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  1. LuxCalidaNP

    Drug Legalization

    Lest the OP be reminded that heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines used to be legal...as prescriptions, and were d/c'd because they were LETHAL, and risk outweighed benefit. We have better tools now, but they're still Rx, and they STILL cause problems. Pot, sure, makes perfect sense, and kills less people than BP meds do anually, but legalizing crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, crack, PCP, MDMA, etc would not only land more people in our ERs, it would overrun our already BUNK corrections system in the US, and expend billions of tax dollars on medical care for condoned use. Last poster had a good point...making drugs illegal makes it possible for our government to use international trade and enforcement as collateral in defense deals, trade deals, etc. It would be unprofitable to forgo this, as F$##ed up as it is. Besides, guess who gets to deal with all of the adverse drug events at the ground level...NURSES! I hate what schedule drugs do to people, but I am SO glad our patients can't oxycodone otc at walgreens.
  2. LuxCalidaNP

    Can nurses suture?

    I find it facinating that there is so much alarm about this subject... Many RNs who complete a standardized competency training in uncomplicated suturing provide safe wound closure in many settings. Many ambulatory and urgent care facilities have policy-procedures in place to ensure that the procedure meets the needed criteria for RNs to suture. If an RN can complete a training to be an RNFA (an skill-intensive roll), or insert a PICC line, they sure as heck can learn and execute simple wound closure techniques.
  3. LuxCalidaNP

    Clinic question

    Agreed with the above, but what is ILLEGAL is a non-nurse using the title nurse in role, i.e. "nurse manager." Clinic manager, site director, these would all be appropriate, but nurse manager for someone who is not nor was never licensed is fraud.
  4. LuxCalidaNP

    How would YOU like to see a nurse portrayed in the media?

    Diligent, compassionate, experts in their PROFESSION, life-saving, critical-thinking, humble individuals. NOT the flight attendant to the ER rollercoaster the angel of mercy dabbing foreheads and wiping poo not the fat jaded negligent nurse who would rather facebook than round on their patients and most definitely, certainly, and unflinchingly... NOT "The doctors helpers."
  5. LuxCalidaNP

    You know it's going to be a crazy night at work, when

    When the helicopters at the level 1 Trauma center have no Place to land.
  6. LuxCalidaNP

    This forum is scaring me!

    You have to want to be a nurse, you have to be made alive by the challenge, enlivened by the stick situations, and above all, I think you must have a willingness to walk towards those situations and learn from them. It's challenging, but I've learned more about my heart and mind in nursing than any desk job might have offered.
  7. LuxCalidaNP

    Why is a condom cath also called a Texas Cath?

    HA haha, In Virginia some of the old nurses called them "texas caths," but I think it was more a term of flattery for the patients...
  8. LuxCalidaNP

    Rn's, are you able to do job well without chemistry class?

    When I was working on my prereqs, I managed to get into physiology and microbiology without chem, and both classes were extraordinarily hard. When I got my 2nd degree BSN, pathophys. and pharm. were a breeze...I didn't feel the lack of chem at ALL...once I got to nursing school.
  9. LuxCalidaNP

    What was I thinking

    Nursing Informatics!
  10. LuxCalidaNP

    code blue question

    TAKE ACLS and PALS. Its great practice and you know concretely which steps to take for which situations.
  11. LuxCalidaNP

    Trach suctioning. Bullet vs. no bullet

    As I recall from Dr. Grap's work on VAP, use of saline pre-suctioning EXPONENTIALLY increases the risk of infection.
  12. LuxCalidaNP

    Paramedic to RN, ADN or BSN

    Get your BSN.
  13. LuxCalidaNP

    Need prayers please

    May your son, you, and all beings involved in his recovery be at peace, be well in body and mind through these tough times, may you all be free from suffering and fear. May your son recover well and be at ease!
  14. LuxCalidaNP

    Most Annoying Nursing Stereotype

    ugh.... "My friend's son is a male nurse!" ...a little redundant, no? and....drumrollllll.... "Here honey, this is _________, one of the wonderful people who help the doctors!" ...er, no. I help you!
  15. LuxCalidaNP

    How much MONEY do you make? (questionaire)

    1. What is your degree in? BA, Health Psychology, BS in Nursing 2. What state do you live in? Northern California 3. What is your job title? RNII, Clinical Nurse, Case Manager 4. How much do you make an hour? 35 5. How much do you make a year? 70K 6. What do you like about your job? Love nurse intake of patients, spontaneous wound care and nursing consults from providers (It's true!), teaching, getting to really know my patients... 7. What don't you like about your job? #@$%ing outpatient narcotic patients...every friday at 4...sheesh. Sometimes I wish schedule IIs were only inpatient. I love my job!