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  1. colter517

    Careers available to LPN, besides LTC

    I have been a clinical account manager for KCI, clinical liaison for 2 home health agencies, private duty nurse, and LTC for a short period. There is actually a lot out there. You just need to look for it. As far as politics- you're going to find it everywhere.
  2. colter517

    South Carolina

    I am looking to relocate to South Carolina. I've looked up salary information at sites like glassdoor and indeed, etc. I'm not sure the information is correct. It seems like the #'s are a bit high for that area. If you are an LPN in SC can you tell me what the average salary is? More than likely I would get a job as a clinical liaison, admissions coordinator, marketing for home care or DME. Thanks!
  3. colter517

    Are LPN's going to be phased back into the hospital settings?

    I interviewed at a Boston Hospital last year. The interviewer told me that LPN's are being increased in Boston Hospitals. I work for a VNA on the south coast as the clinical liaison. I am on site at a hospital in this area, they just phased out LPN's. There are some but they are in an administrative capacity.
  4. colter517

    Problems with VAC dsg/KCI

    Actually, wound vac is registered with KCI. Blue Sky and other competitors are not supposed to say they are a wound vac.
  5. colter517

    We are trying a new wound vac company

    All that literature you see about their product are the case studies done by KCI. Read the fine print. They have very little literature about that drainage containment system, which by using gauze is all that it really is. You can't get the microdeformation with gauze. The secret is in the foam. And if you think about it, if gauze under suctions works then why haven't we been hooking people up to wall suction with gauze? There are independent studies out there (some in previous editions of Wounds magazine) that compare Blue Sky and KCI. The results were not favorable for Blue Sky. KCI's system is much easier to use and you get great results. Also, a product is not cheaper if you have to use it twice as long. Plus their dressings can get expensive, with KCI you pay a price for a certain size, with the gauze you pay per package of gauze and if you have a whopper of wound it will surpass KCI in daily cost.
  6. colter517

    Wound Vac

    That would be within the recommendations in the clinical guidelines book. It would be just like it going over the weekend.
  7. colter517

    Bleeding Wound

    Moist dressing, not wet to dry. Doesn't sound like it needs to be debrided.
  8. colter517

    Undermining: What it is?

    Underming is deep tissue (subcutaneous fat and muscle) damage around the wound margin. Tunneling is just under the skin surface and doesn't involve deep tissue, and sinus tracts are a narrow tract that are away from the wound margins and go downward into the wound. They are very different from tunnels.
  9. colter517

    Wound Vac Tips and MRSA sterile dressing

    You could call your local KCI rep and request an in-service.
  10. colter517

    Wound Vac System

    This is absolutely untrue. The black foam may be put on top of adaptic or similar if it is a trouble to get out of a particular wound. As far as using the V.A.C. for tumors, the V.A.C. is contraindicated for malignancy.
  11. colter517

    Starting Salary

    I know the communtiy colleges on the south shore offer bridge programs, so I think it's a good possibility the community colleges on the north shore do as well. I don't understand why Boston hospitals start their RN's at such a low rate. The nursing homes in my area (near cape cod) start LPN's at around $24 hr. When I went to nursing school I did most of my clinicals in Brockton and the RN's there were starting at $32/hr.
  12. colter517

    home health pay

    Hi, I was just hired by Centrus. They start private duty LPN's at $20.50 and per visit rate is $28. The RN's start at $25.00 private duty and $33 per visit but higher for admissons. They don't have good insurance though so if you're looking for full time with health insurance this isn't the place to look. I believe the VNA is better. I will only be using it to supplement my income.
  13. colter517

    Kindred Health?

    RUN! Don't waste your time. I work for a staffing agency and Kindred has the worst facilities I've ever been to. The staffing ratios are disgusting and a lot of the facilities I've been to were dirty. After my 5th or so Kindred facility, instead of refusing to go back to a specific facililty I told my agency I would not go to any Kindred facility. I read a story not too long ago about how some of the nursing homes they've acquired scored much worse on the state inspection than it's previous management.
  14. colter517

    Good Nursing Shoes??

    I will only wear Dansko. Not only are my feet never sore, the shoe doesn't absorb odor.
  15. colter517

    New Lpn to work for agency? Any suggestions?

    I couldn't agree more. I am an agency nurse, started just 4 months into my career. Even with 4 months it was extremely difficult at best. I wouldn't do it. At least get a feel for it first, otherwise you might end up hating nursing before you really get started. Good luck!
  16. colter517

    Med Pass

    I'm wondering what state you live in? Around here (Massachusetts) nearly every LTC facility uses agency. I'm an agency nurse and there are shifts available everywhere. I also wonder why the state allows the med pass at LTC faciilties to be the way they are. One facility I went to I had 38 pts., 6 g-tubes (3 were scheduled bolus) and 1 IV. The amount of meds each resident received was incredible, full plastic med cups chock FULL. I passed meds from 7am-3pm non-stop. The DON asked me if I would be willing to come back because I did so well. I nearly died. Needless to say, I called my agency asap and refused to work there ever again. Most places I've been it's nearly impossible to stay within the hour before/hour after time frame.