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MHSA LPN has 1 years experience and specializes in Substance abuse, hospice.

Laid off journalist, new LPN.

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  1. How in the freaking world are you a nurse???

    I work with a nurse who I graduated with. We work at a substance abuse facility. She leaves the narc keys dangling from the lock, if anyone complains of any kind of skin condition she gives them Bio-Freeze, she turns her back on patients and even le...
  2. I learned a lot in LPN school, and I didn't expect to stop learning after school. If I'm unfamiliar or curious about something I research the topic. I have been working as an LPN for only 4 months and I am considering RN school.
  3. McFatter LPN Program

    I graduated from McFatter in August 2010. I dedicated 3-4 hours a day to the program. The curriculum did include A&P, Human Growth and Nutrition. For me, it was simple to enter, but it may be difficult now. I've heard there is a waiting list. I d...
  4. Does anyone like their job?

    I like my job. Maybe it's because I've been a working nurse for only 4 months. I work in substance abuse. I did clinicals on a med/surge floor; that area of nursing is not for me.
  5. Hourly Rate for an LPN in Florida

    I work as a substance abuse LPN in South Florida. $15 an hour. I make more money and work fewer hours as a freelance writer. I'm keeping the LPN job for the benefits.
  6. Does anyone else feel this way?

    You can be a nonsmoker and still get lung cancer.
  7. Missing Narc.....but for how long?

    Although this is not funny, I can't help but laugh. At the ALF where I worked very briefly it was no big deal if a narc was missing. (I couldn't believe it.) The protocol was to "make the MAR reflect the medicine on hand".... despite the fact that an...
  8. What does "I'll do the paperwork" really mean?

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. There are residents at this ALF who should be in a nursing home. The standard procedure for all incidents is the same: Call 911. I wasn't allowed to provide first aid. I wasn't even required to carry a stethoscope. T...
  9. I was a new LPN at an ALF. The job is mainly just passing meds. Two questions: 1. Is it typical for one nurse to pass meds to 80 residents? 2. Am I supposed to be a mind reader. The CNA told the DON one evening that one resident appeared to be unc...

    They didn't offer me the $12 an hour job. They hired someone else. Sadly, I would have taken it if they had. Don't know how I would have paid the mortgage, though.

    Laid off journalist. Covered medical and fitness news. New LPN. Graduated in August. Passed NCLEX in October. Became IV certified in November. Sent out a gazillion applications. Had 2 interviews. One was for a job at an ALF. Salary: $12 an hour (no t...
  12. Pressing charges on a psych patient?

    From a legal perspective, you assume certain risks when you become a psych nurse, so it would be futile to press charges, unless the patient has been proven to be faking his/her condition.
  13. NCLEX suggestions!

    Don't get nervous when people say the test is hard. I thought it was relatively easy, easier than nursing school. I got 85 questions and passed. Only a handful of questions had me scratching my head.If you study daily, it WILL be easy. Good luck/
  14. Insensitive nurses

    Your replies tell me I was not over reacting. I reported the RN to the Ethics/Professional Behavior board. They took a preliminary report, will call back in a few days for an in depth report and make a decision by July 10. Meanwhile, I think I will w...
  15. Insensitive nurses

    I'm a student. During clinical I watched one nurse assist another in inserting an IV for a blood transfusion. The nurse, who happens to be an assistant manager, told the patient "You stink like a farm animal ... You're just a sh--ty sh--ty bang bang....