Question about awaiting license after passing nclex, had to submit court documents

  1. Please forgive me if I did not post this in correct forum. I am quite confused about navigating this site. My situation is this: I passed the NCLEX (IL) then got a letter stating I had to submit court documents and a letter explaining an arrest 5 years ago (I was involved in a car accident when to my surprise, I was arrested for driving on a suspended license. It turned out it was because earlier in the year, I had sold my car THEN got a vehicle emissions testing notice. I no longer owned nor possessed the car so of course I did not get it tested. Apparently my license was then suspended. After the arrest, I was issued a court date in which I provided proof that I had no longer owned the car at the time I received the emission letter. Charges were dropped, my driver's license was reinstated. SO, I submitted the required court documents and my letter explaining the situation (along with the police report this past Wednesday. I thought, OK, now it might just take 1 month and my license will be sent in the mail. But then I freaked out just now reading that someone said it could take 4 months! I passed the NCLEX June 30th! The only thing I was guilty of was being in a car accident (other driver didn't even show up to court so I wasnt even issued so much as a ticket) Does anybody know how long this may take to get my license? I need to work :/ I'm starting to freak out
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  3. by   SleeepyRN
    P.s. I will try to get ahold of someone from the BON Monday to see if they can help answer my question as well. I don't even know how to go about getting ahold of anybody though. ANY advice/insight would be greatly appreciated
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from Sirius Squint
    P.s. I will try to get ahold of someone from the BON Monday to see if they can help answer my question as well. I don't even know how to go about getting ahold of anybody though. ANY advice/insight would be greatly appreciated
    Almost all BONs have contact information on their website, so you should be able to call/write. Some BONs prefer e-mail over calls, so look and see if there's an e-mail address you can write to. Even better: call AND send an e-mail.

    As far as to how long it will take, unfortunately BONs move to their own timetable, especially when it comes to applicants with a criminal history :/ They're really the only ones who can answer that question.

    Hang in there.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    Yes, it's true that it can take several months to get a license approved when you have a criminal arrest or charge on your record. These cases all have to be reviewed by the board, the accuracy of your documents and the circumstances surrounding the situation have to be investigated. Keep in mind that the BON has to go through this process with everyone who has a possible criminal history- even something that seems relatively minor. The process can take some time.

    Unfortunately there is no way to give you an accurate answer regarding when you will get your license and if there will be any restrictions/probationary period. Hopefully the BON can give you a more accurate timeline when you contact them on Monday. Good luck.
  6. by   morte
    No guarentees that it will do one lick of good. But you can try getting your state rep involved. good luck
  7. by   brillohead
    To avoid problems with employment background checks in the future, I would also look into getting your "record" expunged. If the whole thing was baloney, the state shouldn't have any problem with erasing it from your record.

    If this is going to come up with every employer, every license renewal, and every time you move and need to get a license in a different state, it's definitely worth it to look into what it will take to expunge your record.
  8. by   darkreign271
    Wow I thought you only had to explain convictions, you have to explain arrests too :-(
  9. by   Chad Collins
    Well when you live in a state that sells senate seats I'm sure the rest of the gov't is corrupt too shoulda sent the letter of explaination in with a benjamin to speed up the process lol/ I"m just kidding but this is clearly a case of abuse of power and unnecissary red tape. Good luck I hope you get it all straightened out.
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    The VOLUME of applications a BON needs to go through daily/yearly affects speed of performance. Those states with high # RN licences: CA, NY, IL. FL have greater time delay compared with RI or DE.
  11. by   SleeepyRN
    I understand the VOLUME of applicants. However, I unwaveringly believe that my application should be processed ahead of those that took the NCLEX after me. If I had actually done anything wrong (as it was the STATE'S mistake for suspending my driver's license) then I would understand having to just suck it up. I did NOTHING wrong. The state made a mistake, and I am now missing out on thousands of dollars in income. I can't start my bachelor's degree without my nursing license so this is affecting GREATLY my education and income. I know life's not fair, but I just had to vent to feel better. I mean COME ON! THOUSANDS lost in income because of the state's error. On top of that, I'm trying to conceive and have fertility issues, but now have to put that off because I'm not going to bring a baby in the world if I'm not financially secure enough. Can you tell I'm bitter LOL. Anyway, thank you everybody for allowing me to rant. Sometimes ranting and just being understood helps.
  12. by   Bergee
    Wow I thought that once you received your ATT you were good. Is it correct that they can give you an ATT and after you test hold up your license? That seems very odd to me.
  13. by   dukes217
    Yes in illinois they want you to explain arrest as well!!!
  14. by   Tggrwilliams86
    Any word on what happened in this post, I am going through the same thing. I have sent in all documents and just want to know if there was any word on you getting your license yet? I really can't afford to wait 4 months to get my license I have already been accepted into two positions and was working at one for a whole week before I got this letter.