Lidocaine with Rocephin IM?

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    Just a quick question really.

    I have given IM Rocephin reconstituted with saline a few times until last night my charge nurse told me to give it with lidocaine solution.

    My drug book had a small part in the nursing considerations when I looked it up that the drug could be given with lidocaine if the patient was sensitive.

    Just wanted to ask people if they have given this drug and what they give it with?

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    You can safely give Rocephin with lido to patients over the age of 3 months.
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    When my grandson was about 1 year old he had to get Rocephin injections QD x 3 days and they did dilute it with lidocaine. What shocked me what that the nurse (she was a "nurse" I checked!) did not aspirate when giving the injection. It turns out that is now acceptable. The small chance of getting into a vein does not outweigh the chance of the child moving while you stop to aspirate, moving, and having to stick again.
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    We give it with lidocaine to our STD clients. But there is NOTHING that helps a double load of BIC!!!
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    Almost always reconstitute with 1% Lidocaine.

    Just make sure it is PLAIN 1% lido - and there is no allergy and then mix well.

    I think it takes a bit longer to mix, but the benefit to the patient is worth it.

    GOOD Nurse!
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    i have always (22yrs as anurse) mixed rocephen with lidocaine supposedly it hurts less
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    I've also given it to neonates as a one-time dose with lido with a doc's order. Unless there is a sensitivity to lido, you always mix it with lido. It's one of the most painful meds to inject and the lido does help. To use saline when there is no contraindication for lido is cruel, in my opinion.
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    Back in the early 80's, my ENT ordered Cefobid for me to give to myself IM twice daily.

    My God, those injections hurt like hell. Felt like my entire leg was going to drop off. Ugh...
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    Oh gosh so now I feel very stupid. I have been a nurse for three years, kept the same drug book and did not know this.

    I *think* I've given this med about five times before with saline. My drug book says this is OK. Our pharmacy does not dispense the rocephin with the lidocaine unless you specifically ask according to the charge nurse who was on last night.

    Thanks All Nurses. I learn a lot just from reading the boards here.
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    Oh, it's perfectly okay to mix it with saline, but it hurts even more.

    In the ER the standard is to mix with lido. The first place I worked the floors could do so only with an order, the last place had it in the P&P.

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