First two BSN classes done!

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    (Okay, completely unrelated, I love the little skeleton/skull icon. Hee hee! I can see myself using that a lot. )

    My first 8 weeks with Chamberlain is done! It went well. I got an A in my "NR351-Transition to Professional Nursing" class. The classes are 8 weeks long, and we had weekly readings/lessons to complete (materials provided on the Chamberlain site), and then discussion forums in which we had to participate a certain number of times during that week (and we all can see how much I love discussion forums, ha ha!). I also had to write two papers, plus complete a pre-class survey and post-class survey that had 15 or 16 questions on each. There were also weekly scheduled chats, which were not mandatory, but I did manage to get to a couple of them -- it was nice to chat in real-time with my classmates.

    I'm waiting on the final grade for my "Computer Applications for Business" class (AKA "All About MS Office"), but I'm pretty sure I got an A in that one, too. I could have completely skipped the final exam and still had a C! LOL!! There were weekly reading assignments, then related assignments to complete for which we had to create and submit spreadsheets, presentations, documents, etc. I wasn't completely bored because I had to use Word 2007, which is a bit different than Word 2000 (which I had been using). I still enjoyed it. I'm kind of an idiot savant when it comes to software.

    Chamberlain's general ed classes are done through DeVry, so it's a different website and slightly different "virtual classroom" set-up. I actually like the DeVry website a bit better, but they're both user-friendly, IMO. But the DeVry discussion participation requirements seem a bit more stringent -- students are expected to log on and participate in weekly threaded discussions at least every other day, which translates to three days per week. With Chamberlain, you are expected to log into the course and respond in the threaded discussion topics a minimum of two separate days per week, beginning no later than Wednesday of the discussion week. But I found myself not having to struggle to exceed the minimum, ha ha. (Big shock, right? Motormouth!)

    And with both of these discussion requirements, you can't just post junk like "Yeah, I agree." You have to participate in the discussion with something of substance. I really enjoyed it! After feeling somewhat isolated for so long as an EC credit-by-exam student, it was nice to have a lot of dialog with classmates!

    So that's the update on my RN-BSN progress. Only 27 credits to go! :chuckle
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    'I'm waiting on the final grade for my "Computer Applications for Business" class (AKA "All About MS Office")'


    Well done, girl! So, another 20 minutes until your bachelor's?

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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    So, another 20 minutes until your bachelor's?
    Hee hee!! Nope, this one is going to stretch out a bit longer than that ... because Chamberlain is so spendy, I'm going to just take it slow to maximize the power of my tuition reimbursement dollars from work!
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    So, did you have a spreadsheet on your computer already that you did for fun that you could turn in for the spreadsheet assignment, or did you have to do a new one? :behindpc:Okay, don't answer that--I'm a buttmunch.

    Congrats to finishing your classes this term--you'll smoke that BSN before you know it!
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    Thanks, Lunah for giving us a description of what you are doing for your Chamberlain BSN. Your input is going to prove beneficial for many I'm sure. And as for the skull icon, hey, use it for your posts and threads and we can find your comments easily! Just look for the skull and there might be Lunah! I kinda like the space guy myself.
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    Wow,'re rockin' out!!!
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    Quote from applescruffette
    So, did you have a spreadsheet on your computer already that you did for fun that you could turn in for the spreadsheet assignment, or did you have to do a new one?

    K, you crack me up!!!

    For the record, I had to create new ones. LOL
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    Thanks for the input. I am planning on going to Chamberlain starting in January. I am happy to
    know what the first 8 weeks are like. I am kind of scared to go this step further but as I am
    waiting for GA to make up their mind about EC grads, I might as well go and get my BSN.
    I am sort of excited to start this program. Question for you, how long had the papers needed
    to be and what where they about??
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    Congrats... You will do well.
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    Surprise!!! Lunah got all As again.

    Glad you're loving your program, and are doing so well. Awesome!
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