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  1. ThinkerBelleRN

    NY license by endorsement

    I just had to wait. Apparently theyre processing a lot of applications. I waited 4 months to get my license. Hope you get yours soon!
  2. ThinkerBelleRN

    Relocating but can't find a job!

    Update. I found a job in a large teaching hospital, and just gave my notice at my current workplace. Will be moving to NY state after my 4 weeks is up!
  3. So I had a phone interview for 2 different jobs in the same hospital both of them have no previous experience in (oncology unit and endoscopy). I applied for these jobs during my desperate times so I could leave my current job asap and move halfway across the country. I also know I don't want to work inpatient anymore and so I am genuinely interested in endoscopy. I can't tell how the interview went but endoscopy manager suggest I come in to shadow for a few hours since I have no experience in endoscopy (I agreed and will travel to go visit my bf and shadow in said unit). Now oncology unit turned out to be inpatient and after talking to the manager I decided I really don't want to work there but I asked if I could shadow anyway (because at that time I was desperate and would like to keep it as a back up in case endoscopy doesn't work out). I have another video interview lined up for a different hospital in a med-surg unit (I have 4 years med-surg experience and currently working in one). This is the hospital that I want to work in. I plan to get foot in the door and transfer to my "dream unit" once there's vacancy. I would appreciate some advice: 1) At this point I am somewhat torn because although I don't have any offers yet, I am still a little stressed out with getting a job asap and not really sure which one to actively purusue, (a) get foot in door via med-surg, or (b) go for endoscopy since its outpatient and I grown interested in the specialty. 2) I have done more thinking and decided I don't want to work oncology. How do I decline IF offered the job? Or should I just let the recruiter know this and not waste anybody's time. 3) How do I leave a good impression during shadow day in the endoscopy unit?? Anything I should pay particular attention to? Tips? Advice? Should I try to assist staff while shadowing? Thanks in advance
  4. ThinkerBelleRN

    Relocating but can't find a job!

    I am currently working as an RN in the medical floor in the midwest, hate it and already so burnt out. Last spring I finally made the decision to relocate to upstate NY and still waiting to get my NY license, but have been applying for jobs because I really want to make sure I have a job lined up before I resign from my current job. However, even after getting a call back from the hospitals I applied to, which sometimes I would miss because I work nights, none of them would return my call or reply to my email. There was even one time when this one rehab facility scheduled a skype interview, but never called as scheduled. I called them after 30 minutes of waiting and emailed but they never even respond. Anyway, I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have total 8 years of experience outside of the US both in medsurg and outpatient (wound clinic), I have a BSN, although I know I still don't have a NY license yet, but do facilities really do this? Just ignore calls and emails? My coworker who moved to California got a facility consider her even before she got her license, and all she had to do was update them when she got her license. Because of this, I really started to wonder what's wrong with me and started to lose confidence. Even though I want to make sure I have a job offer before I give my notice, the hospital I really want to work prefers to do face to face interviews but I wont be able to travel to NY anytime I want to because we plan our schedule at work 2 months ahead. I have been so depressed here and find myself crying often and anxious before going in to work. I hate working inpatient already and have been wanting to just do anything but working in a medsurg unit. However, being that I need a job ASAP, I have gotten to a point that I am considering even a PRN job in a medsurg unit just to get my foot in the door and then transfer to the unit I really want. I am so torn whether I should just give my notice, move and then try to find a job when I'm already in NY or still try to find a job before I resign. A lot of people say it is easier to get a job when you have a job, but I am at a point where I can't stand it here anymore.
  5. ThinkerBelleRN

    Pigeonholed Wound Care

    If only we can switch jobs. I have been doing wound care overseas 4 years of my 8 years as a RN. Moving to the US, I wasnt given an option to purusue wound because it turned out they needed more people on the floors. I am currently working on the floor but would really want to go back to wound care. I have been applying everywhere but no luck. I would like to think it is easier to get a job on the floor, as many hospitals are short staffed with high turnover rates in med-surg and other inpatient units. Keep applying, I hope we get to practice our passion.
  6. ThinkerBelleRN

    Can RN work as CNA while waiting for license?

