Ello~ I'm just curious to know, for those of you who are unemployed nurses, exactly how long have you been looking for work? What are you (LPN,RN,BSN-RN,MSN-NP,etc.) How many previous years of experience do you have? Where are... Read More

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    Quote from bree*

    I'm just curious to know, for those of you who are unemployed nurses, exactly how long have you been looking for work? What are you (LPN,RN,BSN-RN,MSN-NP,etc.) How many previous years of experience do you have? Where are you located? How many applications do you think you have placed? What about interviews? Add anything else that you want! Vent, tell us how you REALLY feel, give your opinions/outlooks on everything.

    I'm working Per Diem with an Independent Contractor and also through a staffing agency doing Wellness Programs. I am an RN with two years of nursing experience and quit my job due to burnout and toxic environment. I have placed many applications looking for Per Diem, PT or FT positions but most positions prefer a BSN. Apparently they overlook the experience part since I haven't received any responses from any of them.

    However, I just had an interview for a Per Diem position with an opportunity for FT, because my friend who was also a former co-worker referred me to it. He saw that I was a good worker, told me to use him as reference and handed my resume to his supervisor. I feel flattered that he was able to recognize that since we only worked together on one or two occasions. There is another co-worker who just finished her BSN and is also looking for an RN job. They work together at another facility and have known each other for a long time time. I haven't seen my friend for more than six months, yet the fact that he had me in mind instead of her when the position was available means a lot. I'm pending the outcome of the interview.

    I guess my point is, it's about who you know and make sure you don't burn your bridges at your previous jobs. You don't know who is seeing your potential. I think if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have a chance for an interview since the company that I applied to is a big company and the chances of HR seeing your resume are very slim. I heard from a New Grad RN that she got her job at a cardiac unit, not because of her previous experience at a cardiologist's office but because they saw in her resume that she had IV experience. According to her, she only assisted with that once.

    At this point, I am considering going back to school and get my BSN. I dread going back, because my brain is already fried and I don't have any brain cells left . I'm still debating whether I should get an MSN instead, since I also have the option to do that. I will also be doing volunteer work. I try to keep myself occupied to keep myself from getting discouraged with the lack of responses from potential employers and just have fun during this unemployment period.

    Good luck to everybody!
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    [quote=skqb;4768143]The nursing shortage was not engineered or misrepresented. The economy tanked and the large number of RN's expected to retire find that they can't afford to and they are remaining in the workforce. Additionally, the number of RN's that are mothers that typically cut down on hours, may have an unemployed spouse at home and they are now the major breadwinner. quote]

    B,S, this is the most ignorant statement I have ever read on this site. Yup, nothing to do with all that television, web site advertising telling us to enroll now!! (the nursing shortage will only get worse by 2012)
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    Quote from bree*

    i'm just curious to know, for those of you who are unemployed nurses, exactly how long have you been looking for work?
    i been looking exactly for one year to the day as of this point.

    what are you (lpn,rn,bsn-rn,msn-np,etc.)

    i'm a rn (diploma program.) have b.s. in finance as well.

    how many previous years of experience do you have?

    none. unless you count an externship that i've done.

    where are you located?

    northern new jersey. 20 mins drive outside time square nyc proper.

    how many applications do you think you have placed?

    maybe 400 hundred. (i apply to everything. even if i don't really have a chance.) i will say that i did slow myself down in december and will take my time more when searching.

    what about interviews?

    3 interviews with no calls back or rejection.

    add anything else that you want! vent, tell us how you really feel, give your opinions/outlooks on everything.

    well measuring on the scale of death and dying by girraffe................

    ...i've reached acceptance of the situation. and since i have be somewhat trained to understand the economy. i can take a view that the current situation is just part the the process of our economy recalibrating itself to a "new normal." i think longer term the future will be much better for nurses and there will be enough jobs that are either made or become open so most that are looking for work will find it.
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    I am a RN-BSN. I've been looking for a job for about 6 months. I have 10 months of nursing experience. I don't really know how many applications I've filled out this round - at least 10. I have had 5 interviews since I started this particular job search (I had 10 interviews before I got my first job).

    At this point, I'm just getting tired. There is a lot I could say about this whole job search (and my first job search), but I don't feel like getting into it publicly. I know there are many people who are in similar situations. Somehow we have to keep our heads up and not miss out on the rest of life (even though it feels like much of our attention revolves around our job search).
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    This thread is freaking me out! Should I quit nursing school and get a psych degree instead...? I decided against psych initially because nursing seemed like the safer choice job-wise.
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    What is happening where I work is that RN's who dont have good time management skills or struggle to prioritize their work load are being frowned upon as being less efficient. All employers care about these days are their productivity numbers. There is less money to play with at the moment due to a variety of reasons so they opt for the cheaper version which is the experienced nurse, we all know this is false economy.
    I do however believe that it will turn around once colleges slow down their intake for even a yr.
    I urge all the new grads to be patient and you will get your change just not as quickly as you would like.
    Just keep your ear to the ground and continue to apply for jobs-it will be your day one day.
    Remember you have worked hard and it will pay off in the end.
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    Quote from bree*
    That's exactly why I stopped at LPN! I got to see nursing for what it is. I swear the hospitals I was at were literally 90%+ foreign nurses. How do I know? You can barely understand their English! I just don't understand why they are still hiring foreigners with all of these capable/willing U.S. nurses.

    It all boils down to money.
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    Quote from bree*
    Well I'm in NYC so that's no big surprise I guess..and nope, I only count RNs...when I say 90%+ are foreign, I'm speaking about the RNs.
    Chicagoland North to the Wisconsin Border. Talking about RNs. They will hire ADN/BSN/MSN edu here as techs though, you're just way low on the totem pole for RN.
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    RN-BSN in Southern California, Orange County. Graduated in August 2010 and passed boards in October. 214 applications in state and out; no calls, no interviews. Even the military is full for the entire year. Its pretty bleak out there.

    I love being an RN but its hard to love when it doesn't put food on the table. I know we are being told to be patient but if you look at the numbers it really doesn't make sense. Its something I should of looked at way back when I started school. If hospitals increased hiring by 200% tomorrow, there is still no way they could work through the literally thousands of new grad RNs in backlog without taking many many years. This doesn't take into account all the new graduates who graduate each semester with no jobs available. With the current situation, it's like trying to dig your way out of a sand pit with a teaspoon.
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    Quote from joliette
    @ lovelynyc OMG you in NYC and can't find work. I'm in New Jersey, passed NCLEX in August 2010. I just applied for my NY license, hoping that I would get a job there. After reading your post, I feel like I been hit by a bullet.
    Yup, I'm here in NYC as well. Can't find work to SAVE MY LIFE. I have even tried to volunteer for FREE and was rejected. I've said I will work as a CNA, etc. just doesn't work. NYC is probably a really bad place for finding any kind of job right now..esp. nurse jobs!
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