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LuxCalidaNP has 3 years experience and specializes in Family Practice, Urgent Care, Cardiac Ca.

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  1. LuxCalidaNP

    Otoscope/Opthalmoscope Required for NP program?

    Our program loaned them out, but I have my own: Welch Allyn Pocket set. The otoscope is great, and I didn't need much practice, but the opthalmoscope is HARD to use anyway, and a pint size one doesn't make it easier. I would suggest ebay for a used one. and if you can swing it, try to get some practice using a panoptic opthalmoscope. It'll change the way you think about fundoscopic exam.
  2. LuxCalidaNP

    Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    Dry, and hot the more south you go, but not as bad as Arizona. High 90's in summer, but yes, all 4 seasons, with snow. Autumn is beautiful in SF and Taos
  3. LuxCalidaNP

    Rural Health Programs

    I grew up in NM. Important. pretty darn important, I might add. If you go, please also challenge the interpreter test, not so bad!
  4. LuxCalidaNP

    Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    @nursetim: Having grown up in NM and travelling around "third world" south america...WHAT the Heck are you talking about?! I love NM and fantasize about moving back often...I mean...er...it's awful, totally ugly terrible place with no culture or beauty! :) Having not worked there, I have heard from a few NP friends that you are solo...but only as much as you want to be. I would recommend joining a practice where the Doc-NP relationship is colleageal and collaborative...NOT about delegating scut to the solo midlevels.
  5. LuxCalidaNP

    Designing an NP fellowship?

    Hi all, I'm graduating in the spring from an FNP program, and have a few strong job leads, in family medicine, rural health, and with an awesome Family Medicine HIV team. There is a local NP residency I'll be applying to, but I was curious about the possibility of designing my own "NP fellowship." I have some very supportive docs and NPs, who really embrace a teaching culture, and I might be able to get a grant to work with whichever team and get them due credit for their guidance.e.g. clinic hours with some precepting, graduated autonomy and further coursework/CME in speciality areas. Has anyone had any experience designing their own fellowship/residency/pilot, or working with an organization? Any resources, templates for curricula, do's or don'ts? Much Obliged!
  6. LuxCalidaNP

    Young NP not getting any respect

    Agreed with OrangePink. I'm done with NP school this May, and I get Doogie-Howser jokes ALL THE TIME! I'm 28, and even have a thinning hair line, but I guess I look a little boyish. Anyway, I dress a little more formally than other providers (nice fitted shirts and slacks, dress/casual shoes), keep it professional and courteous, and watch my wording. This seems to help a great deal. Interestingly, wearing the lab coat makes it worse! No lab coat = assumption I'm older.
  7. LuxCalidaNP

    Typhon logs for employment

    Yup, i got the job. And they were more trusting of my be willing to do procedures like caths because of it.
  8. LuxCalidaNP

    Typhon logs for employment

    As a RN, I provided my typhon logs to employers at interviews and they were impressed. I plan on offering it to my NP job apps, especially re: competencies for procedures, most common Dx, etc.
  9. LuxCalidaNP

    Trigger point injections

    At least in primary care settings here in California, our NPs do them all the time. If done right, they're easy and our patients LOVE THEM!
  10. LuxCalidaNP

    California NP's

    California SB 491 has officially been voted out of legislation until at least next year, as of yesterday. Sigh....
  11. LuxCalidaNP

    Do you get paid for clinical hours??

    Whiel you may be reimbursed for your tuition, most schools (and I believe there are also state laws re: this) have a clause that makes it illegal to recieve compensation for educational clinicals. In the UK, this is often how they do it. I wouldn't mind getting paid for my time as a student NP, they work my butt off! (It would make all the medical student jealous.)
  12. LuxCalidaNP

    NP: Still a nurse?

    Interesting question! As a student nurse practitioner and cardiac nurse, I had a hard time striking a balance with the RN staff of the ED. It was really strange being a nurse and idetifying with them, but also being expected to provide orders (cross-checked with preceptor of course) and do procedures. I will ALWAYS be a nurse first, but I struggled with the role transition for sure.
  13. LuxCalidaNP

    California NP's

    For anyone who is interested, there is a greaet interview with the head of FNP/PA program and Davis and Dr. Finney from CMA on KQES Live, "Forum"
  14. LuxCalidaNP

    California NP's

    @ Juan DLC: As always, thanks for your updated info and your insight. It's a disheartening speedbump, but let's hope those Dems decide to vote next time!
  15. LuxCalidaNP

    California NP's

    So very sad. I shall reserve my anger, spare allnurses.com another tirade against territorial physicians, hold my head high and keep moving forward with embodying professional and competent practice. If we can't tell em, we gotta keep showing em!
  16. LuxCalidaNP

    Telephone Triage

    In most clinics, Telephone Triage Nurses use a manual or protocol to respond to common complaints. But REMEMBER: You are not diagnosing or treating anyone over the phone, you are assessing and determining the LEVEL of care they need. E.g.: watchful waiting, home management, come to clinic this week, tomorrow, now, go to ED or 911 call to location. Without protocols telephone triage is one of the riskier things we can do with our licenses... I recommend: [h=1]Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses [spiral-bound][/h]Julie K Briggs RN BSN MHA (Author)