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Support the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012

  1. 2 over 205,000 signatures since monday night! support the student loan forgiveness act of 2012!!! please sign, then share share Tif we want to make our voices heard in the house of representatives then we need more signatures! this is worth the minute it may take you to sign the petition! and i don't doubt that you or at least someone you know has or will have student debt when they graduate from college, so please take the time to sign thanks everyone!
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    Thanks but no thanks.
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    Nope. It is this kind of legislation that has our country bankrupt. If you can't or don't want to pay it back, don't borrow it.
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    Why would I support this? I thought carefully about the loans I took out to help pay for my education, and I paid them back within the standard time frame. I expect others to do the same. No one holds a gun to anyone's head and makes her/him take out excessive amounts of loans to attend college or graduate school -- IMO, people need to be more thoughtful and sensible about the choices they make about this, not ask to be bailed out when it turns out they made poor decisions.
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    What happens to my cousins who had to work their butt off to finally pay for ALL of their loans. Do they get a break too? I thought people KNEW how much loans they were taking out before signing for them. Borrowing 100 bucks then wanting to only pay back 50. Smh
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    Hey if the rich suburbanites can get breaks on their fancy mortgages they cant afford then I can get a break on my student loans.

    Hell yes
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    The only part of the bill that makes sense is keeping the interest rates low. (3.4%).

    The 10/10 rule is stupid, stating if you make payments equal to "10% of discretionary income for 10 years, the remaining student loan debt is forgiven"

    Discretionary income is what is left after taxes and personal necessities have been paid. This number can often be in the hundreds of dollars. So let's say someone has $250 left over after ALL the bills have been paid (a position that might be considered enviable by many in this economy). So they pay $25 per month for 10 years.

    That's $3,000. And the balance is forgiven no matter how much? No, that doesn't make sense.

    Paying off loans through public service does make sense and I support those efforts. But overall, it's a bad bill.
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    How do you feel about all the fat cats that over extended themselves on mortgages that are now being forgiven or greatly reduced?

    Just curious
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    Hate that too mindlor. If you can't pay for it, either don't buy it, go to school for it, or pay the consequences of not being able to purchase anything again and having your paycheck garnished. People need to take RESPONSIBILITY for themselves, not ask the taxpayers to do it for them.
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    I believe we used to call it, " adulthood", or maybe it was, "personal responsibility", I can't remember which.
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    I like the portion about capping the interest rate at 3.4%

    also remember this will be torn apart once it hits the floor so most of it won't be left after that.
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    I'm all for "forgiving" student loans.
    On the condition that those who have their loan forgiven hand over their licenses and credentials and be forever barred from working in the field those forgiven loans paid for.

    Just because Johnny down the street got a cookie doesn't mean Sally across town gets one too. Dragging morgage bail outs into it is apples and oranges.
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    No, I knew full well the responsibility of the loan I took out. I spent years longer in community college to have LESS student loan debt, now because someone else took the quick/easy (at a tech school and paid $30,000) way they don't want to pay it back?!? How is that fair to people like me??

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