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    Hi. I'm having a hard time finding good scrub skirts. Seems I can only get them online around here. That's hard because if you don't like it you have to pay to return it and it's costing me money in the long run. I like the slimmer skirts (pencil) and they have to go below the knees. I'm short so what tends to be made to go just below the knees goes much lower on me which I can deal with. Anyone recommend a certain brand? Style?

    Also, having a hard time with nursing shoes. Dansko hurt my feel. Anyone recommend a comfortable brand, style for those? ( I also have flat feet as well). I don't like the way sneakers look with a skirt so I need something that goes better with scrub skirts. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    The only hospital workers I see in skirts are the occasional attending on a service that doesn't require hands on care... and those with desk jobs: secretaries, managers, schedulers, etc.

    Everyone else wears scrub pants or slacks.

    Skirts seem impractical.
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    Some people need to wear skirts for religious/modest dress reasons.
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    I wear them for religious beliefs. Just wish they weren't so hard to find.
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    Give the dansko shoes some time

    At first they hurt my feet and my legs ached after just a few hours but once broken in I love them to death!!
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    I agree, the Dankso's take some breaking in. Allegria is one that is popular around here, they don't seem to have the same break-in time.
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    Quote from Lysa71
    I wear them for religious beliefs. Just wish they weren't so hard to find.

    Honestly, the girls I knew who wore them for religious reasons stopped wearing them. It was too much of a pain with patient care and during emergencies it made it hard to run, move and jump on beds. They usually just bought pants and altered them to a skirt....but they all stopped and went to pants.
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    Where I am, I've seen flyers for custom scrubs that individuals make at home to sell. If you could find a good seamstress, maybe you could take a skirt you like to them to use as a pattern and get as many as you need.
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    Try Dove Uniform
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    Thanks everyone.

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