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I was recently accepted into a nursing program and found out that we cannot wear clogs. I am so upset because I love my Danskos. They are well broken-in, and have proven to be great when having to... Read More

  1. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I wear a couple of different Merrell slip-ons... don't know the name but I've pulled 16 hours of busy ER duty and never had my feet hurt at all. Check out REI
  2. by   theantichick
    My nursing school required shoes to *be* lace-up, white leather which is why we weren't allowed to wear Danskos. I'm not entirely sure why they required lace-ups when there are other styles of professional white shoes that are in my opinion better suited to nursing tasks, but them's the rules.

    I wore a New Balance walking shoe. What is interesting is I just bought my first pair of Danskos since I start my first nursing job on Monday, and I've been wearing them around to make sure they don't need broken in (they don't) and these are amazing compared to my NB ones which I had thought were pretty nice.
  3. by   Creamsoda
    Thats a stupid policy, I would just wear the dansko, they are a closed all around shoe that protect your feet better than any sneaker will. Just wear them. There has to be a misunderstanding in what they are trying to say is a "clog". Stupid
  4. by   Amnesty
    If you have to go for tennis shoes, go for a high-end Asics pair with a soft gel support system. They are HEAVENLY on your feet when you have to be standing for a long time. New Balance shoes are good, and they do come in wide widths, which is a godsend, but when I swapped from a pair of what I thought were excellent NB wide width shoes to a pair of Asics that were lower-end and a bit too small for me, my feet felt an immediate difference. 8 hours of constant standing, and I wasn't even feeling any foot pain (other than from them pinching my toes because of the too small thing!). The higher-end ones are even better, and a lot of them still come in wide widths.
  5. by   NPAlby
    I dont remember foot wear being much of an issue in nursing school. Then again I dont have foot or back problems. Cheap sneaks that can be easily thrown out worked fine for me. But I'm a cheapy.
  6. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Just so you youngsters know, it has only been of recent history (we're talking mainly post mid 1980's or so) that nurses were allowed to wear clogs on duty period. Even when the facility allowed them many insurers wouldn't cover you if you did wear them, never found out what was up with that.

    Strangely when in Germany noticed most nurses and physicans were clog type footwear in hosptials.
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    are you sure your school is stating no open-back clogs? that's how my program long as the shoes were white with a closed toe and closed heel, we were okay. I also suggest Alegria shoes, I love mine! They have a variety of styles to choose from from their Professional Line, including closed heel styles. I personally have two different pairs of the Donna clog but some nurses I work with also wear the Debra style and they love them as much as I love mine.
  8. by   scrubwearer
    Dansko just came out with a tennis shoe looking shoe and while they aren't exactly the most awesome looking shoe their shoes are always comfortable and they do have an all white leather one.
  9. by   allycat77
    Quote from scrubwearer
    Dansko just came out with a tennis shoe looking shoe and while they aren't exactly the most awesome looking shoe their shoes are always comfortable and they do have an all white leather one.
    I'm going to check these out, thanks!
  10. by   TiffyRN
    OP, hope those Dansko tennis shoes work for you. Thanks to this thread I ordered some stylishly bright New Balance in a wide width (which I didn't know they had) and got them yesterday. They fit great and I can't wait to wear them this weekend at work.
  11. by   EmmaZ06
    Ok, off topic I know, but seriously this post annoys me. Not the poster, but the policy. I can understand making a student buy a specific color, because that has happened to me in real life, uniforms are part of nursing, but as long as a shoe properly supports and protects the foot, why would a school rule out an entire line of shoes that are perfectly acceptable in every healthcare facility I have ever seen? Because they are called "clogs"? As long as the heels are covered I can't think of any evidence based reason not to allow Danskos. They are comfy, they protect your feet from blood and body fluids MORE than the sneakers with mesh, which your school seems to have no problems with, and they are easy to clean. It is stupid, and exemplifies the "because I said so" reasoning that makes nursing school harder than it has to be. School is expensive enough, why make students go out and buy new shoes? By the way I'm always open to learning so if anyone has any facts that would back up the no-clog-even-if-it-has-a-heel policy let me know.
  12. by   allycat77
    Haha, I agree. But it seems like nursing school is the place where you are seriously discouraged from making waves. I just ordered these Danskos, they don't seem clog-like, but who knows. I figure if they don't pass school specs I can wear them while out of school. They are black and look sneakerish. Dansko Women's Veda Pull-Up Clog: Shoes
  13. by   jadelpn
    Reebok "princess" sneakers. Wide width. Leather so soft if molds right to your foot. LOVE them!!