Comfortable Nursing shoes

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    Hey guys,
    can someone pleease tell me the name of the best comfortable nursing shoes and where I can purchase them. NEED THEM RIGHT AWAY!

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    Get some Crocs at Eastern Sporting Goods or other hiking/camping type store. They're $30. Also Target has cheap knockoffs of Crocs for only $10d & I love them too. No sore feet & they're very light.
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    Dankso's. There are about $100, but they can easily last you 3-4 years. I love mine. You can get them at Tafford, Bootleggers, Lydia's to name a few. Another choice is birkenstocks's, but I prefer the Dansko's. Most of the nurses I work with wear them.
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    after several pair of nursing shoes, i found that sketchers running shoes are the best for me......they have extra cushining to asorb the shock of being on my feet for 8-12 hrs and my feet don't hurt anything like before when i wore rockers.
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    I'm not a LPN, but can I say, go for the crocs!!! I am telling you, you will not be sorry. 12 hours and no sore feet, believe me, I love mine I wear them all the time (cleaning after I leave the hospital of course) you can get them online, or at hallmark stores and Dillards (dillard's have the ones with no holes in the top) Also FYI, if you have any problems with your crocs you can email them and they will either send you a new pair or send you the part to fix them. (I broke one of the rivets, so i know):hatparty:
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    Coils are pretty comfortable shoes for those of us you are on our feet all day. You can get them at a specialty store like healthy step. Granted they look pretty funny cuz they have these springy things on the heels but you can get ones that have that covered so you can't see the springs. They are really good on the heal.
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    Definitely try Nurse Mates nursing shoes. They're cute and comfy!
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    I love my Birkenstocks. I wear Birki's at home and work. I never have tired feet. I used to wear a good quality nursing shoe from a uniform shop and oh my aching feet by the end of the day, they literally burned. I've heard Dansko's are good also. Croc's scare me, there have been alot of nurses trip while wearing them.
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    I second the Dansko's. I have a couple of pair, one good thing is no matter how sweaty your feet get, these shoes do not have absorb the odor. They are very comfortable and they last for years. Worth the intial $$ you pay for them.

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