What do you love about the OR? & what do you hate?

  1. I have a couple of yrs experience in cardiac unit and Im considering a move to the OR. I think I would like the OR setting, I enjoyed my time during clinicals when I was able to observe in the OR. The hospital is offering "periOp 101" training thru AORN. My current job isnt bad, lots of good and some bad. Sometimes we are floated to med/surg floors, which I truly cant stand. But I work with some great people and Im somewhat reluctant to leave, Im leaning toward applying for the transfer..... So tell me what you really like and what you really dont like.

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  3. by   Rose_Queen
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  4. by   blueberry21
    Thanks for the links. I can definitely see that there are negatives to working in the OR from reading those links.

    So I would like to hear the other side of the coin now: :rckn:

  5. by   scalpelsnbones
    I am one of those people that does not deal well with doing the same thing every day. I like variety and I like to see results fast. That is why I chose the OR. I really like seeing patients come in "broken" and leaving "fixed". Of course, the OR is just the beginning for their healing process, but it's amazing to see the actual procedure that changes a person's life.
    I work primarily with an Orthopedic Spine surgeon. He does horrible scoliosis cases and I love it. They can be really hard cases (lots of paperwork, positioning, blood administered, etc.), but when a person comes in unable to stand up straight and leaves with a completely straight spine, it's incredible.
    The things I like best:
    *The OR is a world of it's own just like a floor or unit and you work closely with your doctors. I think the relationships with the doctors are overall a little better in the OR (from what I've gathered from talking to other nurses).
    *You almost always have a doctor or CRNA with you for any questions/concerns.
    *Variety! No two days are alike in our OR.
    There's a lot of other things, but those are the highlights. Good luck in whatever you chose! I LOVE the OR and can't imagine being anywhere else!!!
  6. by   carluvscats
    I am only about 5 weeks into my new job in the OR, but what I like so far is.....

    I am in constant learning mode. I know I am new, but even the seasoned nurses say they learn something new every day.

    I really enjoy being around a variety of healthcare professionals..... SRNA's , CRNA's, anesthesiologists, docs, surg techs, PA's..... it's a great mix of brains (and perspectives) and it really stretches you.

    Agree with the above poster.... no 2 days are the same.

    I like being busy and yet only caring for one patient at a time!

    Just from my limited time put into the OR, it seems that people either LOVE it or HATE it...
  7. by   OR male nurse
    Hmmm... after doing this for almost 5 years..

    I love helping people that come to the OR

    I hate the A type personalities that work in the OR

    I love my profession

    I hate the CRNA's that think they are MD's and had a god complex

    I love the daily change of pace and different types of operations that I know how to set up

    I hate Surgical Tech's that think they rule the OR

    I love being a nurse and making a difference

    I hate fellow co-workers that can't mind their own business
  8. by   CW1978
    (I think) I love that the patients are unconscious
  9. by   fracturenurse
    I love the fact that you don't have to deal with families all day long like on the floor.

    I love learning new things all the time.

    I hate the different personalities that work in the OR. We work closely and a lot of petty fights happen.

    I hate nurses that know a lot about a surgeon but won't tell you anything because they aren't in the room that day.

    I love taking care of patients and being there to help comfort them while they are drifting off to sleep.

    I love the OR. I tried working in different areas and I just wouldn't be anywhere else. I always come home to the operating room.
  10. by   Tiffany, RN, BSN
    Quote from CW1978
    (I think) I love that the patients are unconscious
    Mmmmmhmmmmmm! I also love the hours (7a-3p)

    Hate some of the attitudes. I had to adopt an "I don't put up with ********" attitude and I hate that cause I'm normally really nice, lol!
  11. by   Argo
    I love everything within the confines of the OR. I HATE all of the politics and BS that goes on at the Director and above levels that have to do with the OR.... ugh.....
  12. by   ThinkerBelleRN
    i have always been thinking of getting into OR as well.. but most nurses I know tend to discourage me about it. They would always say, I will eventually get bored and stagnant in that area...so i thought might just go to ICU or emergency/trauma. Anyway, can you guys give a comparison between OR and any of these areas. I would love to get insights from nurses who have actually worked in these areas..
  13. by   Argo
    Most o them say that cause they ant hack it in the or, especially floor nurses. There is a huge technical aspect to OR nursing along with the pt care. I have tried to hire floor nurses that were "good" door nurses into the OR and they last a few weeks tops. 3 of 10 have made it.
  14. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    To give you a little perspective about how technically challenging the OR is, at my hospital the OR nurse orientation is 6 months. It is only 3 months for our ICU, which is the second longest orientation in our facility. There is a HUGE amount of detail that you need to know in the OR, it is a very fluid environment where you have to live (or die) by the seat of your pants. It is not for everyone, but if you can learn vast amounts of information and think on your feet, you will never find another environment quite like it.