Clogs vs sneakers vs walking shoes, which one? Clogs vs sneakers vs walking shoes, which one? | allnurses

Clogs vs sneakers vs walking shoes, which one?

  1. 0 I have been offered and accepted a position in an ICU unit. My sneakers from school are wrecked at this point and I need to get something that will be supportive and comfy yet light. I am looking for your experiences with footwear for nursing. I am considering Dansko clogs, trainers, or walking shoes, the RN's on the unit wear all different shoes.....what shoes have you loved? Hated?
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    Love my Danskos, though they are not the clog style.
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    It depends on your foot. My arch is high and I can never get into a clog, much less wear them comfortably. I personally love New Balance. I find one that fits well and buy 2 pair of the same, then switch them out until they are worn out, then I buy two more! You will need something that gives good support, will not slip if you step in water or body fluids and that are easy to clean (I pop mine in the washer with some bleach).
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    Sneakers are more comfortable for me. Danskos are great, because they give me some height. But they hurt my feet after a few hours of me being on my feet with them on. And it's the sides of my feet, even though my Danskos are pretty wide.
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    I wear Easy Spirit anti-gravity shoes. They look like toners, but are not. They have gel balls to cushion your heel. Clogs made me trip
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    Know your workers compensation guidelines. In my province, if you have a leg or foot injury while wearing clogs or open toed or backed shoes, you have no coverage. And yes, this even applies to nurses doing homecare or community health.
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    New Balance!
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    I love nike free. After trying about 15 different shoes my first year of nursing they are the best. The worst was dansko.
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    Love my Dansko's. Have 3 pair. Great for 12 hour shifts! Croft & Barrow also make a very comfy clog (for 1/2 the price of Dansko's).
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    I have always loved clogs, and Danskos are terrific. I had bunion surgery years ago, and cannot tolerate anything rubbing on the scar. Clogs don't have that seam that generally cuts right across my scar. When one agency said I could not wear clogs, I got my doc to write a note. They weren't happy, but my feet were!!

    And now I have neuropathy, and still love my clogs and other backless shoes. Can't stand any rubbing on my heels.

    Best wishes to you. BTW - I agree with the poster who stated that once you find what you love - buy 2 at a time!
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    Go to a running store and have them analyze your gait on a treadmill. They will tell you if you overpronate, underpronate, or are a neutral walker/runner. Then you can pick the appropriate shoe for your gait and arch, then you will be walking in Pedal Heaven. Asics, New Balance and Mizuno shoes are my favorite.
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    Am I the only one who wears converse "chuck taylor" all stars?? I love them! I am also a fan of new balance shoes. One day my new balance shoes for work were dirty so I wore my converse, that was a year ago and that's all I wear to work now. I have my new balances to work out in. For ppl who don't have any arch or feet problems I think these are cheap and comfy shoes.
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    Having worked in the Operating Room, I alternated with Danskos and Nike Air Max's. The busy days which is mostly everyday I wore my Air Max's, after all those shoes are made for running. Paid about $200 but its worth it after working a 12hr day with hard cases...