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  1. dani_girl

    any tips for organization of time

    We have kardex's for each pt.. and after I write my notes on them and staple them on the top corner of each pt paper I write these things with a line next to them: Assess, 2ndary, 24 (for 24hr check), and Darp (our prog notes), and I&O. then when I get it done, check it off.. that way at 630am I am not scrambling to see if I did something.. I can look back and say, yup did that chart check, ooh.. didn't clear that IV.. helps me..
  2. dani_girl

    Anyone familiar with Wenatchee or Longview?

    Wenatchee is nice.. very in to baseball so get your boys started now! Also I know that Wenatchee Valley Medical is doing a sign on bonus currently for ED nurses.. because alot of them are leaving Central Washington Hospital (it is in Wenatchee)..
  3. dani_girl

    Confused and could use some advice/thoughts

    I moved here from the East coast (but am originally a westcoast/southern) I don't live in Seattle.. but a few hours away.. I haven't had any trouble making friends at work and think it is a nice state.. not sure if you are a city girl or you want something a little smaller.. the smaller areas are nice too.. good luck. As for COL not really sure how Seattle is.. as I said I live in a smaller area (3 hours or so from there) and I do just fine..
  4. dani_girl

    How to remove staples and use steri strips

    I just learned this on our surg floor (am floating).. they count the staples (prior to removal) then remove every OTHER ONE, then put steri-strips in there place (like after you do 3 or 4) then do the remaining.. then when done.. count what you have.. this is a last ditch to make sure you didn't cover a staple..
  5. :yeahthat: What Zoe said!! I have wrote a few horrific emails and sent them to my best friend as a "sounding board" some I never intended anyone to recieve.. and some I did.. Without a true friend to give some feedback like "ok.. I think you took what she did a little to harsh" or "Holy cow, I would have smacked him for that." life can get a little crazy.. It is kinda like when I see someone dressed really bad (sleazy, scary, or whatever and no I am not a fashion diva!) I think "that girl has no friends.." because seriously my true friends would tell me to go back to my closet and put on jeans that fit.. and burn that horrific skirt that looks that bad... :loveya: true friends are honest with you..
  6. Let her have it.. tell her you didn't mean for it to be sent.. but do not apologize! She will manipulate you for ever with it if you do.. Just say,. well I meant what I said.. I didn't expect/mean to send it.. but it was and is how I feel.
  7. dani_girl

    Need Advice/Encouragement

    When you get to the interviews be HONEST on why you left.. I think that knowing you didn't do it for the money but because it is something you want to pursue will be a valuable point in your favor.. Also stress what you were good at in bedside nursing and what your current job has taught you that you will be bringing to the table.. good luck
  8. dani_girl

    Wearing Cologne to work Yes Or No

    I think it really depends on the environment that you work in.. we had an RT come for treatment for a pt and she couldn't work because the pt was so sensitive to it and had asthma.. kept sending the woman into breathing spasms and fits... poor RT tech was washing her neck and hands but still couldn't go in to do her job.. that is a problem My hospital has a NO colone or perfume at work policy d/t this type of situation.. Also if so many people are discussing it.. maybe it is their way of saying it is a little to strong... sometimes if you wear a scent for a while you can no longer smell it.. just my 2 cents.. good luck
  9. dani_girl

    High Metabolism + No breaks= death, diet for skinny nurses?

    Fiber One bars.. they are actually pretty yummy but lots of fiber and protein to keep you full, I also throw in some packs of oatmeal.. (again high fiber) like the weight smart.. I always have some rattling around in my bag, so it isn't like everyday I have to put them back in the fridge..
  10. dani_girl

    AIDS Education Requirement for WA License

    Just_Cause.. good point.. our syllabus breaks down things by hours, which is why it worked for me..
  11. dani_girl

    How do you know where you belong?

    WantAccel.. basically there are tons of options for you, just for now avoid the acute/rapid settings.. like ICU, ER, PCU.. look at Medical, Surgical, general floor, Step down.. And after some time there when you feel you have a solid base you might change your mind.. or not... either way good luck!
  12. dani_girl

    Move to Pittsburgh?

    Or there are some good hospitals outside of the 'burgh.. like the Excela system which is in Greensburg, Latrobe, Jeanette, ect.. then you are close to the city (for the GAMES) but still not in the city.. Just moved away.. but wasn't a local.. the weather does take some getting used to but, you find many positives.
  13. dani_girl

    How do you know where you belong?

    Depending on your school, you will get the chance to find out.. my second year we all did rotations that were 5 weeks in many fields; Peds, ICU, Psych, Med/surg, Onc, CCU, OB... as you go through them and learn more you might take a shine to one, or go "NO, Never" to others.. you will find your nitch.. and it isn't like you can not change later.. Also.. once you start doing things, you will see where your comfort is.. some people like a relatively stable environment (not pt wise, but in what they deal with) others like a more unstable/ever changing environment.. and that can lead some to ER/ICU or something like Med/Surg.. good luck!!!
  14. dani_girl

    Am I too old to start a nursing career?

    I graduated with a woman who was 62!!! And she was near top of the class.. if you can handle the physical demands on your body, go for it!! And good luck!!
  15. Aloha, Yes you can do both.. as long as you have the time.. When I lived in Oahu, I took a CNA course that was on weekends only bout +100 hours.. (so a couple weeks..) If it isn't required then it is up to you.. some people say take it, some say no.. I took the class to get use to some of the things going on, and be more comfortable skill wise with some things.. but they will teach you in nursing school to.. so it is up to you. good luck
  16. Not sure where you are Aloha86, but if you are in HI, specifically Oahu, there is a great CNA program that is 100 hours and very good.. most programs I have seen are pretty quick so you can go thru and do your pre-reqs.. good luck