    I am a RN looking into relocating to NY state as soon as I get a job there. I am itching to leave my current job so I can move before Thanksgiving, but my license endorsement to NY is taking so long. So I am planning to apply at the hospital where I want to work as CNA while waiting on my license just so I can move asap. Not sure if this is a feasible idea. Any inputs? Or any job suggestions I can do for now until my license goes through? Something that I can make use of my degree and nurse skills? Thanks.
  7. ThinkerBelleRN

    NY license by endorsement

    Have you gotten your NY licenses? I thought it says on their website that they are not able to update status of application over the phone. I have completed all my papers and course works first week of July. I haven't heard from them until now. I have a job waiting.
  8. ThinkerBelleRN

    Wound Interview

    How did it go? I have been looking at wound nurse jobs myself, but not a lot available
  9. Hello everyone. I recently got a call for an interview for a wound nurse position at Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Syracuse, NY and would like to know if anyone here has worked at the said facility. Just trying to find information about the company, workload, pay, and management. Thanks.
  10. ThinkerBelleRN

    How is it like working in a wound clinic?

    Hello everyone. I am an RN with experience working in a wound and hyperbaric center overseas. I am currently pursuing jobs in a wound care, and would like to somehow get an idea what to expect or how a typical day goes in an outpatient wound center here in the US. I would love to hear about your workload, staffing, work schedule and type of cases you handle in your clinic. Thanks
  11. ThinkerBelleRN

    Books for WOC?

    I will be starting the WOCN program through Emory and manuals will be included in the tuition, but they also have recommended books for the WOC core curriculum. I also looked at the WOCNCB website which has a list of recommended books/references. Since books can be pricey, my question is for those who have done the program and WOCN certified, which books do you think are worth purchasing? Thanks.
  12. ThinkerBelleRN

    What MSN / NP program for a wound nurse?

    Hello everyone. I am considering going back to school with the goal of becoming a NP specializing in Wound Ostomy and Continence. The only thing Im just unsure of is which program to enroll, theres family practice, acute care, adult geriatric. Also, excuse my ignorance, but are MSN programs different from NP programs? Also, online schools can you suggest? Thanks.
  13. ThinkerBelleRN

    Non-beside nursing jobs?

    Thank you. I am curious about case management but have no idea what a case manager does exactly.
  14. ThinkerBelleRN

    Non-beside nursing jobs?

    I am currently working in the medical floor, and hate every second of it. I dread going to work everyday and find myself crying after work, and have been feeling anxious before my shifts. I have done wound care nursing and hyperbaric medicine before and love it, and it is still something I want to do. Right now I just want to resign from my job asap, and decided to look for jobs in wound care before I give my notice. However, there aren't that many wound care jobs, and the few I applied has not responded. I am getting desperate and now considering other options (anything but inpatient bedside nursing), just so I can leave this bedside job asap. I have have tried applying at family practice clinic but did not even get an interview, long term facility wont even hire me because I have no previous experience with MDS. I have over 3 years of medsurg experience and 4 years in a wound center. What other non-bedside nursing jobs can I look into? How one can transition into a different specialty or field of nursing without prior experience? I am willing to go back to school. I prefer to go back doing a M-F 8-4 schedule where I don't have to take care of 6 patients at a time, or maybe just something else that will not make me completely quit nursing. I am just done with working on the floor.
  15. ThinkerBelleRN

    License in multiple states?

    I am currently licensed in a compact state (MO), but I only have a single state license. I plan on moving to either NY or MA and looking for jobs now, and wondering if I get to keep my current MO license even after endorsing my license to NY and/or MA? Excuse my ignorance.
  16. ThinkerBelleRN

    Trying to find my niche in nursing

    Thank you for the reply. I will definitely look into the areas you suggested.

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