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  1. Dlee7764

    ITT Tech Nursing//Portland

    I've been thinking about going to ITT, because i DO NOT want to do an LPN program, nor go to community college. Itll just take way too long. Any suggestions on what classes to take and where before applying?
  2. Dlee7764

    Portland Job Market for New Grad RNs

    Most of the new grad RNs that i know work in a nursing home/ltc. Hospitals here are competitive and as far as i know, they don't hire straight out of schooling. We have a nurse residency program, which like nursing school... it is very competitive to get into.
  3. Dlee7764

    ANY students finishing ITT tech portland Nursing Program

    It's easy to find a job in a nursing home. I knew of 4 rns straight out of itt that got jobs at marquis.

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