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  1. Greenclip

    Relo to St. Louis

    Welcome Expect pay to be lower than you're used to, unless you're coming from the rural South. I think there isn't a bad place to work in the Lou unless you're looking at Kindred or Select, which don't apply to you. BJC gives expert pay in some areas (ED, ICU, periop) but I'm not sure if it applies to GI/IR/cath lab. Expert pay = more $ to nurses with more than 2 years of experience in those areas. BJC does NOT start health benefits at day 1 of hire, which can be a negative. SSM and Mercy both have a good benefits package. Barnes is a great place to work if you do not mind the commute and the parking issues. You need to use Metrolink or expect to walk half a mile from the garage, must allow plenty of time to park. Barnes definitely has a get-there-early culture for clock in. Mercy has a just-in-time culture, they would prefer that you appear at the time clock at 0659. Mercy and SSM are both considered nice places to work, all the supplies you need and easy to make things happen. SSM has more aggressive pay incentives. None of SSM's hospitals are big, I'd say the biggest has less than 500 beds. Mercy has two very big hospitals, the main one on Ballas and Mercy South, formerly St Anthony's. The main hospital is very easy to get to from almost anywhere in the metro area and it's easy to park and walk in.
  2. Greenclip

    In the ICU, do you get a tech?

    We have a tech. Our larger (16 bed) ICUs will sometimes have two techs, which is really nice. Blood sugars and baths are their main tasks. Nurses get all vitals and manage Foley output. The techs also help with turns and help to set up the rooms for new patients. A good tech can make your day!
  3. Greenclip

    Taking a paycut for experience?

    Other parts of the US pay far less. Where I live, a nurse with 3 years of experience makes about what you do.
  4. Greenclip

    CCRN 2018

    Interesting. My experience was that the questions in Barron's were very close to what was on the test. Pass CCRN was helpful for having more practice questions, but as you said, many of questions were more in depth than what was on the test.
  5. Greenclip

    Tele strips in ICU

    Upon admission and once per shift. We are also supposed to do it if the patient has been off the unit for more than 2 hours (for example, coming back from surgery).
  6. Greenclip

    Best Hospitals in South Florida to work for?

    Sorry. I'm still stuck on the part where you are in Missouri and make $43.70 an hour. I was going to say where in the world, but where in the state can you do that? I haven't seen salaries like that in the KC or StL areas. The ICU nurses I know at that experience level are hitting the mid to high twenties an hour. Good luck with your future move.
  7. Greenclip

    Clinical nurse educators...

    No call. Our unit educators have taken patients maybe twice in two years (critical care areas). Both times have been for only a few hours, until more staff nurses could come in.
  8. Greenclip

    NCLEX a factor in the nursing shortage

    I agree 100%. I found the NCLEX easy. It can't possibly assess the critical thinking capacity of a new graduate nurse. I don't even think it assesses knowledge very well. I passed with 75 questions; I know that 15 of those were test questions. Therefore, 60 questions were considered an adequate gauge of whether I was safe to practice. That's laughable when compared to the standard expected in other professions. How can we demand respect under those circumstances? Among other things, I think it would be more meaningful to have a longer general exam and to score the specialty areas separately. I believe that in the "old days" boards were more like that? Older nurses have told me that there were separate exams for peds, maternity, etc. I had only one peds question on my NCLEX, no women's health questions at all.
  9. Greenclip

    Unit terminology

    The first one sounds like med-surg, maybe "complex med-surg" and the second one sounds like stepdown. At the big academic hospital where I work, several of the stepdown units are one big room with beds divided by curtains.
  10. Greenclip

    CCRN as a requirement?

    In our ICU, many nurses go there intending to stay for no more than 2-3 years because their real goal is to become an NP. For this reason, there is no incentive to get CCRN. 75% of attrition in our ICU is from NP grads.
  11. Greenclip

    Bed linens in the ICU

    We use a fitted sheet and a large blue absorbent pad (cloth, not paper) as our standard. We use the blue pad as a draw sheet to turn patients. We have superb skin outcomes. Patients at high risk for skin breakdown get different treatment, including a special mattress or special bed.
  12. Greenclip

    Would this be a good way to increase my chances at an ICU job?

    I really don't think it would help your chances. If you get hired into an ICU, the unit will pay for you to take the ECCO program. The program isn't meaningful without the clinical experience to go with it. It's designed to help you assimilate and understand the clinical experiences that are unique to critical care. I would suggest that you continue working, which can't possibly look bad on your resume, and keep looking around for openings. If you can consider moving out of the DFW area, you will have more options. I would also suggest that you keep your desire to go into anesthesia very much to yourself. The ICU manager who interviews you would much prefer to hire someone who is going to stay in the unit, not someone who plans on a minimum amount of time before moving on to CRNA school.
  13. Greenclip

    Capped Salary?

    I have never heard of a hospital/health care system that did not cap nursing hourly rates. We are capped at a level FAR lower than yours. I couldn't dream of making money like that (I assume that in the NY metro area you need every penny of it).
  14. Greenclip

    Sepsis, causes,vitamin c?????

    In our older patients we see UTI and pneumonia as the most common factors behind sepsis. Other causes are much less common. Regardless of cause, older patients and immune compromised patients are much more likely to present with sepsis. Our docs started using the vitamin C/thiamine/steroid protocol pretty much the week the news broke.
  15. Greenclip

    12-Leads on CCRN Exam

    The test will NOT show you a 12-lead printout, although you may have a question which shows a simple strip. But you will have questions which expect you to know the significance of elevations in groups of leads. I echo what has been said above.