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  1. meghan91

    anyone hearing about eICU?

    We have eicu in the icu that I work at. I honestly feel like we don't call to them a lot during the day an evening we have our own critical care doctors in the unit along with nps an pa's. after 7pm we only have np's an pa's in the unit so sometimes they will call eicu for orders or help if they need it. Once in a while eicu will come up on the tv/speaker we have in each room just to check in. I have seen them on during codes or once when a patient was getting out of bed. Overall I think it's a good concept to have people watching over but we should not be getting rid of the bedside nurses an other staff an having these people just telling others what to do over the tv
  2. hey guys my friend i go to school with is doing a project for school she is a psych major and she was having some issues trying to decide what disorder this case would be and she asked me about it yesterday but i wasnt sure . A 12 year old child who is very defiant, hyper, mood difficulties, frustrated easily, temper outbursts,impulsive,impatient,always wants to sleep, aggressive, triggered by loud noises or other kids, requires many prompts, and gets mad and upset about them. Yells, screams, and curses. Gets agitated upon not getting his own way, extreme mood lability; his moods rapidly alternate between happiness, sadness and anger which are accompanied by an exaggerated intense expression of these emotions(screaming,yelling,cursing, crying, punching,kicking,breaking objects,leaving class) gets nervous easily, cries over little things, sleeps and wakes up hungry,poor self esteem,and had suicidal ideations at the age of 4. i was wondering if anyone had any idea what this would be since she doesnt know and wont know until she gets her grade back thursday. (this isnt for me or for her homework her project is already handed in for grading Im just wondering since she asked me about it yesterday) thanks everyone
  3. ok this is a really stupid question but its bugging me and id like to know haha. say someone takes a deep breath in what is that V like shape that get sucked in on the base of the neck called
  4. hey guys, i have never been great at math and i currently have the "Dosage calculations ninth edition by Gloria D Pickar" book, i think its an ok book but i want something more straight forward and made simpler showing me flat out step by step how to do calculations. I was going to buy the Dosage Calculations for Dummies book. Has anyone tried that and if so how was it? Are there any other books/videos you suggest? Thanks everyone
  5. HI everyone, im currently a nursing student and a nursing assistant at my local hospital in the ICU. To make a long story short in the ICU that I work at aides never did vitals or outputs because they felt that those were critical and should be watched by the nurse that has that patient. Currently some nurses feel that the aides dont do enough and we shoudl start doing all the vitals (everything on the monitor in an ICU), all their outputs (drains, chest tubes, foleys etc), one touches (which we already do), set up of rooms, helping nurses, stocking, etc etc etc. One nurse told me it is illegal for an aide to be charting an ICU patients vitals outputs etc. Is that true and do you think one person should be responsiable for up to 26 patients vitals and outputs and everything else in an ICU? Thanks everyone =)
  6. meghan91

    Do I need 2 stethoscopes?

    I was reading a few posts on here and I saw a few people say that they bought a good stethoscope (a littmann for example) and used that for learning, clinicals basically ... that was their main stethoscope. But then they also bought a cheaper stethoscope (like a prestige stethoscope/ BP cuff combo package for 30-40$) and they used that BP cuff for practice/ lab and then kept that stethoscope in their car so they always had a back up stethoscope in case they forgot their "good" stethoscope at home on a day of lab/clinical. Did any of you guys do that? Do you think its worth doing that?
  7. hey everyone, in the fall i am going to be starting a BSN nursing program and i was wondering what things i should get. I know i need a stethoscope,white shoes, kelly clamps, pen lights and a BP cuff. what other things would you reccomend? are there any nursing books like little manuals or any type of books that you would reccomend getting to help with studying or drug calculations or drug types? also, what BP cuffs are decent? i think i just need one of my own to practice because the school has their own, i was going to buy a prestige one off of allheart.com, are they any good?
  8. meghan91

    MSICU vs trauma ICU?

