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  1. Intervals People, Intervals!!!

    Intervals People, Intervals!!!

    Tip provided by Kcook512 Oct 19

    What I have found to be most helpful in studying is studying in intervals. I do at least 4 sets before I give myself an extended break. I set my timer on my iPhone... Read More...

  2. Study long you study wrong!You snooze you lose.You can't fake it till you make it.

    Study long you study wrong!You snooze you lose.You can't fake it till you make it.

    Tip provided by Davia Oct 18

    In nursing school there are certain concepts your instructor /s want you to know and you will need to know in the real word. So don't try to memorize all of your... Read More...

  3. Nursing study tips

    Nursing study tips

    Tip provided by Omenge Oct 18

    The nobility of the nursing course stands with understanding and mastery.Noting the basics required through attending lectures,taking notes,holding discussions and... Read More...

  4. make a song

    make a song

    Tip provided by Teagan773 Oct 18

    If you like singing make what you need to remember itno a song, record it then listen to it over and over like many songs the words will stick and when you are... Read More...

  5. My study tip

    My study tip

    Tip provided by meandy Oct 17

    My study tip- Stop using study tips. Get a pad, get a pen, read your text, take notes, go to class, take notes, go over notes, read your text again, but most... Read More...

  6. A Little Serious, a Little Silly: Study Tip for Student Nurses

    A Little Serious, a Little Silly: Study Tip for Student Nurses

    Tip provided by KMRN81 Oct 17

    Nursing school is tough! Some days you're just glad your socks match...or for that matter, that you remembered to put any on. Other days, you're falling asleep over... Read More...

  7. Tips to Study

    Tips to Study

    Tip provided by lexiparisi Oct 14

    I find that repetition is key for me! Luckily, my professors record their lectures and post them onto our student website (Blackboard). Because of that, I listen to... Read More...

  8. Tips for Nursing School

    Tips for Nursing School

    Tip provided by shui095 Oct 13

    Tips for Nursing school that worked for this time around for me is hired a pt time n any (10 hrs/wk), studied in depth powerpoints from lecture, the txt given was... Read More...

  9. Learn. Study. Pass. Done.

    Learn. Study. Pass. Done.

    Tip provided by rac1 Oct 5

    Study Tips from an adult re-entry student nurse. With five kids. And a husband also in school. And we have a dog. And a guinea pig and a hamster. Read: we are busy... Read More...

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  10. Record yourself

    Record yourself

    Tip provided by shebrown Oct 11

    Take a micro recorder and record yourself asking questions. Pause for the answer and then record the answer. This can be converted to audio files and reviewed on... Read More...

  11. Graduated with a 4.0, age 35, 4 kids...

    Graduated with a 4.0, age 35, 4 kids...

    Tip provided by Jwrnsktr Oct 7

    Address all subjects in the syllabus that is handed out at the start of the course by researching the topic. Take notes during lectures, then, copy notes into a... Read More...

  12. Know yourself

    Know yourself

    Tip provided by joshsc Oct 7

    Know how you learn. Do you learn by repetition, pnumonics, just reading, or are you visual and need pictures and diagrams? Knowing how you learn reduces time and... Read More...

  13. Study tips for nursing students

    Study tips for nursing students

    Tip provided by kathy48 Oct 6

    First and foremost know your medical terminology! Flash cards/quizlet online tutorials/and revisit new knowledge within two hours of learning! I still have my... Read More...

  14. The best advice is shared advice!

    The best advice is shared advice!

    Tip provided by BBADAMS Oct 4

    NOT for the faint hearted or the weak minded. 1.GET UP EARLY, the earlier the better. Learning with a refreshed mind is most effective! 2. Study for 30 minutes,... Read More...

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  15. First semester Study tips (also coffee reccomendations)

    First semester Study tips (also coffee reccomendations)

    Tip provided by Maddie_paroutis Oct 4

    Teach your friends! For me, I can study quietly at my dining room table for 6 hours, and still not get the same result as simply talking to my freinds about what... Read More...