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Hope to start Accelerated BSN program in 2014 -Graduated from UMET June 2016 -Passed NCLEX Oct 2016

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  1. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    Sorry I haven't been on this website for a while all the exams are in English...unless you are able to take some classes in Spanish and your clinicals in Spanish as I did you can compete the requirements even earlier for graduation. Plan to study a l...
  2. Fall 2016 Puerto Rico Nursing Students

    Hi hope all is well. I don't know the status of how PR is coping after the large hurricane but I still have contacts in umet and it seems they are hanging in there. Be ready to study on your own for all the classes and start really early on NCLEX u w...
  3. Fall 2016 Puerto Rico Nursing Students

    I attended and graduated from UMET,Bayamon, I passed the NCLEX the first time, I rented an apartment from a nice lady 1block away from the campus. Make sure you wait for the official transcripts in hand before you leave PR, because it can be a pain ...
  4. Going to Nursing school in Puerto Rico

    I am from Texas and I attend the bilingual (mostly English) BSN program in UMET,Bayamon and I did well, and passed the NCLEX the first time. You have to study on your own a lot and be proactive in your approach to their style of educating. I took one...
  5. NCLEX and Licensing

    Hi Jen! I will be graduating from UMET in May and returning to Texas - Is taking the test through Wisconsin still the best option?
  6. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    The director for this program can be reached at (MODERATOR EDIT OF EMAIL).
  7. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    I am in the BSN English program offered in the evenings.
  8. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    Hello Everyone! I am starting my second year at UMET Bayamon in the English/Bilingual evening program. While things have not been "perfect " the program is moving along under the direction of a new director (PHD from John Hopkins). I believe the pro...
  9. Moving To Puerto Rico For Nursing School at UMET!?

    I moved from Texas to PR in August 2014 - I just completed the 1st semester at UMET Bayamon (18 credits)- while not the "best" place to receive your education, its okay.-be prepare to study on your own a lot. I do not dislike the college - its more ...
  10. Universidad Del Turabo Miramar or Orlando

    AdoRN2b2015 - Thanks for your information - I sent you a PM, I am in the BSN program in UMET Bayamon but would like to study in Florida instead. I wonder if they can transfer the classes I have already taken.?? I will send the coordinator an email an...
  11. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Congrats! on passing your boards!
  12. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    I have made it to PR and looking for a place to rent...its been difficult because of a 4 day holiday here. no one is answering there phones....Hopefully it will be better today. I will go visit the director and school too this week. Making sure every...
  13. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Hi Amanda, I just sent her an email, she responded quickly last time, considering I will need the place at the end of this month, hopefully she can line up some apartments for me to see on July 26th. dz
  14. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    The director of the program had a real estate contact that had helped students find apartments if they needed help. I have emailed her and she has responded. I will email her again a week prior to my arrival. I believe the Tao Baja area I want is onl...
  15. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    I will be looking for an apartment (July 26th thru Aug 1) I am looking at the Tao Baja area as well for renting - I have an real estate agent that will hopefully help out to find something safe and affordable. Hope it all works out for everyone star...