care. You do not get trained by other nurses at the site you get train by your instructors. I went here for 1 1/2 year then they decided to change. They require you to get all B or above to pass any class. I got a C+ on my Med Surg 2 course and was told I had to repeat the course along with clinical. BullSh*t. This place cost $50,000.00 to get an Associates degree and they are not accredited by NLNAC or CCNE. Which is the nursing accredited you need to get to work in Hospitals that are Magnet recognize unless you want to work at a LTC facility. Yes they are nationally accredited but those people who accredit the school are usually the ones who work for the school. Its like banks regulating banks. A school is only good if it is Regionally accredited. ITT Tech credits will not transfer. But if you do a ADN to BSN and have an RN license you can transfer but you will still have to take all the lower division nursing classes and general education classes. Good luck if you want to go to this school. I work at the Portland VA Medical Center and my floor has a dedicated education unit with the University of Portland. The nurses who work there actually teach the students themselves not the instructors from the school like ITT. But by all means go to ITT if you want. School sucks, teacher suck, program sucks. RIP OFF SCHOOL RUN. ITT is a publicly traded stock company they make bank and charge more than freaking HARVARD!