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  1. nicole109

    A Nurse I work with is faking their CCRN credentials

    I agree--I think you need to be professional about it...It seems to me that there might be some bad blood between you and this other nurse if you are going this far out of your way to get her fired. Especially when it doesn't really pertain to you. D...
  2. nicole109

    Fluid restrictions vs Patient rights

    This is interesting--and I've never really thought about it from this angle, I've had patients before drinking out of the toilet, etc. to get to's really sad when you think about it. But when you think about the things that we do, to get t...
  3. nicole109

    Scared to leave hospital for home health

    I was an RN for 5 years on a Neuro floor before making the switch to home care, and I worked all of the shifts, even weekend option. This was the best career move that I could have made for my family, hands down. When you interview, I would encourage...
  4. nicole109

    ED safety... Bit of a rant

    I would start by putting something in writing to administration, including something from security. I think it's ridiculous that you only have 1 security officer on duty for the entire hospital (did I read that correctly?) and that they are consideri...
  5. nicole109

    Name issues--legal issue?

    I used to work with many nurses from the Philippines, and they never used their real names...they had an American name that staff and patients would call them by, most of them even had their American name printed on their badge to avoid patient confu...
  6. nicole109

    Nurse work dillema-Advice needed

    Stay at least within the facility that you are in for a little while, and get your feet wet. And please, don't take this the wrong way--but make sure you are very confident in your skills before you start to travel. You never know what type of assign...
  7. nicole109

    Because thats really gonna help

    Just to play devil's advocate, because that's normally what I do--when I worked in the hospital, I too had to do hourly rounding, and I HATED it with every bone in my body, so much so that I refused to do it most days, got written up for it, fought w...
  8. I think the most important thing is to BREATHE! And while I think there is a lot of negativity here, and I certainly am not above that, because I too have contributed my own 2 cents--we all have to find our own way. Yes, many of the things that are b...
  9. nicole109

    Pt.s threatening bad feedback on customer service surveys

    I think there is more than one issue here--I do agree with one of the previous posters that said that it is a real problem that there aren't pants to fit this man, and he should certainly be allowed to voice his opinion, and if he chooses to do so on...
  10. nicole109

    Nursing 101

    I don't think that you are old, but I think that the public has become very lawsuit happy, and I think that many nurses are either overwhelmed with all of their responsibilities or concerned with protecting their license. I am now a homecare nurse, s...
  11. nicole109

    And if we catch you smoking you'll be charge $25

    I think we can all agree to disagree on this, can we not...while having higher insurance premiums is completely different from charging people from lighting up on campus, I do think that the latter of the two is highly un-called for. Have insurance c...
  12. nicole109

    Has your alma mater ever mattered?

    I find that my patients ask me A LOT! Maybe it's because I look like I belong in high school...but my employer(s) have never really cared too much, and I've stayed local to where I graduated. But I'd say at least 2-3 patients a week ask me where I we...
  13. nicole109

    How do you handle phone calls from family/others?

    At the hospital that I worked at, we didn't have an "official policy" for codes/pin numbers, but many of the nurses instituted them. I often used this, especially if we had long term patients and their family members were coming and going frequently....
  14. nicole109

    Nurses living in their home with patients. . .

    I'm a home health RN and in Baltimore, and they are pretty popular here too...I'd say in about 50% of the cases the staff actually live on site, but the vast majority of these places do not have an RN on site on a daily basis. They are CNA/GNA, medic...
  15. What about the way that we carry ourselves? I digress here for a moment in saying that I might be "of a different generation" and I do apologize if this comes off as offensive to anyone. But, I absolutely refuse to be judged by the way that I look. A...