I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units - page 3

The other day a co-worker strolled in wearing a scrub top festooned with furry, smiling teddy bears. On an adult cardiac floor...REALLY? On various adult units I've seen Looney Tunes, Precious... Read More

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    I am guilty of wearing those cutesy fuzzie wuzzie cartoonie scrubs. I love it! I do work in peds and the kids seem to like it. But I think I love it even more than they do. Hahaha. I'm such a big kid at heart.

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    A part-time nurse walked into our theater one day, wearing not only a printed top, but with bottoms to match. I couldn't resist greeting her with the words, "hello, I love your pajamas..." She knows me pretty well, so she didn't take offence, and we both had a good laugh about it. Personally, I wouldn't be seen alive in printed scrubs, but if it cheers up the mourners they can dress me in prints after I'm dead...
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    Every time I wear either my dog or my cat scrub tops, the patients love them. This also opens up conversations about their pets at home. I'm true to my animals, and will always wear the cuddley tops.
    p.s. I work on a Cardiac Adult Unit.
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    Quote from Meriwhen
    I'm not a fan of the cutesy scrub top either...but I would definitely wear one with chickens on it My patients would get a kick out of it.
    I had a patient nickname me "chicken coop annie" and that was with me wearing plain blue. I should have got a top with chickens on it while he was there, he'd have loved it.
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    I personally would never wear the types of scrubs the OP mentions, but, if I were a patient, I'd rather have the excellent nurse in the teddy bear scrubs than the crappy nurse in solid colors. (If that were the case). I don't think the patients care as much about your clothes as they do about the care you give (or don't give). That's what they remember.
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    My analytical and critical thinking skills are just fine within my Hello Kitty scrub tops, thank you very much.
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    I'll throw in my 2 cents, you can spend it or not...but first of all, I think that the hospitals that try to tell you what scrubs to wear to work, is just another way of CONTROLLING YOU! And it's all political bull--whatever happened to knowing who your nurse, tech, housekeeper, food service worker, doctor was because when they walk in the room they say "Hi, my name is Sally and I'm going to be your (insert title here) today" and YES you say that everytime you walk in and there are new people in the room, I don't care what color your shirt is or what you have in your hands! And #2: I second the person that said that her clinical and critical thinking skills are NOT affected by what she wears to work! Did we or did we not all pass the same NCLEX? (I know not everyone acts like it), but we are all capable of completing this job, per the state, so who cares if I wear care bears to work or not? Maybe that's the way I get through my day knowing that everyone around me is just trying to repress all the political bullcrap that hospitals are throwing in our faces rather than dealing with it head on? You want to people to start dealing with nurses in more of a professional light? How about all of us banding together and getting people to realize that when they come to a Hospital it is a HOSPITAL and not a HOTEL and we are there to help them get better and not to wait on them hand and foot, because many of the patients and the management seem to think that's what nurses do now?
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    Ehh I think people should wear what they want. Sure it may look a little funny wearing cartoon scrubs on an adult unit, but at the end of the day as long as you're getting your job done that's all they really matter. I don't think what you wear earns you respect amongst the different disciplines of health care. I think you earn respect by delivering the best care, knowing what you're talking about, and often making great recommendations for patients. Not what by what you're wearing (as long as it meets the dress code). :-)
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    I've never been one for the cutesy-cartoon printed scrubs. The "wildest" scrub top I ever wore was soooo cool. It was covered with pics of candy bars! Hersheys, Kit Kats, etc. I can't remember where I bought it, but everyone always thought it was custom made.

    I prefer a nice print on top, solid on bottom. Or just solids. But, I am a huge fan of stupid looking socks. The more ridiculous, the better! LOL
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    aw geez, if you don't like 'em, don't wear 'em.
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