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1st semester nursing student :)

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  1. boushie87

    Frontier v's Philadelphia University for midwifery

    Just wondering which you decided and how do you like it?
  2. boushie87

    Anyone here start in OB as new grad?

    How is the job going now?
  3. haha I agree although it seems like your new grad RNs would probably get high 20's I would imagine? Which is about what I just stated as our top RN new grad salary locally so it seems to be similar.. however it does depend where you are in the US (only a few hrs away in NYC could get $30 or more an hour easily as new grads.. if they could find a job in NYC that is :)) so I would imagine being in different countries certainly makes a difference as well. I really had expected about 50k/yr as a new grad but am getting just shy of 45k/yr. At least I have a job I guess :) And hopefully in time I will steadily get increases..
  4. Where the heck do all you new grads starting at double my salary (70-90k) live?! I know here $26/hr is about the highest you'll see base pay for an RN and most are about 22/hr.. clinics 19.50/hr. For all the knowledge and skills and not to mention school loans! I have I don't think low to mid 40k per year is fair but in this economy you take what you can get.
  5. boushie87

    Going back into acute care.

    "They told me they could definitely get me in at hospitals in upstate NY though as they have some places working close to 50% staffing levels." Sorry to tell you but it's not much better up here either. NYC is a lost cause.. they don't hire new grads at all. Not that you are a new grad but with no recent experience you may be in a similar boat to them. Syracuse is probably a bit easier to get a job because there are more hospitals (but still a few nursing schools) such as Upstate I know is hiring.. But in Utica there are few hospitals and about 300 new grads.. you do the math :) I think St. Peter's in Albany is hiring.. but like someone else said nothing is guaranteed there just aren't enough positions and even if there are positions doesn't mean they're hiring. There might be a shortage but it again doesn't mean they're hiring. GL
  6. boushie87

    Need help with job offers!

    Well I ended up taking the LTC position.. and after two weeks I am going back to the oral surgeon's office! The LTC was not the worst but.. not using safe procedures/techniques.. the orientation was a joke, etc. I just don't want to learn things the wrong way nor did I see myself satisfied or happy in that position. Should have listened to my fellow allnurses!
  7. boushie87

    Patient Care Nurse

    hmmm I know I can't give meds until I pass the NCLEX and pass a med orientation for three days.. whatever, I'll be an aide for RN pay if they want me to :) I am thinking I will be shadowing someone and helping with treatments and learning documentation, assessments, etc. as well though. I was hired to be the assistant unit manager so I can't imagine they will only be having me make beds, etc. until I take the NCLEX next month. But i'm easy, so if that is the case that's ok too :) Thanks for the responses.
  8. boushie87

    Patient Care Nurse

    Hi everyone. I just started at a ltc as a GN and until I get my RN they said I would probably be working as a patient care nurse. What exactly does this mean? Has anyone else heard of this term before? Thanks!
  9. boushie87

    Need help with job offers!

    Hello. I think I've made my decision but just need help to kind of verify it. I will be graduating in one week with my BSN and have two job offers.. neither are really my ideal job but I understand in this market in a small area with 300 new nurses I'm lucky to have anything. One is for a LTC facility as a assistant unit manager.. salaried position.. pay is a bit lower than expected (42,400) but insurance is free so it kind of makes up for it and it's close by. The facility is ok and they did work with me on the salary as I asked for $2.00 more an hour and they gave it to me. I would be doing a combo of med passes and treatments, documentation etc. as well as managerial type things such as committees etc. The other job is the oral surgeon's office I currently work in as a secretary would like me in the back assisting.. I would push the meds during IV sedation, follow up with docs an pts, triage calls, collect hx and do assessments, monitor during surgery, etc. Pay would be about the same but insurance is the same as we already have I think. So anyways, just wondering which is the better option for a new grad? I don't think the office job would be great experience as I eventually would like to work OB in the hospital or in an inpatient psych unit (two very different fields I know lol) whereas the LTC I know would be better hands on experience but I know with new grads it isn't also the best to be in a managerial postion.. my thinking is they just call all RNs "managers" as I'm not the unit manager. nurse manager, supervisor, charge nurse, etc. I just know LTC gets such a bad reputation.. it makes me nervous to accept their offer. So I am thinking of calling this LTC in the morning and accepting but just wanted some opinions! Thanks! :)
  10. boushie87

    How hard to pay off 50k debt on a nurses salary?

    I have triple that amount of student loans and own a house (mortgage is about $1200/month) and also have a husband with student loans. Just what our generation has to deal with. Debt because you have to go to school to work. Sad cycle and sad that everyone in their 20's is broke because of getting an education.
  11. boushie87

    Who does Dental anesthesia?

    I have actually not heard of any other mixture in this area (central NY) or western NY being used for IV sedation for 3rd molar removals so curious why in these situations you think it's so unsafe when it's actually common practice. This is in an oral surgeon's office, not a regular dentist's office mind you.
  12. boushie87

    Who does Dental anesthesia?

    It's an oral surgery suite, not a clinic which i'm sure makes a difference in the people he has assisting and the care he gives.
  13. boushie87

    Who does Dental anesthesia?

    The oral surgeon's office I work at uses a mix of versed, propofol and fentanyl.. he pushes it himself. He is also an MD not sure if that makes a difference. Has never been an issue.
  14. What questions did she ask you during the phone interview? :)
  15. No, I did not have a phone interview yet and I applied to 6 positions and they did not say which one it was for.
  16. Hi everyone. I know this was originally posted last year but I just was called from HR to set up an interview with the employment specialist (a part of HR I guess) in person in a couple of weeks. This seems to be different then how this went for you guys. Was ######## the person you had the phone interview with? How did the interviews with the floor managers go? What type of questions did they ask? Any input would be appreciated, thanks!!