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  1. I am a burnt out medsurg nurse. Was lucky enough to work at a wound/hbot center for a few years but had to leave the job to move to a different city. I have 6 years medsurg and 4 years ambulatory experience. Right now, I am trying to transfer to...
  2. 8 Work From Home Jobs

    Can you share more about this? I have been looking for work from home jobs.
  3. 8 Work From Home Jobs

    I know this is a very old post. At this point in my life, I feel like Id rather have this type of work from home job. What company did you work for and what are the requirements?

    Do the all didactic classes you choose to take then enroll for available bridge week schedule. Professional practice is required even if you only just want to do 1 specialty.
  5. NY license by endorsement

    I just had to wait. Apparently theyre processing a lot of applications. I waited 4 months to get my license. Hope you get yours soon!
  6. Relocating but can't find a job!

    Update. I found a job in a large teaching hospital, and just gave my notice at my current workplace. Will be moving to NY state after my 4 weeks is up!
  7. Ointments/Wound care for Geriatric Patient

    I have not gotten my WOCN certification yet, but I suggest you refer your patient for proper evaluation of the wound bed and surrounding tissue. If it is infected, patients will need antibiotics not just topical antimicrobials. Zinc oxide creams are...
  8. Relocating, deciding between jobs and shadowing

    So I had a phone interview for 2 different jobs in the same hospital both of them have no previous experience in (oncology unit and endoscopy). I applied for these jobs during my desperate times so I could leave my current job asap and move halfway a...
  9. Relocating but can't find a job!

    I am currently working as an RN in the medical floor in the midwest, hate it and already so burnt out. Last spring I finally made the decision to relocate to upstate NY and still waiting to get my NY license, but have been applying for jobs because I...
  10. Pigeonholed Wound Care

    If only we can switch jobs. I have been doing wound care overseas 4 years of my 8 years as a RN. Moving to the US, I wasnt given an option to purusue wound because it turned out they needed more people on the floors. I am currently working on the flo...
  11. Can RN work as CNA while waiting for license?

    I am a RN looking into relocating to NY state as soon as I get a job there. I am itching to leave my current job so I can move before Thanksgiving, but my license endorsement to NY is taking so long. So I am planning to apply at the hospital where I ...
  12. NY license by endorsement

    Have you gotten your NY licenses? I thought it says on their website that they are not able to update status of application over the phone. I have completed all my papers and course works first week of July. I haven't heard from them until now. I hav...
  13. Wound Interview

    How did it go? I have been looking at wound nurse jobs myself, but not a lot available
  14. Hello everyone. I recently got a call for an interview for a wound nurse position at Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Syracuse, NY and would like to know if anyone here has worked at the said facility. Just trying to find informatio...
  15. Hello everyone. I am an RN with experience working in a wound and hyperbaric center overseas. I am currently pursuing jobs in a wound care, and would like to somehow get an idea what to expect or how a typical day goes in an outpatient wound center h...