    hi everyone, I am currently a nursing assistant in my hospitals MSICU. The hopsital is a level 1 trauma ceneter but we dont have a trauma ICU. I am in nursing school and ever since i was young i always wanted to work in either the ER (like the trauma room)or the ICU. I love taking care of very sick patients, i love the blood and guts part but i had another job at this hospital before becoming a nursing assistant and i was all over every area of the hospital and i noticed maybe i dont want to work in the ER because i want the excitment of a sick patient and a trauma like a stabbing or shooting or something like that but i want to be the person who contiunes the care like in an ICU setting. my question is where do you think I would best fit, more in a trauma ICU or a MSICU? i love the patients in the MSICU because we get everything but what exactly is the difference between a TICU and a MSICU?
  9. hey everyone! i am currently in the market to buy a stethoscope for my clinicals that start this fall for the BSN program i am in. littmann seem to make nice durable well made stethoscopes and since i am just starting out i figured i should probably go with the simple classic ii se stethoscope. How well does the class ii se littmann work? Also, i work in the MSICU as a N/A and i notice a lot of the nurses have either a littmann classic ii se, a littmann cardiology III, and some have a littmann master....which in your opinion is the best? And which would you suggest for starting out and then everntually upgrading to? which colors do you have your stethoscope in? and do you wish you had gotten a different color for any reason (ex. picks up dirt to easy, stains, etc)? thanks everyone!
  10. thanks everyone! i know it seems excessive to have all 3 suctions set up but as soon as a room is cleaned our unit wants our nursing assistant to have the room semi set up in the way that ALL suctions are set up and ready to go in an emergency, there is a BP cuff in the room, pack of restraints, electrodes, and a lankeur (sp?) for suction. All those things stay in the pack until a new patient comes up and and if say the restraints arent used which it seems like they are A LOT of the time because the patient is vented and we dont want them pulling the tube out then it is up to me as the nursing assistant to go and put back all un used items. The other things i mentioned are just things i have noticed a lot of nurses then run for once the patient is in the room so i just like to try and make their lifes a little easier by getting out some of the common things that are used such as the MRSA swabs to be sent off to see if they need to be made a contact and i noticed pretty much all nurses grab a bag of saline and get a line primed and ready to go with that.
  11. meghan91

    Fecal Management Systems

    our hospital now uses diginicares. i dont think they leak ALOT but they do leak with out a doubt and nurses have told me that they let the smell out a lot more than other systems. i think they are all going to leak and smell and get clogged and backed up though.
  12. hey guys! i am currently a nursing student working in an MSICU as a nursing assistant part of our job is to get the room "set up" when an incoming patient is coming to the unit. I wanted to get other nurses opions and things you as nurses would want in the room. I figured I would give a list of things i put in the room and then everyone can add to it or make specific requests like say something specific if it is an open heart or a trauma patient. the things i put in the room are: -hook all suctions up with canister and lines -get the leads ready by straightening out the cords and putting on the electrodes so their ready to put on when the patient arrives -get BP cord set up -get pulse OX cord set up -i have a pack of restraints ready near the sink -at least 2 set ok lanuerks (sp?, the long things for suction) -a bag of normal saline -swabs (for MRSA etc) -bottle of irrigating water -2 diffrent types of "needles" the big ones used for NG tubes and the other big one that doesnt have the long plastic tip on it -a mannifold -a container to collect an measure urine -swabs for suctioning ( for oral care) - a lopez valve - all the regular patient care things (basin, sopa, wipes, peri care spray, powder, lotion, tissues, etc) -a pack of crib pads ( the absorbent green pads) -an irrigation bulb kit -extra packets of 4x4's -tape *and i check all drawers to make sure the room is stocked with normal supplies i cant think of everythign else i put in the room but that is an idea of what i first put in the room when i know the patient is coming up what else should i put in the room to make the nurses life a little easier? as a nursing student i kind of try to think like a nurse would while doing that and thinking what would i want in the room if i were getting a new patient into the ICU but since i am not a nurse yet i cant really think of everything are there any specific things i need to place in a room if say there is a trauma coming up (ex. motorcycle accident) or say an open heart is coming? thanks guys for all your help!
  13. meghan91

    how do nurses wear nail polish?

