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I've read many different things on different threads on this site and it was very informative, by the way. Let me start by saying that I am an African American female in the Air Force (Active duty) and I'm researching the idea to... Read More

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    Hey Rhina,

    I am trying to start in AUGUST for UMET as well. Are you starting the BSN program in english as well? I would love to exchange any info you are able to gather. I just sent over my transcripts and the dean is looking over them. I am calling her this week. But, she pretty much said "you are in", i stilll have so many questions!
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    Quote from lstSmile
    I'm not certain about UMET b/c I don't attend. But I know with Inter Metro - They only have an ASN or BSN program. I know somethings are transferable - but that's up to admissions/nursing dept.
    Hi IstSmile,
    INTER has anatomy, physio and micro built into the program, and they are not seperate. how does that effect me back in California when i try to go to Masters program for nursing?
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    Quote from Flrican
    For everyone evaluating both La InterAmericana and Umet. Here is what everyone needs to understand, many of the instructors and directors have and some still work at both institutions. They are both good programs with variances that only you will be able to determine .
    I spoke with the dean at UMET about the DUI on my record, she said she spoke with her higher ups and its not a problem for me to visit clinical sites. Yet when i contact Interamericana, they made me submit by info for the Puerto Rico police background check, i am still waiting for the results as it can take up to 2 weeks.
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    Yes. I am starting in August. I am planning to do A&P (at a California C C) during Summer. I am also taking History of Puerto Rico (online). I have some GE credits (perhaps an years worth) including Spanish CLEP credits. That should shave off an year from the program.

    I like the UMET program better because it requires you to have some foundation unlike the U. Inter. But, U. Inter is a lot quicker than UMET.

    I liked the director of nursing, who has a no nonsense approach. I expect to be in Bayamon area by first week of August. I have been told to find an apartment away from Bayamon because of the crime.

    Too bad we can't PM you or post e-mails or phone numbers, etc. here. If you have any more questions please let me know.
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    I have a close relative who is a lawyer. I just asked him about a prior DUI!

    He told me that if you only had one, otherwise your record is clean, and you completed all requirements imposed by the judge (including probation) on your DUI case, then you can SEAL it. Once the judge orders it sealed, no one can find that out even the police. However, if you ever apply for a government job (Fed and State) you still need to disclose it, but you must indicate that it has been sealed.

    You can do this yourself according to him as it is a simple matter of filing a form and appearing yourself. My relative told me that several doctors have gone through this process (even more than once).

    Hope this helps! (Mind you, I am not a lawyer!)
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    Did you take the Micro Biology and A&P at UMET? How was it? I have not found someone who took both at UMET yet!

    Also, do you feel that UMET trains you well to pass the NCLEX? Or did you take a review class for NCLEX?

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    Hey can you tell me more about the school and information, I just found it today and am confused and if there would be an option to start in august I would gladly go.
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    Can you give me some information as well about this school? How long are your transcripts from?
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    UMET program in English started in 2009. Some U Inter professors also teach at UMET. I thought UMET is much more organized, and very easy to get hold of persons in charge. U Inter does not have prerequisites, but UMET has 3 science classes (A&P, Micro Bio, Chemistry). UMET accepts up to 12 CLEP credits and a maximum 60 transfer credits. U Inter does not accept any CLEP credit. You still have to take 3 Spanish classes and 3 English classes, unless you have already taken these. UMET has a Bi-semester program (8 weeks for one course, just like a summer class at a community college). U Inter has 3 semesters per year. The classes at UMET start on Aug. 19. You might still have some time to get in. If you need more information please ask. Good luck!