$$ for nursing students?

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    Has anyone heard of a so-called free money for nursing students that Obama is providing? I heard something to this affect but cannot find out any more info...

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    I asked him for some, but he made some lame excuse about leaving his wallet in his other pants, lol.

    Aside from special-interest scholarships, and standard student financial aid, about the only other training money that I can think of is WIA (Workforce Investment Act) and TRA (Trade Readjustment Act) grants that are for people who lose their jobs. WIA is a pool of money that is available to anyone who qualifies for unemployment or something, and TRA is only available to those whose jobs or occupations are permanently lost to foreign competition.
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    I have seen the 'free money' mentioned in pop-up ads on websites. There really is no such thing as free money.

    However, the Stimulus Bill and the recent federal budgets have provided more money for several federal government financial aid programs. More money was added to the Pell Grant program as well as to several health professions programs administered by HRSA (Nursing Scholarship Program, National Health Care Service Corps, Nurse Faculty Loan, etc). These HRSA programs and the Pell Grant program do have certain qualifications though.
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    there are some programs where i live that will pay for your school if you commit to working a year or more in a rural area. check and see if your state has the same type of program.
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    I think his Uncle Sam might be offering a little provided you scratch his back later.
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    Not yet, but we had someone come speak to the nursing club about the new health care and what it means for nurses (can we say boring...)

    The speaker works for a senator and she had said part of the bill that will be implemented will allow for $60,000 of loans to be re-payed to NP's who agree to work in an area of need for one year.

    Sounds like a good deal... but I'd like to hear the other side of it.
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    Well I heard awhile back that he would pay off medical students/doctors loans they have...but I may have heard it wrong!!
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    Are you aware of the HRSA program taking into consideration the amount of tuition at the school you are attending. I have been accepted to NYU and really want to go, but the problem is $. Just wondering......
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    believe me, the financial counselors at the schools are very aware of every possible penny of financial aid, grants, scholarships, and loans that could be applied to a student who is motivated enough to get accurate information. they are your best source of information-- go see them.
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    I am in the same boat! I have looked all over - not many options at my school. I think I am about to go to a street corner and see who will pay me to get off LOL

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