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  1. Is it hard to get into med surg if you stay in LTC/SNF for yrs?

    Update: I relocated and received two job offers in med/surg after 3 yrs in LTC!
  2. Always go above and beyond. A cover letter will never hurt you, not having one might. Why not put yourself above the rest, especially in this economy,even if not required. I would also recommend calling the LTC facility and stating exactly that. "To ...
  3. What you should never say at an interview

    "Why do you want to work here?" "Because you are the only place hiring!"
  4. Scrub skirts Nurses

    I am sorry I came off defensive I have just read a lot of anti-religious sentiment recently on this site and I find it offensive and coming from a place of ignorance.
  5. Scrub skirts Nurses

    I am pretty sure she asked for recommendations for a scrub skirt. She did not ask what you thought of her religious restrictions. She did not ask whether you thought skirts were impractical. I know it is hard to believe but for some people every acti...
  6. University of Maryland Medical Center

    My impression was that they give a 100% tuition reimbursement BUT at a limit of $3,000 per calender year.
  7. Regional Attitude Towards Long Term Care Nurses

    Haha I am not a defensive person in nature and I do not doubt that you have seen this. The LTC I worked at had much higher expectations of us. Unlike other places we had 24 hrs geriatrician coverage on each floor,care plan meetings with families, ala...
  8. Regional Attitude Towards Long Term Care Nurses

    Here in MD, I just received my second job offer in two weeks with pay offered for three years of RN experience. Go figure! I never imagined I would get into acute care, hence my screen name. Wow.
  9. Regional Attitude Towards Long Term Care Nurses

    I had one manager tell me in CT, "O I usually tell HR to NEVER send me LTC nurses." Well geez way to throw us all into one category. Is it the great time management skills that bother you, or the ability to juggle twenty plus dementia patients at onc...
  10. I have been thinking about this for quite a bit and am wondering if my thinking is correct. Are there differences in opinion depended on region towards viewing long term care as experience when it comes to being an RN? I just moved from CT where I ha...
  11. I feel truly sorry for new grads

    Sigh, it is not as bad as my new grad law husband.
  12. First cna job...no experience!

    You seem like you are going to make a great CNA. I never worked as one but worked in LTC as an RN for three years and watched from the side lines. Unfortunately no matter what the CNA's seemed to "scold" the orientee. It could of been my facility but...
  13. Johns Hopkins only hiring those with acute care experience?

    I am heartbroken I will not be able to attend that conference on Thursday due to a previous commitment that I can not get out of. I do plan on attending the one coming up in October through Nurse.com. I will throw this out there, even though you do ...
  14. Johns Hopkins only hiring those with acute care experience?

    Thanks guys, I live in Mt. Washington area but am willing to commute but not too far. I heard nice things about Mercy but it does not seem they have much open positions at this point. I will try these other places, also at a disadvantage without my B...
  15. I have been a nurse for three years. Throught sweat, blood, and tears I lasted those three years in LTC. I recently moved to the area and applied to some positions at Hopkins because I heard they are always hiring and they say 1-2yrs of nursing exper...