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  1. carluvscats

    Troubles with eyeglasses

    I wear progressives as well, and have had no problems with them. $700 seems exorbitant for glasses; do shop around and find out who sells what brands... I used to sell eyeglasses in my former life and the upcharge on lenses is beyond belief! You have to give them a bit of time to get adjusted; point your nose and adjust your chin and you will be fine. I also wear a contact lens (one good eye, one bad eye) and I don't have problems with that, either. A good fit is crucial with the glasses.... don't be afraid to go back and get them adjusted, more than once if you need to.
  2. "hungry headless chickens with full bladders"..... ahahahahahaha..... almost spit coffee on my keyboard.
  3. carluvscats

    Can you prick a diabetic too hard?

    "In some ways while my internship is making me more confident in other ways it's making me less confident. I just feel like I'm a slow learner, like I need to do things 3-4 times before it imprints in my brain and even then I'm slow for some things, like filling up a syringe from a vial. Did anyone else feel this way?" (raises hand) Yes. I'm about 9 months into working a surgical floor, and it seems like it took a long time before anything "came naturally". I did great in nursing school, but the hands on stuff seemed to come slowly for me. I dunno, maybe it's just that everyone around me was so seasoned and smooth! :) Even now, I will panic a bit inside if I have to do something that I haven't done for a few weeks. I guess the best advice I could give you is to not berate yourself over what is truly just a natural learning process. Everybody learns at a different pace. The important thing is to learn to do it the *safe* way... the clunkiness of it all will go away with time. So no worries. Best of luck in your future career!
  4. carluvscats

    Falling short

    I got angry when I read your post. Not at you, Risa, but at the system....time and time again I read posts like yours...nurses who put heart and soul into their jobs, day in and day out, and still walk away feeling like they haven't done enough. I'm angered by this system that can chew up and spit out nurses like you in just a short period of time. It's not fair. I also get upset at all the suffering in the world, which your corner seems to have more than a fair share of. No answers for that, either. I IMPLORE you to flush those feelings of inadequacy right this minute. You DO NOT deserve them. You deserve to be hugged and admired and compensated for what you do. Most people could not, would not, DARE NOT do what you do, day in and day out. To say that it is heroic does not even touch it. You are a hero every day to those little ones. They cannot thank you. Their parents might not even thank you. But I'm glad you came here and shared your story, because it gives me an opportunity to say THANK YOU. I just want you to know that what you do makes a big difference.
  5. carluvscats

    Tell me about yourself... how to nicely begin with it?

    justashooter, you make a great point. Sometimes we tend to "over share" about things that scare people (esp. future employers) off. Keep it light!
  6. carluvscats

    8 hour days or 12 hours days?

    I have a weird schedule in that it is a combination of 8's and 12's. It is true what some of the other posters say; it is much easier to get all the charting done on my 12's. But, you HAVE to be able to decompress quickly after a 12, if you are going to have to get up and do it all over the next day, as there is simply no time to mull over every little thing you did or didn't do. Gotta be able to flush it quickly or you will be a zombie the next day. During my stretch of 12's, I pretty much resign myself to knowing my life will be only about work. The benefit is the 4 days off in a row, of course. It's like having a mini-vacation every 2 weeks. Woot!
  7. carluvscats

    Merry Christmas to the nurses who will be working today

    MBARNBSN ~ do you get New Years off? Hope so! Guess I'm just too old for 3 12's.....
  8. carluvscats

    Merry Christmas to the nurses who will be working today

    Just came off 3 straight 12 hr shifts....... never again, I hope.
  9. carluvscats

    Lpn from FL to SD

    Welcome, hope you find this site to be as helpful as I have over the years. :) A phone call to your BON (perhaps both in your case) should give you the answers you need. I have had success getting a real live human being when I called my BON with a question. From Florida to South Dakota, this time of year..... you are brave. Good luck to you!
  10. carluvscats

    How do I walk back into a room

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww............. hugs to you, newtress. There are no words.
  11. carluvscats

    MAR confusion

    Like Sarah, we use the Mars on the computer. When I first started working, my "preferences" weren't set up correctly, so all the times were jumbled.... a kind nurse reset my page so that the meds pop up in correct order. If your Mar is computer generated, surely the technology exists that can sort your meds in chronological order and print them out accordingly??? Why must hospitals make it so difficult for us to practice safely? It's just common sense.
  12. carluvscats

    Resign now??

    Good on you, OP. There have been a lot of new nurse horror stories posted, but yours takes the cake. You deserve better!!!!!!
  13. carluvscats

    I want to leave nursing....now what do I do?!

    I agree with juliaann......have you thought about sales? When I worked in a pain clinic, and now in the OR, we have streams of folks coming in representing suture, beds, drugs, etc....they all are RN's with BSNs. They all seem pretty light-hearted.....they bring bagels and sit in on cases and chat up the docs. :) Good luck!
  14. carluvscats

    Resign now??

    Oh goodness................ save yourself some stress and get out as quickly as possible. It's pretty clear things aren't going to get better and very likely could get worse!!!! So sorry...... what an awful thing to go through for your first nursing job.
  15. carluvscats

    Too Little, Too Late.....Too Bad

    I don't have any words of wisdom right now. IMHO the profession is in a crappy place right now, and more and more good people are becoming casualties. Rogue sounds like she has some good ideas for you. Just know that I read you and respect you. Best wishes Viva!
  16. carluvscats

    Recession creates apathy.

    Me either, nyteshade. I'm surprised there aren't more responses to the original post. Maybe it's all the apathy!