Mandated colors

  1. Do a lot of you work in facilities that require their nursing staff to wear a specific color and style of scrubs?
    I am employed in LTC and the company I work for requires us to wear certain colors and style.
    I read about other people and the colors and styles they purchase and become envious since we are not even permitted to wear holiday print scrubs.
    Does anyone else work in a facility that does not permit them to wear holiday and/or seasonal prints?
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  3. by   kbrn2002
    A lot of companies are going this route now. One of our local hospitals can only wear royal blue, you know immediately where they work when you see them. My company requires a certain color for nurses, a different color for CNA's and yet another color for housekeeping. We can choose the style, just not the color. Bad thing is they changed the color a couple years ago, so now all the uniforms I have in the old color are useless which stinks after investing so much money in them. Also we can wear whatever we want, including jeans on casual Fridays.
  4. by   OlivetheRN
    Quote from kbrn2002
    Bad thing is they changed the color a couple years ago, so now all the uniforms I have in the old color are useless which stinks after investing so much money in them.
    If it makes you feel any better, when I started my new grad job at the end of July, I asked specifically if the colors would be changing anytime soon, since we had just merged with a hospital system that did have colors, and they said that it would be at LEAST 6-8 months but more likely at least a year. So I went out and bought 4 sets of black scrubs, since the ER wore black and white. 6 weeks after I spent that money, they announced that we would be going to the new colors when we opened the new part of our ER, which happened this past Tuesday. I was livid!
  5. by   beckyboo1
    Yes, as of Oct 1st, in my hospital, RNs and LPNs wear royal blue, no printed tops, must be all solids. The good thing about this is I never have to figure out what to wear in the morning LOL
  6. by   That Guy
    All our nurses wear navy blue. At least we can do whatever color shoes we want.
  7. by   amoLucia
    Was never a problem when we all wore our 'whites' way back.

    Biggest issue was getting out blood stains and those yellow/grey dingies.
  8. by   mmc51264
    We don't have a 'color" but I have noticed that OR/PACU/SX all wear royal. All the residents do too. alot wear t-shirts. either plain or the hosp logo with scrub pants. I don't what I would without my pockets!!! There are too may people to enforce a dress code
  9. by   amoLucia
    I'm noticing on TV and pix on the web, more & more nurses seem to be wearing the navy/dark blue color.

    Maybe that's becoming the new "whites" color.
  10. by   Greenclip
    Navy for nurses in our hospital. In the UK navy has been the nursing standard for a long time. OR and L&D staff (anyone who wears hospital-issued scrubs) have a lighter shade of blue. Or green.
    I think this is becoming a very common trend.
  11. by   T-Bird78
    Where I work we can wear anything as long as it's proper nursing attire, clean, and not offensive. My previous employer had a color code system; RNs navy blue, LPNs teal, MAs sky blue, CNAs green, housekeeping maroon, etc. That place furnished two sets of scrubs then you had to buy any additional sets.
  12. by   Meriwhen
    No, I can still wear whatever color scrubs I want. I can even wear street clothing if I like.
  13. by   catladyRN
    RNs wear navy, PCTs wear tan, radiology etc. wine, and transport black. Undershirts and shoes have to be black, white, or the same color as your uniform. I like this because it makes it a lot easier for patients/families to identify staff.
  14. by   RNperdiem
    We wear ciel blue, and we are allowed to wear unit t-shirts with the hospital name on the front as long as the shirt is black, navy or gray.
    I think the nursing staff looks a lot more polished these days now that the tacky scrubs went away.