    hey guys! so I'm a nursing student and worked at my hospital in patient transport for a year and I am now a nursing assistant in the ICU. when I worked in transport I noticed this but even more when I started in the ICU as an aid because I use hand sanitizer CONSTANTLY before I go into a room after each room and theres over 20 beds so when its time for sugar checks I use a whole lot of hand sanitzer. since the sanitizer is basically alcohol it destroys your hands and nails (especially if you have nail polish on) the polish will get sticky as all hell and basically come off and due to the tackiness of the polish then you get fuzz stuck to your nails (not cute). I have stopped wearing nail polish now but I noticed like all the women nurses wear normal nail polish and they dont have this problem. Do you girls wear nail polish? If so, does yours become tacky and gross? I have sooooo much nail polish and have tried this with many different brands and it happen with all them pretty much. I know this is kinda a silly question but I am just wondering haha.
  14. meghan91

    which job would you go with?

    hey everyone, i am starting nursing classes for my BSN this fall (all pre reqs and any other classes are already done). I work at my local hospital as patient transport aid (taking patients to rooms, to tests, discharges, morgue etc) i have worked there for almost a year working three 4 hour shifts a week plus everyother weekend 8 hour shifts. i always knew i wanted to work as a RN in either the ED/ trauma rooms or ICU. working at the hospital and being in the ICU while i was at work and getting firmiular with thunit was awsome and i have realized thats what i want to do for sure and reallllly want to get into the ICU. i applied to be a part time aid in the ICU i ended up getting the job and did accept it but havent signed for it yet or anything. im really excited to start and learn all new things and get to watch things go on that will help me with school and hopefully working as an aid in the ICU will not only hel me with my school work and understanding things better but also to form relationships more than i all ready have with the nurses and staff and also to hopefully help get a job as a RN. when i met with the nursing supervisor for that unit she said working til 11 at night would be hard for me so she thought maybe doing like 4-6 hour shifts during the week would be better during school. I feel bad leaving the department i am in but excited to start int he ICU. what do you guys think? was it the right move to go to the ICU and leave the other job i had? also, any advice you would give me for working in the ICU ( things to do, things to have on hand etc)?
  15. hey guys, i currently work at the hospital as a patient transport aide but i want to actually be with the patients more and see whats going on actually and gain more experience while in nursing school. i want to apply as a N/A in the MSICU part time and during evenings. the only thing stopping me is i am nervous they wont be too flexiable with my school schedule but that is besides the point. i know what an aide does and all of that but i was wondering N/A's what do you do normally that might be a little different than just regular floor work? and nurses what do you have your aides do differentlly or wish they did differently? also nurses and N/A's in our ICU the rooms are huge and have a closet like thing where all general supplies are kept for each patient like flushes etc, is there anything as nurses you want more of always in there or what do you preffer to have in there? i have heard the icu nurses saying they wish the aides would stock certian things more in there. thanks everyone!
  16. meghan91

    which stethoscope?

    hey guys, i am a nursing student going for my BSN and a few months ago i posted a topic on here about if i should get the littmann classic II or the littmann cardi III. I decided right now for school i am going to probably get the classic and then when i graduate and get a job as a RN and eventualy move to the ICU then i will upgrade to the cardiology III. What do you guys think of that idea? is it better to just start out with the classic II? Also, i wanted to get a color that wasnt so usual like black or blue i was thinking ocean blue or caribbean blue with rainbow chestpiece, do any of you have these colors and what do you think of them? also if you have the color ocean blue what color is it actually? my stores near me doesnt actually have the color in store and every site or picture i look at the color looks different, is it a bright or sort aqua-ish blue or more like a baby blue/powderblue color? thanks guys!