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I was recently accepted into a nursing program and found out that we cannot wear clogs. I am so upset because I love my Danskos. They are well broken-in, and have proven to be great when having to mostly stand for 10+ hr shifts. ... Read More

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    I have KLOGS and they have an closed back, the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever had for work. I have a bad knee and my knee rarely bothers me when I wear them. Worked a full 8 hour shift the first time I wore them and my feel never felt so good. Cost about $90 and well worth it.

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    Quote from PalmHarborMom
    Personally, I would not wear sneakers but try to wear shoes that do not have mesh/cloth on them. Kinda gross to think about bodily fluids going through the shoe onto your feet!
    I guess I just think differently than so many others here about the permeability of shoes and the vulnerability of the skin on my feet. I've been a nurse for 20+ years and I've had a great variety of blood/body fluids dripped/spilled/splattered/flung/squirted onto my person. Very few of these incidents have resulted in such exposures to my shoes/feet. It's great to have the protection of leather on one's entire foot, but by this rationale I should have to wear a leather suit and facemask (probably not appropriate attire for my field of practice).

    I'm just saying, when icky substances contact a non-gloved part of my body, it's usually mostly been my arms and chest/abdomen. The skin on my feet is no more sacred or prone to infection. I keep a spare pair of scrubs in my locker, if foot exposure was a tremendous concern for me, I would keep an extra pair of shoes. If I worked in labor & delivery or trauma, I would probably keep an extra pair of shoes & socks around.

    My advice to the OP, check for specifics with your program. When I went to school (in the middle ages I know), there were very strict regulations in place for what kinds of shoes we could wear (only all white leather shoes, no visible brand names except the blue nursemates heart cause they are sacred you know). If your clinical hours are like mine, you are not on your feet for 12 hrs but maybe that has changed. Our clinicals were 6hrs, one of which was post-conference so I wore those horrible nurse mates shoes then tossed them after school. That brand has never fit my feet right.
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    Double check with your program exactly what they mean by by clogs.

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    I actually carried the shoes I chose in on my phone screen and verified they were acceptable. Since most nurses are familiar with danskos I'd ask. They may restrict simply because of the crazy colors available.

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    Yeah i have a friend in the program who verified that any type of clogs are not allowed. In the 1st semester we do monday & tuesday back-to-back 12s. I am thinking i might get at least 2 pairs of different shoes so i can switch out if needed. Probably 1 sneaker and 1 nurse type, non-clog shoe. I really love Danskos, they are particularly great if the ground is a little icy too. I'm sure there are other great shoes out there too. Thanks everyone for the input.
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    I was enlightened by this thread by finding that New Balance has wide width shoes as they have always been too narrow for me. I just went online and ordered a pair in 7.5W in those cool bright colors. Don't miss nursing school regulations! As for Danskos, I have an adorable pair of open back mary-jane style Danskos. Sadly, even though I've worn them once a week for 3+ years, they still aren't broken in. I do wear them once a week though (on my last shift of three in a row) because they are so cute. Then I limp on my first day off.

    To the OP, it's great you get long clinical hours. I always wished I could have had more realistic clinical experiences. Keep those Danskos though, nursing school isn't forever and a well broken-in pair of Danskos will last you years. I seriously doubt there will be such strict restrictions when you get your first nursing job.
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    I wear a couple of different Merrell slip-ons... don't know the name but I've pulled 16 hours of busy ER duty and never had my feet hurt at all. Check out REI
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    My nursing school required shoes to *be* lace-up, white leather which is why we weren't allowed to wear Danskos. I'm not entirely sure why they required lace-ups when there are other styles of professional white shoes that are in my opinion better suited to nursing tasks, but them's the rules.

    I wore a New Balance walking shoe. What is interesting is I just bought my first pair of Danskos since I start my first nursing job on Monday, and I've been wearing them around to make sure they don't need broken in (they don't) and these are amazing compared to my NB ones which I had thought were pretty nice.
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    Thats a stupid policy, I would just wear the dansko, they are a closed all around shoe that protect your feet better than any sneaker will. Just wear them. There has to be a misunderstanding in what they are trying to say is a "clog". Stupid
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    If you have to go for tennis shoes, go for a high-end Asics pair with a soft gel support system. They are HEAVENLY on your feet when you have to be standing for a long time. New Balance shoes are good, and they do come in wide widths, which is a godsend, but when I swapped from a pair of what I thought were excellent NB wide width shoes to a pair of Asics that were lower-end and a bit too small for me, my feet felt an immediate difference. 8 hours of constant standing, and I wasn't even feeling any foot pain (other than from them pinching my toes because of the too small thing!). The higher-end ones are even better, and a lot of them still come in wide widths.

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