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  1. Can you prick a diabetic too hard?

    "In some ways while my internship is making me more confident in other ways it's making me less confident. I just feel like I'm a slow learner, like I need to do things 3-4 times before it imprints in my brain and even then I'm slow for some things, ...
  2. 8 hour days or 12 hours days?

    I have a weird schedule in that it is a combination of 8's and 12's. It is true what some of the other posters say; it is much easier to get all the charting done on my 12's. But, you HAVE to be able to decompress quickly after a 12, if you are goi...
  3. Does anyone have a GOOD manager

    I also have a great manager. I'm pretty new on the floor and work weird shifts, but she always asks me how I'm doing, whenever she sees me, without fail. Just the simple act of checking in somehow makes a world of difference to me. I also have very...
  4. What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Insulin, coumadin, metoprolol, omeprazole, hydrocodone.
  5. advice appreciated from nurses who work variable shifts

    I want to thank each of you for taking the time to post your thoughts. The general consensus is what I know I need to do, just be a big girl and talk to my manager. I haven't done that yet because I'm just so happy to have a job, and as I said, I'm...
  6. Hi, I am about 5 months into working a busy medical floor. While I mostly work 3-11, I also work 2 shifts of 7a-7p and a 7p-7a (in a 2 week time period). I am finding myself not adjusting well to my day shifts, and around the time when those come u...
  7. Compassion or reality for obese patients?

    Overeating is just another way people self-medicate; I don't think it's any different than using alcohol or drugs or sex, etc. If people could get to the "why" of what is driving them to abuse their bodies (death by fork), perhaps change could occur...
  8. MAR confusion

    Like Sarah, we use the Mars on the computer. When I first started working, my "preferences" weren't set up correctly, so all the times were jumbled.... a kind nurse reset my page so that the meds pop up in correct order. If your Mar is computer gen...
  9. Am I being too sensitive?

    Focus on bettering yourself and don't let them win. Unfortunately, some people mistake kindness for weakness, so just keep your chin up, be yourself, and flush the rest. It's not worth your emotional energy. And come here to vent! It's the best pl...

    Too funny, OP! If only!
  11. Questions about a recent offer (med/surg)

    The lack of orientation time tells us that this hospital has a "sink or swim" mentality with its staff ~ are you up for that? It will be an incredible amount of stress, at least until you get your bearings. It is probably doable but only if you hav...
  12. Most Common Patient Diagnoses

    Forgot to add hepatic encephalopathy to the list.... that seems to be a common one as well.
  13. Most Common Patient Diagnoses

    I work on a straight medical floor, so the only post-surg pts we get are ones who have had less invasive procedures ~ I&D's, scopes, biopsies, that kind of thing. But I'll answer you the best I can. We get a lot of pneumonia, COPD, sepsis, UTI,...
  14. Post op Admissions During Shift Change?

    Oh. My. Gosh. ~ TittytatRN. (2nd paragraph) That is just horrible.
  15. Quit my stressful job, now I miss it ...

    Well, the chest pains alone would keep me away from the old job. How long have you been at the new one? Perhaps you just need to give it more time to adjust?