What skills/keywords to highlight for clinic/ambulatory job?

by ThinkerBelleRN ThinkerBelleRN, BSN, RN Member

Has 16 years experience.

I am a burnt out medsurg nurse. Was lucky enough to work at a wound/hbot center for a few years but had to leave the job to move to a different city. I have 6 years medsurg and 4 years ambulatory experience.

Right now, I am trying to transfer to a clinic position at the same hospital I am working but have not heard from HR. I applied to every clinic position I see. 

I don't know how else I can fix my resume to get some hits for an outpatient/clinic/ambulatory job anything not medsurg not bedside not acute care. I want to go back outpatient. Im so desperate. 

What key skills should I highlight in my resume? What medsurg/bedside skills can I connect to ambulatory jobs? 

Also, during interview, what should I say when asked why I applied for the job and not make it sound like Im just exhausted and burnt out and just really want out out of bedside. 

Thanks in advance.