criminal history,accepted to nursing school??

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    Hello Everyone
    I made a very silly mistake last year that i regret everyday.I was arrested for shoplifting, its a misdemeanor.I currently have a 3.7 GPA,and i have been accepted to nursing school,sometimes i get discouraged if i will be allowed to do clinical.I really want to become a nurse,but don't know who to talk to for advice.I honestly pray that i get given a second chance to correct my stupid mistake and make my family proud.Please i will appreciate responses from anyone,especially someone with a similar case
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    Can you get a lawyer and have it taken off your record ?
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    I know less than nothing.....but if you have been accepted into nursing school then you will be doing clinicals in hospitals under the guidelines, rules, and regulations, of the nursing school. The hospital would know nothing about you except that you were enrolled in a nursing school. So that wouldn't be an issue.

    When you start applying for jobs, again I don't know much, buy maybe by that time you can get your record off the books. There is a lawyer who gives free advise over the radio, and has mentioned somewhat similar issues. Seems to have more to do with the "felons" age or how much time has passed?

    But you could contact a lawyer.
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    Call your state board of nursing. You can do this without using your name. I think most places look at felony history.
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    I know it's not PC to say so in the current moral-relativism and entitlement culture, but I'm of the opinion that perhaps now that you've made your bed, you've committed yourself to sleeping in it. I know the last thing that a youngster thinks about while making "stupid mistakes" is the impact it'll have on their future, but if you're old enough to be charged with a misdemeanor/felony, you're old enough and equipped with the mental capacity to calculate the ramifications if/when you're caught making "stupid mistakes. I would imagine that at some point society, or at least those deciding who obtains a Nursing license, determined that there's a correlation between criminals and poor judgement skills - and I'd think if there's one profession that demands sound judgement skills, I'd say that profession would be Nursing.
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    I agree with the first poster. I'd make an effort to get the record expunged. May cost a little bit of money. You may have to wait a little more time. The verdict also matters. But, yeah, shoplifting isn't a felony, but it is "moral turpitude" kind of crime. Thieves are frowned upon in many medical settings.

    If your state board of nursing won't accept it, perhaps another state will. You can probably get your nursing license (and work) in another area. It may be difficult for you to get your first nursing job (it is difficult for most people these days). Many people go out of state for employment.
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    You need to contact BON. You broke the law, so now you must accept responsibility. I don't think you can get it expunged simply because it was a "mistake" and you have a high GPA. Plan on coming out of the closet, taking responsibility for your actions, prove you are worthy to be trusted; hiding it, or attempting to hide it may make you look worse. When I had to be fingerprinted for a job and background checked I told my potential employer that they might find something in my record from long ago. I told them what might show up and I did not want them to think I was trying to hide anything. Being truthful paid off--I got the job.
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    not true! nursing schools enroll u then leave u to deal w/yr board of nursing - some BONs are nazis - there is much $$$$$ to be made by having candidates go thru "evaluation" ($500) and then be mandated to "support groups" ($40 each) & drug screens ($50 each) so incentive is not to let you go thru unimpeded, regardless of years past or whether crime is a "disqualifying" one i.e. harm to vulnerable populations - try to internet search "governor's pardon" or search legal teams that handle this - good luck!
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    I don't know anything about if they will look at that as a bad thing or not... But I DID just send in my application to the board of nursing here in Louisiana and they told us to tell them EVERYTHING regarding criminal history (traffic citations excluded)... they said even if you had an attorny expunge it that they would still be able to pull it up. From what I understood with my nursing school is that they have applicants all the time with some sort of history and it's not much of a big deal as long as it's not a felony or anything to do with drugs/alcohol... they just want to you be upfront about everything from the very begining.
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    Above all, be honest about it. If you don't address it and hope nobody notices, when they do they will wonder what else you are hiding. And if you'd be hiding mistakes you made in the clinical area.

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