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  1. Hi everyone. I have fought within myself for awhile now before bringing this topi out to see what others in the nursing community thought, but here goes.
    I graduate high school in 2005, and found myself freed. I left home and met a guy. He was aweful for me and we ended up living with his mom, my car, anywhere we could. It was a dark and depressing time in my life. Well, I got caught twice stealing groceries to survive. Both misdemeanors and stupid mistakes I paid for. Ok fast foreward a couple years. I moved home, want back to college and excelled. I made deans and presidents list and followed my heart to be a better person. I became pregnant with my daughter and she was born aug. 25 1011. I applied to nursing school ad was accepted! I was so excited that I could be someone for her. My background got me kicked out in three days. Ok so I go and get the charges expunged and reapply. I got in yet again with excellent scores and grades. Now I have found out that the BON can still deny me licensure even if I get my ADN. Should I try to follow my dream? I have been employed at a LTC facility for a year now as an aide. I know I can state my case to the board but I just don't want to fail my daughter. This is my passion and my life. I am just so down about it all. Thanks for any comments and help.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Finish your degree, for sure.

    State your case to the Board. Start now. I'm betting that "expunged" means "expunged." If you make that call now and they tell you that, you can go forth with no more sleepless nights.

    But if they want more information than the legal papers indicating "expunged," you have it. Show them you've turned your life around, you're doing well in school, you persisted even though you had to start over. Give them refs from faculty, employers, anyone else that would know.

    I think you'll be OK with this. Let us know!
  4. by   kaydensmom01
    I would do it. My case is far more worse than that and I still went through school and am in the process of applying for licensure now. I have over 300 papers I'm turning in to show my past issues and my current rehabilitation. Unfortunately I have had alot of sleepless nights because I have known that there is a good possibility of getting denied from the beginning, but I knew I would not be happy unless I at least tried. I hired a lawyer also, which I feel is also helping my chances of getting accepted. My program director specifically told me not to enter the program because I would get denied, but then 6 months after being in the program her attitude towards me completely changed because she saw that I was a changed person, and that I try my best at everything.
    Good luck.
  5. by   Trenata
    I don't know how it all works, but I feel a misdemeanor in youth is more easily disregarded than say a felony or more recent misdemeanors. I would keep going and get the degree. Do well, impress your instructors, work really hard and have a good source of references.
  6. by   NYCRN16
    Go ahead and finish your degree, I'm sure when you appeal to the board and prove to them that you have turned your life around that you will be able to move forward. Your offenses are not violent and don't involve drugs, which IMO would be the hardest things to get past with the board. Good luck, and I'm sure that they will give you a chance. Keep up the good work!
  7. by   lcraig0011
    Thanks everyone it really gives me hope and strength to continue on. Your encouragement means a lot to me.
  8. by   ErmiraMalo
    Dear lc,

    I can offer you some words of advice by saying "DO NOT STOP GOING TO SCHOOL FOR THAT REASON" I have seen worst cases than what you have described filing and getting their licenses. What I would suggest is getting letters from family friends and most importantly coworkers and instructors to show how much you have changed. Then I would personally write a letter explaining your journey and the difficulties you faced in your past. Make sure to stress the importance of becoming a nurse that this is your opportunity for your daughter to have a better life and security that unfortunately you did not have during those dark years. ALSO Mention that with all these obstacles, you did end up turning your life around and that this is your second chance THAT YOU HAVE EARNED.... Do not confuse an explanation with begging for your license .... You do not have to feel unworthy of this spot because you are worthy of it especially with all that you have faced. Sitting at these boards I can tell you one thing you have a strong chance and whatever you do DONT GIVE UP. Don't tell anyone tell you that you can't .... You can and you will! Have faith in yourself and finish by excelling like you started. Prove to yourself and everyone that your past will not define who you have become and most importantly that you have learned important life lessons along the way.

    I wish you luck but you don't need it! Have confidence in your dream.

    Ermira Malo
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  9. by   stephanie.
    When I was much younger I got into a bit of trouble. I paid my dues and my record was expunged. I had my dad (a cop) check my record because I was afraid that I wouldn't be allowed into nursing school if something was on it. It was clean and he said nothing about my history would ever how up during a typical background check. I don't think you have anything to worry about and I know there are nurses with far worse things on their record than what's on yours. Keep on trucking!
  10. by   Guy in Babyland
    I would talk to the BON now and get it settled. Once you have the written reply from them stating that it will not effect your licensure then you are set. If there is an issue when you apply for licensure you have the written statement from them.
  11. by   Esme12
    moved to criminal history for best response..many nurses have faced this and they can help you here....
  12. by   Aongroup1990
    Never give up, speak your truth, plain and simple honey, god bless... just talk to the BON... pour out your heart and prove that those days are over.. you are a new woman... we all hate the past but it's over and we have advanced from who we used to be. I am in the same situation as you.
  13. by   lcraig0011
    I am going to always remember the kind words of support given and keep going! I work hard everyday for this dream. It sounds cliche but I found my passion in nursing. I get so excited to learn dosage, lab values, EKG, any and every drop of knowledge I can soak in is my goal! I know I am just starting but I am positive I was put on this earth to nurse, my patients as an aide give me a way to give back to the world that is changing sometimes for the worse. Their comfort and well being is why I get up everyday and go to work. My daughter taught me to not be selfish and use my mind and skills for greater things. Thank you all for your advise. I struggled to find people to relate to or talk to about the situation. I am glad I had the courage to bring it forefront.