Help me find CNA training?

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    I go to college in New York and will be in Tulsa for the summer. I have been advised to train as a CNA over the summer, but I cannot figure out how to get started, what the process is, and where to go. I would appreciate any advice! Thank you!

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    Try Tulsa Technology Center. They should have a CNA course.
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    If you need a CNA class that starts often, There is Interim (the one I took - it was good. They had day and night classes), Wings, Dreamakers, and Tulsa Technology Center. You should call now to find out info so that you can enroll. Alot of nursing students take these classes in the summer and sometimes can be hard to find one still open. Hope this helps.

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    I may be mistaken, but I believe OSU-Tulsa offers some sort of CNA training as well.
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    If you havent found anything yet OSU offers a free CNA course in OKC and in the Tulsa area. Ill be starting it hopefully the end of next month or in June.
    Im at school so I dont have the numbers with me but Ill post them tonight along with the contact names. When I called they were very nice.
    Its a two week course. You get two sets of scrubs and the text too.

    The big thing is that its FREE!!
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    You can call 1 800 560 4099 and ask for information on their free CNA program. This number is for OKC but they are in charge of the Tulsa area program also. GL
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    I went to Dream Maker's School for Health Care Aides and I really liked it. Classes start every two weeks, and they limit the amount of people in the classes so you can get more individualized attention. Betty Fields is the woman who runs it, and she's wonderful. I learned so much from them. It is ~$500 though. If you can find one for free, that might be better. However, if you can't, I really liked Dream Maker's.
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    here is the web address for the CNA program of OSU/OKC good luck.
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    "Wings" in Broken Arrow has a course. If you're not familiar with the area, Broken Arrow is a suburb of Tulsa - 10 mi. East. I dont know how good it is, but I heard it's short and affordable.
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    You should check with convalesant or assisted living facilities.alot of them have classes that the facilities teachs on the job. you work as a Nursing Assistant until you finish training and go thru certification exam

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