What size scrub pants do you wear and what size jeans? What size scrub pants do you wear and what size jeans? | allnurses

What size scrub pants do you wear and what size jeans?

  1. 0 I wear a 12-14 in jeans...I usually wear a large in say, misses yoga pants from Target. I'm thinking a stretch scrub pants would be best. I don't know what size to order. My hips are 43 (yikes) but I don't just want them to fit, but also be flattering and not make me look bigger than I am. Anyone know if Cherokee flexibles are any good? I'm in the process of losing 50 pounds but obviously my job's going to start months before I'll have significant progress. I'm 5'7" and my legs are really curvy..meaning they have a strong angle from my hips to my knees inward --if that's even relevant.I've always felt more supported in pants with big elastic waistbands. Even though I'm a "pear" I'm self conscious about my lower stomach and like the support of a non-drawstring pant.

    I read here that someone wore a size 14 in regular pants and they wore a medium in scrub pants ---is this true??I was going to order a large according to the size charts but will they be too big??
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    Scrub pants that I purchase I usually cut really big. I wear a 10-12 and I usually get medium scrub pants and they fit perfectly. Not too tight and not too loose.
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    I am a 14 and similar body type (and inches of hips ) At school a medium was waaaay too small and the large fit well on my thighs but are way too big around my waist :/ So maybe a large? Depends how big the booty is.. but if your thiyghs are larger like mine then a large would probably be best. Can you go to a store and try them on?
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    XS in scrub pants and a size 3 junior jeans. Used to be a XLG in scrub pants and a size 18 misses jeans. This is due to my 100+ lb weight loss within the last 2 years. BTW I'm only 5'2 so imagine how I looked at my larger size.
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    Scrubs tend to run big.

    I'm 5'8" and a size 6 and I wear a size small.
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    I wear size 16 jeans and my Landau unisex scrubs for school are L. They are roomy but the waist is drawstring so I just cinch it tight. They were way long on me though, I am 5'7" and I still had to shorten them. But, I had bought Landau Women's scrub pants, also size L which fit in the hips/butt fine but they were a tad too short!
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    I wear size 0/1 jeans and XXSmall in scrubs and I always have to tighten the scrubs at the waist and roll 'em up. I wonder if they make XXXSmall scrubs...
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    I only wish that was my problem....
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    I find that I have to try on each brand as they all fit a little differently. My thighs are big from the gym and pants that will fit over them are often too big in the waist and I can't keep them up.
    I have some dickies work pants that I love but colors are limited.
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    right now im probably a size 9-10 ugh but anyway it really depends on the scrubs im wearing. im in nursing school and work as a patient transporter but i like to wear koi (soooo comfy) in a size medium pettite, im about 5'5 but the regular lenght drags on the floor all the time which i dont like, also i wear plain cherokee scrubs they are very plain and a straight wide leg with a little flare with a drawstring waist but they dont fall off like some drawstrings do...i would stay just start with about a large and try them on even thought it suckkkkkssss trying on scrubs for about 2 hours....i also have a little bit of a "thicker" leg because i do have a butt haha with that comes having legs like you mentioned you have....try a large, i would reccomed Koi if your looking for very soft comfy drawstring pants that the drawstring actually gives you support their also more low on the waist if you like that.....or the cherokee scrubs that are totally plain in the front with 2 large pokets their good too i have mine in a small cause im a little shorter and they were pretty wide in the leg try a large in them and see how they feel.
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    I wear a size 4 jeans and a small scrub pant. When I was a size 10, I could still fit into a small scrub pant, because they run so large. I would bet that a medium would fit you just fine.
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    It really honestly depends on the brand of scrub pants. If you have a uniform store near you go and try on scrubs to get an idea of how various brands fit.
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    Anyone know if Koi and other brands can be found in store and not just online?

    The only store around me is SuperShoes but I dont know if they have many brands.