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  1. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    Sorry I haven't been on this website for a while all the exams are in English...unless you are able to take some classes in Spanish and your clinicals in Spanish as I did you can compete the requirements even earlier for graduation. Plan to study a l...
  2. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    Hello Everyone! I am starting my second year at UMET Bayamon in the English/Bilingual evening program. While things have not been "perfect " the program is moving along under the direction of a new director (PHD from John Hopkins). I believe the pro...
  3. Fall 2016 Puerto Rico Nursing Students

    Hi hope all is well. I don't know the status of how PR is coping after the large hurricane but I still have contacts in umet and it seems they are hanging in there. Be ready to study on your own for all the classes and start really early on NCLEX u w...
  4. Fall 2016 Puerto Rico Nursing Students

    I attended and graduated from UMET,Bayamon, I passed the NCLEX the first time, I rented an apartment from a nice lady 1block away from the campus. Make sure you wait for the official transcripts in hand before you leave PR, because it can be a pain ...
  5. Going to Nursing school in Puerto Rico

    I am from Texas and I attend the bilingual (mostly English) BSN program in UMET,Bayamon and I did well, and passed the NCLEX the first time. You have to study on your own a lot and be proactive in your approach to their style of educating. I took one...
  6. NCLEX and Licensing

    Hi Jen! I will be graduating from UMET in May and returning to Texas - Is taking the test through Wisconsin still the best option?
  7. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    The director for this program can be reached at (MODERATOR EDIT OF EMAIL).
  8. Puerto Rico - UMET Bayamon

    I am in the BSN English program offered in the evenings.
  9. Moving To Puerto Rico For Nursing School at UMET!?

    I moved from Texas to PR in August 2014 - I just completed the 1st semester at UMET Bayamon (18 credits)- while not the "best" place to receive your education, its okay.-be prepare to study on your own a lot. I do not dislike the college - its more ...
  10. Universidad Del Turabo Miramar or Orlando

    AdoRN2b2015 - Thanks for your information - I sent you a PM, I am in the BSN program in UMET Bayamon but would like to study in Florida instead. I wonder if they can transfer the classes I have already taken.?? I will send the coordinator an email an...
  11. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Congrats! on passing your boards!
  12. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    I have made it to PR and looking for a place to rent...its been difficult because of a 4 day holiday here. no one is answering there phones....Hopefully it will be better today. I will go visit the director and school too this week. Making sure every...
  13. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Hi Amanda, I just sent her an email, she responded quickly last time, considering I will need the place at the end of this month, hopefully she can line up some apartments for me to see on July 26th. dz
  14. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    The director of the program had a real estate contact that had helped students find apartments if they needed help. I have emailed her and she has responded. I will email her again a week prior to my arrival. I believe the Tao Baja area I want is onl...
  15. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    I will be looking for an apartment (July 26th thru Aug 1) I am looking at the Tao Baja area as well for renting - I have an real estate agent that will hopefully help out to find something safe and affordable. Hope it all works out for everyone star...
  16. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Hi Amanda - Things are going well and we should be in PR before you know it...Can't wait to start classes, I will be moving to PR at the end of July 2014- Hope to find an apartment by August 1. I am shipping my car at the end of July as well. Diana
  17. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Just the pre reqs...and a GPA of above 2.5.
  18. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    UMET - Bayamon - ask to speak with the director of the English nursing program. The nursing classes are in the evening only. You can also find the website for more instructions via google..
  19. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Hello jsawyer, where did you end up renting or what area did you decide to live in. I start in Aug 2014.
  20. Hello Everyone - I was wondering if anyone has plans to start the english accelerated bsn program in Puerto Rico. I would like to form a support group- my plans are visit PR in the end of April to register for classes in Aug 2014 and look for a place...
  21. Puerto Rico school feedback - thread #2

    UMET took all my pre-reqs A&Ps, Micro, history, etc...The Director is very well informed and she prepared my entire upcoming year courses right there and then. The lab rooms are amazing - took a friend who became an RN in Houston and she indicate...
  22. Puerto Rico school feedback - thread #2

    I am going to UMET first at about 1pm..and try to get La Inter afterwards which program are you in quick248?
  23. Puerto Rico school feedback - thread #2

    I am currently in Puerto Rico arrived today - will let you know how the admission processes are going Will try UMET first and then La Inter...
  24. Accelerated BSN Program Aug. 2014

    I just arrived in puerto Rico to check out the courses and admission process - will post on how things are going...
  25. UMET @ Interamerican- Fall 2014

    Amguzman - I was sent a letter from La Inter they wanted me to bring the catalogs - I went online and just printed it out and taking it with me. Hopefully we can meet up for lunch during our visits to discuss admissions. I will PM you some of my info...