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Mnemonics and Memory Aids - page 4

The HYPERKALEMIA "Machine" - Causes of Increased Serum K+ M - Medications - ACE inhibitors, NSAIDS A - Acidosis - Metabolic and respiratory C - Cellular destruction - Burns, traumatic injury H -... Read More

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    Still figuring out my direction in life I guess But hey you can help me when I take it!!!
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    I would love to have any mnemonics you (board members) might have. I am posting this one on someone showed me at an NCLEX review couse I took.
    It is about fetal accelerations and decelerations!!!

    Just remember VEAL CHOP

    Variable Cord compression
    Early Head compression
    Accelerations OK
    Late Placental insufficiency
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    Quote from OURN83

    ALL People Enjoy Time Magazine
    All People Eat Turkey Meat
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    Heart sounds:
    S3= Heart fail-ure (3 syllables)
    S4=Hy-per-ten-sion (4 syllables)

    And the effects of anticholinergics:
    Can't see
    Can't pee
    Can't spit
    Can't --defecate

    I got these from Nursing Made Insanely Easy, authors Loretta Manning and Sylvia Rayfield. They teach a NCLEX review class based on the book. It's all mnemonics, songs, jingles, that kind of thing. It really helped me.
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    Nine-point Postpartum Assessment...


    B- Breasts
    U- Uterus
    B- Bladder
    B- Bowel function
    L- Lochia
    E- Episiotomy
    H- Homan's sign
    E- Emotional Status
    R- Respiratory System
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    LDL ("bad" cholesterol)


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    This one really helped me in the cardiac system when you need to know when you hear a murmur like on Mitral regurgitation you hear it on systole.


    ARD = Atrial regurgitation diastole
    ASS = Atrial stenosis systole
    MRS = Mitral regurgitation systole
    MSD = Mitral stenosis diastole
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    I need help remembering the personality disorers. Any help?
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    I remember one that got drilled in during our post-op lecture. The 5 P's of circulation loss in a limb.
    Pain, Pallor, Pulselessness, Parasthesia, Poikilothermia
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    Quote from OURN83

    ALL People Enjoy Time Magazine
    Or ALL people Eat too much!

    aortic pulmonic erb's point tricuspid mitral
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    Quote from jgwe4e
    Re ekg lead placement:
    White on the right, smoke (black) over fire (red)
    I learned this in a similar manner: Snow(white) over grass (green), Smoke (black) over fire (red), and a big pile of poop(brown) in the middle.

    I like your "white on right" thing
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    [font="century gothic"]hot and [color="olive"]dry : sugar high

    cold and clammy need some candy
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    Thank you all so much!