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sommeil is a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC/Rehab.

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  1. Nursing Theory question

    Are there any nursing theories out there that can be applied to ICU nurses and the stress or emotional distress of losing a patient? I've been reading through theory books for days and I can only find theories that relate to the patient's stress rega...
  2. Kiddos

    I call mine "little lady" and "sir". Or if they are LGA/GDM, "Chunky Monkey". but yes, everyone else calls them "kiddo" or "peanut".
  3. Dr. Order for elevated head of bed?

    We can temporarily raise the HOB but if it's going to stay elevated, we need an order.
  4. Why I Want to work in the NICU... is this enough?

    I have to comment on this as someone who chose nursing because MSN Money said it was one of the better paying careers that didn't require a bachelor degree. I'm not sure I even understood what nurses did before I went into school. Additionally, while...
  5. What do you love and hate about NICU?

    Just an update. I took the NICU job and I love it! Best decision I ever made.
  6. If you didn't start in NICU

    I started in Med/Surg but also worked PRN as a substitute school nurse. I eventually just transferred to Peds. Our Peds and NICU units are managed by the same director so it was easy to cross train and get hired in NICU.
  7. What do you love and hate about NICU?

    Thank you! :)
  8. What do you love and hate about NICU?

    I work in a pediatric observation unit that is closing soon. I have the opportunity to go to NICU after the unit closes. I have a few other options available to me as well but i'm thinking of taking the NICU job. I've spent the last couple of days ov...
  9. How to deal with angry doctors

    There are a couple of surgeons that I cringe when I see their names next to my patient assignment on the board. One called another nurse "f!@king stupid" after she called for what I feel was a legitimate concern. She reported him. Nothing was done. I...
  10. IV Starts

    I worked med/surg and school nursing but this is my first job on a peds unit. I have not had to start an IV yet since most of our kids don't need them or they were started in pre-op or ER. The other night we had a 6 month old that I thought we would ...
  11. PALS

    I think it's too soon but only because you need time to study the PALS book. Give yourself a month if you are busy and working. I took my PALS when I was still a med/surg nurse so I don't think you need experience to do well but you do need to know t...
  12. Dumb things new nurses do....

    Okay, this is similar to the "saline shower" but if I'm hanging a new antibiotic ivpb, I usually connect the piggyback to the maint. fluid and lower the piggyback bag to backflow ns into the piggyback to prime it rather than risk losing any antibiot...
  13. Bravo to you school nurses!

    Where I live school nurses start a about 35k a year. Hospital nurses start at 52k.
  14. Bravo to you school nurses!

    I am a new nurse (8 months) who has worked 6 months in a SNF and 2 months at a hospital (med/surg). Today I was my first day as a sub nurse. It was crazy busy! It was a half day and I saw 6 head bumps (what are these kids doing?), upset tummies, a he...
  15. Help with becoming specialized...

    I graduated in August of 2012. I applied for almost 100 jobs before I applied at a SNF where I got hired instantly. I kept applying for hospital jobs but I started hand carrying my resume to the HR department of each hospital. Some told me right away...