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  1. poliwog

    Help Hypotonic, Isotonic, & Hypertonic Solutions

    Daytonite: They're now teaching that a hypotonic solution should NEVER be given to someone with or suspected of having increased or at risk for increased intercranial pressure. (In the notes from the link you gave, it says to "watch patients with increased ICP if given hypotonic solutions" - just wanted to clarify for confused students.
  2. poliwog

    Can Nurses be sued?

    Liz, Thank you for taking the time to explain that to us. Poliwog
  3. poliwog

    Words of Encouragment

    Congratulations!!! The world is your oyster....
  4. poliwog

    Net test

    Buy the book! It's $40 but if you study it (like I did) you'll do great. I got in the 97% percentile - dont think I would have made such a good grade w/o the book. Also, at TCC - be prepared for an essay question as well..we got to pick from two: I chose: Is health care a right or a priveledge and why? Cant remember what the other one was. They just want to make sure you can write proficiently. Also, there was a trick question: If your ship wrecked on a deserted island and you only had the things listed - list the items in order of importance. (Sunglasses, san tan lotion, 2 L bottle of water, umbrella, first aid kit...etc.) Best of luck to you!
  5. Thank you! As a new nursing student, I found your post very helpful. Im fwding it to my study group. Its nice to have some perspective from the instructor's point of view. Thanks!
  6. poliwog

    Reflections of A New Grad

    Just beautiful...
  7. poliwog

    "Nancy" and Babs

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. Hope Nancy/Babs have found their niche.
  8. poliwog

    Soooo discouraged!!

    Have you considered applying at a treatment facility? Or a detox? poliwog
  9. poliwog

    I'm in shock!

    What state are you in? I didnt have to go through any of that and Im in the bible belt! We had a drug screening shortly after orientation and that was it. We were told we can be screened (and had to sign something Im sure) at any time but no one ever was during the first semester. (Im going into 2nd in Aug) I didnt disclose - didnt know I was supposed to. But my problem is alcohol, not drugs, so maybe there's a diff? I looked up the rights of recovering addicts/alcoholics on the Dept Human Services web page and found that it is unlawful to deny someone an education at a public (state funded) school due to past problems with addiction. I think you need to look into this further. poliwog
  10. poliwog

    TCC Nursing Program questions

    I'm a TCC nursing student and everything you've read so far is true (in previous posts). DEFINITELY get the review book for the NET test. Also, you can go to eriworld.com for practice questions. Look around on the computer for different sites (just google NET test). I worked the review book and got a 97% - my straight A buddy didnt get the book and got a 48%. As far as prereq's - I did all mine before applying. One thing I will say though, is DO take the Patient Care Technician class. Even though you have your CNA. It way surpasses what you learn as a CNA and definitely helps you prepare for nursing school - the tests and the competencies. This last semester, only about 38 people graduated. They said they usually have more - I dont know. It's tough. But, like someone said earlier, TCC has the reputation of being the "best of the best". Good luck!
  11. poliwog

    Oklahoma introductions....

    Hi everyone! I'm Poliwog and I'm a 2nd semester (Level 2) student at TCC. I'm 41, newly single and loving it! I have a dog and three cats. I've worked in the health care field for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge. I'm in Broken Arrow, which is about 10 mi east of Tulsa. I've been really happy with the instructors at TCC so far. It's a great school. They also have a strong SNA membership which has been a lot of fun, too.
  12. poliwog

    Help me find CNA training?

    "Wings" in Broken Arrow has a course. If you're not familiar with the area, Broken Arrow is a suburb of Tulsa - 10 mi. East. I dont know how good it is, but I heard it's short and affordable.
  13. poliwog

    Start TCC prereqs tomorrow!!

    Hey there! I go to TCC - Im in the nursing program. What info are you looking for? I go to SE campus and can tell you the good instructors to take. I chose to take the good instructors over the easy ones knowing that it would help me in nursing school - and it has. I wasnt real happy with my Physiology teacher so you may want to ask around. Good luck to you!!
  14. poliwog

    Inspiring artwork

    Hey everybody! I found an amazing artist at an AA conference in Eureka Springs, AK a few years ago named Johnathan. I just found his work on a website and would just like to share it with my friends in recovery. His work speaks volumes and, well, you'll see.....just go to www.visionsfromfaith.com. Paula (poliwog)
  15. poliwog

    I'm giving up beer and wine for a year or maybe forever

    More power to you! Any decision you make that will improve your health is a good one. If you were using drinking as a reward, you may want to replace that with another reward - like a nice brisk walk or a bubble bath or an hour or so of reading a good novel. That's what I do. Works for me!