cute, non-tacky scrub tops?

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    I am looking for a website that has cute, printed scrub tops for CHEAP! I am a new nurse so I am pretty broke.

    Any ideas? I don't want any American flags or Looney Tunes... not that those are bad! Just not my style.

    Thanks so much!!
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    This is my favourite site

    I like Urbane scrubs and Babyphat but they rarely go on sale unfortunately.
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    Jasco has really cute stuff and the prices are reasonable... they usually have good clearance items too if you catch them early...
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    I second the recommendation for Jasco Uniform. When I started working fulltime, I ordered a ton of stuff from them. It all arrived quickly and it only cost about $150.
  6. 0 is where I do all my scrubs shopping. Fast shipping and really great prices.
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    When I started out as a CNA, I was broke too. I shopped at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores to start my scrub collections and over the years have added to them. It also gave me a chance to try out different styles and brands and figure out what I like.

    I don't own a plain scrub top, but as I buy new scrub tops I'm looking more at patterns rather than characters. The Elan by Barco collection never fails to bring me a compliment. Also Cherokee has a great line of patterns in a silky material (right now I can't think of the name of it). Most of the sites recommended by other posters probably carry these lines.

    Good luck!
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    I love Uniform Advantage. Their scrubs are super cute, and different than any I've seen. They are pretty inexpensive, also! I ordered a top from them, and they shipped it out the next day. I don't know how long it took to ship b/c it hasn't gotten here yet, but they shipped it on Friday.
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    I've been getting my scrubs from for several years now. They have great designs, and their uniforms last forever! If you check their clearance stuff, you can usually get scrubs for $4.99 with a great selection of sizes and designs. They also ship quickly. Good Luck!
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    Quote from StNeotser
    This is my favourite site

    I like Urbane scrubs and Babyphat but they rarely go on sale unfortunately.
    This website has ... <drumroll> CELEBRITY SCRUBS. Yes, you read that right. Scrubs connected with a designer with those awful TV "medical" shows that put nurses in such a bad light. I guess it was a matter of time before marketing tie-ins between scrub clothing for health care professionals and "medical" TV drama connected with each other.

    I personally like Blue Sky Scrubs
    (I know, I know -- they say Dr 90210 uses their scrubs ... but I still like these although they're a abit pricey. They're basic, stylish, not baggy sackcloth scrubs.)
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    This is where I get my scrubs. The always have sales and clearance items.

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