Is it possible to be allergic to my scrubs? - page 2

I purchased a pair of scrub pants, the typical 65/35 blend fabric a couple of days ago. I washed them in hot water with extra rinse before wearing and I wore them 1 day for 8 hours. About 4 hours... Read More

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    I agree with the above; perhaps the dye or detergent more so than the fiber itself. I had used a particular brand of detergent to wash my uniforms for years with no problem, and then developed an allergy to it. The rash and itching on my back and legs was bad enough, but I also ended up with it all over my feet (from my socks) --- even on the soles. Augh. That was misery...

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    Sometimes stuff in fabric can stay in there awhile. I switched from store bought laundry products to some natural products. It took about 3 washings before I saw the big difference it made in our clothings. Store bought detergents build up in fabric making them irritable/harmful to our bodies, and dingy looking. Shaklee and Melaleuca both sell wonderful safe laundry products that reduce allergic reactions and are actually safer for your family and the environment.

    If you are having this happen with those clothes and not all of them, it might be something in the fabric.

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