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  1. CranberryMuffin

    Nurses With Low Self-Esteem: Please Seek Help

    Puzzling interactions with coworkers can also be attributed to not having an outlet for healthy interactions and feelings of powerlessness within the workplace. Where there is poor management (which I've seen a lot within healthcare), there are poor workplace relations/communications. It's easy to blame the people within the ranks of our profession for unhealthy workplace behaviors. It's harder to address the systemic issues that are rampant within the system itself.
  2. CranberryMuffin

    When hiring, do hospitals look at where you got your BSN?

    Also just an FYI - West Coast University is a for-profit educational institution. There's been a lot of attention lately in the news about for-profit colleges and universities in their financial mismanagement, as well as they claim that they defraud students. There are other threads about for-profit nursing education - here is one of them: https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-student/profit-nursing-schools-479441.html
  3. CranberryMuffin

    I think I made a mistake

    Sure, nights are slower paced (usually), so there's that. BUT, you're going to be the only RN on the floor during your shift? Are there going to be LPNs? Is there just one nurse picking up all those admits??? And why are you charge during orientation??? This sounds totally shady. Run, don't walk.
  4. CranberryMuffin

    When hiring, do hospitals look at where you got your BSN?

    Regardless of that, I would be very hesitant to spend that kind of money on a BSN. The job market has yet to bounce back for new grads, and if you are taking out student loans, that's a lot of debt to be saddled with, without the guarantee of a job. I'm not on the West Coast, I'm in a major metropolitan city in the Midwest, and people here do want to know where I went to school, especially the larger academic medical centers.
  5. CranberryMuffin

    New grad know it all

    And just as much, sometimes more experienced nurses need to be reminded that there are ways of correcting behavior/providing feedback that are more appropriate than others. It goes both ways. Just my 2 cents.
  6. CranberryMuffin

    1-1 ratio for nurses

    It's 1:2 where I'm at. I had a night recently where both of my patients crashed at the *exact* same time. A rarity, and I wouldn't have made it through the night without my coworkers, who are completely stellar. Rarely do we have 1:1 patients but it does happen for those that are very critical.
  7. CranberryMuffin

    So angry and annoyed!

    I honestly don't know, nor do I check to see who has insurance and who does not. If it's not glaringly obvious, I don't usually even know the insurance status of my patients. Yes, I know there are different outcomes for patients who have insurance vs those that don't (based on trends, preventative care, socioeconomic status, etc.), but you are insinuating that this patient is getting different treatment BY THE NURSE because he does not have insurance. If you were to say this to me, I would be completely insulted. AND I WOULD NOT advocate going past the nursing staff if I had a concern about my father's care. Go up the chain of command - in the appropriate manner, but do not completely bypass the nursing staff. It undermines the nurse's role here.
  8. CranberryMuffin

    Affordable Online Post masters NP programs

    For clarification, they offer affordable INstate tuition. I was just suggesting that you do your research in your own state first before looking out of state. I don't know if programs in my state offer affordable out of state tuition.
  9. CranberryMuffin

    Affordable Online Post masters NP programs

    What state are you in? There are a few in my state that offer almost entirely online classes, even though it doesn't say that on their website. For some of them, you just have to show up like once a month or less for seminars or whatnot until you do your clinicals, which you can more or less do locally. Makes it a lot easier and more affordable to go to school. I would call the admissions office of the schools you are interested in and see if they offer online classes.
  10. CranberryMuffin

    How do I get around to LIKING changing an ostomy bag?

    I couldn't deal with it at first either. With any kind of foul smell (poo, vomit, etc.). Now it's like no big deal. Not that I'd want to sit and eat lunch while cleaning out an ostomy bag. But it just took me some time of doing it over and over again. Some patients do have extremely foul smelling contents from their ostomies - I remember one patient who had some sort of pancreatic or intestinal-derived cancer. It was awful. The smell was like some sort of decay that I can't even describe. But the contents of an average ostomy shouldn't smell like that.
  11. CranberryMuffin

    MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

    You telling me like it is includes the following quote from you: "new grads bring nothing to the table but liability and debt." I take issue with this because I see a lot of people who have experience in nursing who really seem to have many personal issues with new grads. At one point in time you were also a new grad. Ultimately it's really disheartening to see individuals such as yourself have such an overwhelmingly negative attitude towards the new generation of nurses.
  12. CranberryMuffin

    MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

    And furthermore (to add to the post I just wrote above to CCLRN), yes, I agree with you, it's not my place to judge. It does look odd to leave a place after they have trained you. HOWEVER, this is an employer's market, meaning people can get rid of you at any time for WHATEVER reason; employers have the upper hand in hiring, firing and retention, not to mention the unprecedented assault we are seeing on unions. I don't take issue with people leaving their jobs if they are miserable places to be. I've contemplated finding other employment in my first year as a nurse because I was getting downstaffed all the time (like once a week). That doesn't work when you have bills to pay. So yeah, I agree with many of your points. The whole staying-vs-not-staying is a really subjective issue. If you are being abused or taken advantage of in your position, then of course it makes no sense to stay at that place of employment. Personally, I want to give a year or two out of personal commitment, but that's just me and my situation. I also didn't say that anyone should stay somewhere 20 years just to pay back the opportunity to have a job right out of school. Those days are long gone for all sects of the economy, not just nursing. Sorry if my post caused consternation or offense.
  13. CranberryMuffin

    MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

    Uh, no. $11.44/hr is the result of an employer's market. MGH can afford to be picky in who they hire and new grads will be scrambling for an 'opportunity' to be flat broke for 6 months just to get their foot in the door. And at the end of those 6 months, there is no guarantee of a job. I don't question why anyone leaves their jobs, but if a hospital wants to retain nurses, have the nurse sign a contract. Once again, you are scapegoating new grads for the fallout of a terrible economy.
  14. CranberryMuffin

    MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

    You currently have a position where you will be making 3 times what is being offered in the MGH internship? And you are in a new grad program and you are going to leave right after it ends? I feel some obligation to my employer to at least stay for some length of time (1-2 years) after going through a new grad program, regardless of whether or not you have a contract. It costs them money to train you and it confirms the stereotype that new grads are total flakes. Plus, if you want a good recommendation, it would be better for you to at least stay for a little bit.
  15. CranberryMuffin

    MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

    Exactly. I also have no issue with internships or residencies if that's the trajectory of nursing education and training; it would be better to create a more structured training program for new grads. I am not arguing with this, either. However, people do need to be able to plan for their income (or lack thereof) for the future. If we want to extend the amount of time nurses are in school or are in some kind of training or internship program where they can expect to make very little money, people need to be able to plan for that. A few years ago, nurses were making bank right out of the gate, with bonuses, etc. Now people are bashing new grads for having the expectation of making a livable wage. New grads should not be the scapegoat of a terrible economy.