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sommeil is a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC/Rehab.

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  1. sommeil

    Nursing Theory question

    Are there any nursing theories out there that can be applied to ICU nurses and the stress or emotional distress of losing a patient? I've been reading through theory books for days and I can only find theories that relate to the patient's stress regarding hospitalization. any suggestions? I'd like to do my final paper on this topic but i'm struggling to find any relevant theories. Regards.. S
  2. sommeil

    Dr. Order for elevated head of bed?

    We can temporarily raise the HOB but if it's going to stay elevated, we need an order.
  3. sommeil

    Why I Want to work in the NICU... is this enough?

    I have to comment on this as someone who chose nursing because MSN Money said it was one of the better paying careers that didn't require a bachelor degree. I'm not sure I even understood what nurses did before I went into school. Additionally, while in nursing school I decided I never wanted work in ICU or with children. Guess what, i'm a great nurse and I go the extra mile for each and every one of my babies. My journey to the NICU was pretty circuitous but I can't imagine doing anything else now that i'm here.
  4. sommeil

    What do you love and hate about NICU?

    Just an update. I took the NICU job and I love it! Best decision I ever made.
  5. sommeil

    IV Starts

    I worked med/surg and school nursing but this is my first job on a peds unit. I have not had to start an IV yet since most of our kids don't need them or they were started in pre-op or ER. The other night we had a 6 month old that I thought we would need to start an IV but didn't need to in the end. To be honest, i'm a little nervous to start an IV on a little one. I need some tips. Tourniquet or no? Parents in the room or no? Where are the best veins on little guys?
  6. sommeil


    I think it's too soon but only because you need time to study the PALS book. Give yourself a month if you are busy and working. I took my PALS when I was still a med/surg nurse so I don't think you need experience to do well but you do need to know the material in the book pretty well.
  7. sommeil

    Bravo to you school nurses!

    Where I live school nurses start a about 35k a year. Hospital nurses start at 52k.
  8. sommeil

    Bravo to you school nurses!

    I am a new nurse (8 months) who has worked 6 months in a SNF and 2 months at a hospital (med/surg). Today I was my first day as a sub nurse. It was crazy busy! It was a half day and I saw 6 head bumps (what are these kids doing?), upset tummies, a hemophiliac with a tiny laceration that took aeons to stop bleeding, tube feelings, asthmatics, trach care, meds, etc, etc, etc. I have a 2 and 4 year old at home and eventually (when I finish my BSN and my kiddos are in school) I'd like to get into school nursing. For now I'm going to try and pick up a few days each month to get some experience while I'm in school and working at the hospital. But I have to say I am in awe of you guys. I don't know how you even find time to eat. You are the rock stars of nursing.
  9. I didn't call her because I didn't want to seem pushy. Turns out they are doing interviews this week for the positions. I never got called so no interview for me. totally bummed.
  10. sommeil

    Being a nurse is hard

    I just started in the rehab unit of a LTC/SNF. It's not the patients or the work that I'm questioning as much as it is the complete lack of organization. A 30 to 1 ratio means I can't possible assess all my patients. Supplies are few and far between. Meds are missing or haven't been ordered (lovenox. Prozac. Etc). Stat orders get lost in a sea of paperwork. Nursing failing to show up for shifts. It's a nightmare. I'm only 1 week into the job and sticking it out because the patients/resdnts are awesome but if my dream job (L&D) comes up I'm not going to feel bad about leaving.
  11. I graduated in August with my ASN and passed boards in September. Like everyone else, I have applied for over 100 jobs and have only had one interview (didn't get the job). However, I have a friend who is a CNA at a local hospital. She says they are hiring 8 nurses on her unit. I have already applied for those 8 jobs online. Last week she sent the nurse manager an email about me saying I was a new grad and top in my class. She went on about how great a fit she thought I'd be, etc. then she left my resume on her desk. A few days later I emailed the nurse manager saying I heard there were jobs and I was attaching my resume and to please consider me. I have heard nothing back. Should I call the nurse manager on the phone and follow up, or is that just annoying? If so, what do I say? I'm not really the stalking/harassing type. :)One girl in our class got her job at the hospital by calling HR EVERY SINGLE DAY! After they hired her they told her she was completely annoying. But they hired her.Any advice?
  12. sommeil

    I just got hired at a LTC any advice?

    i might be in the same boat as you soon. i'd like some advice too! :)
  13. i'll check that one out. thanks.
  14. We use Maternal-Child Nursing by McKinney, et al. I really like our med-surg book (Lewis). I wish McKinney was more like Lewis.
  15. i'll probably just get a very cheap second textbook on peds. just to clarify the stuff my text makes totally confusing or doesn't shed enough light on.
  16. I HATE our peds nursing textbook. i'm thinking of buying another one. what do you guys use at your school?